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  1. Morning Steve. Someone asked on a FB page the old "which were printed first pence or cents" chestnut. My reply : "I've been reading all the articles that touch on this for decades and as far as I know there has never been any definitive proof one way or another. Given that a researcher on the CGC forums has identified at least seven publishers that produced "Pence Variants" I doubt that they all used the same method or indeed stuck to the one system within the companies. I can imagine it being as something to do with the vagaries of the printing process or whatever the foreman decided". Unless you've heard anything new?
  2. Very nice indeed Steve. It's a very decent looking copy.
  3. 50? 50! Ey lad tha's nobbut a bairn.
  4. Evening Rakehell. A quick search shows that this went for only $51 on the 12th of July this year. Someone got a bargain I reckon (it wasn't you perchance?). If I'd seen this I would have had a pop even with the quoted $14.25 int postage it's a steal. Marwood has shown us examples in the past of this no price phenemenon but I cannot recall if he showed us the T&P indicia.
  5. I too watched both those auctions and when the first one went for £2600 I expected the second to hit £3500 ish, As Marwood says EBay is a bit of a lottery these days since they "improved" things. Still, both issues were far too expensive for my meagre pocket. One can only dream about winning the actual lottery.
  6. Some of these back page ads are so funny. Learn to be a nurse in only 10 weeks. From home. And the asking price of £35 + pp is more than the Fine (6.0) guide price of $39. For a comic that's Fair!
  7. And it's not in the GCD either (but you already knew that).
  8. Steve have you tried a reverse search in Google images to see if anything matches?
  9. Well if the other went for £2661 this surely has to go higher than that? The seller told me that he had 2,3 and 4 waiting to be listed.
  10. The X-Men was advertised as VG and sold for guide. I didn't think it was VG But no doubt it will be sent off for a clean and press and re-advertised for a much higher sum. Coincidentally another pence no 1 has just been put up on ebay UK which looks to be in a better condition. The seller is toffeemad and the item number is 133127965372 (I'm sorry but I don't know how to put links into these posts).
  11. Fun photos Steve. That Dell "King of Kings" looked nice. I've never seen a 1/- variant before. The tatty Daredevil? Meh!
  12. Well, said tome arrived this lunchtime and I've spent all afternoon reading. Is it me or is the typeface getting smaller? My poor old les yeux are shrivelled and bleeding! It's also getting a bit too large for easy handling IMO, my poor old thumbs are worn out.
  13. I've been watching this and the seller's other offerings and I am consumed with envy but it is well out of my range. I would say it's in the 3.0-3.5 range grade wise so is probably at the top end of guide at the moment on £1850. But with over 4 days to go I reckon there's still some prospective bidders waitng until nearer the end. For a Pence Variant to go over guide is a pretty exciting scenario.