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  1. Thank you all for your input, it's been very helpful and greatly appreciated. I'm going to pass.
  2. I really do appreciate your comments. It's obvious that I am wary as evinced by my original query. Given that this is a pence variant (which I remember from back in the day) may I tentatively ask what you would consider to be a fair price for this book.
  3. This is on ebay UK, and these are the only photos shown. I am not asking about the general condition which all things being equal would be VG ish. I am asking what the community thinks about the fading and how the consensus thinks that it affects the overall grade?
  4. I would like an opinion from you all as to what you would grade this heavily faded comic as? Thanks.
  5. Nice to see you back Steve. We await agog for any ramblings, coherent or otherwise that thou hast.
  6. Great comic. I just love to see UK variants. The Beatles magazines are 80s reprints of the original 60s mags and do not have any value. Sorry.
  7. I love seeing the pence variants. Nice collection.
  8. No problem, I'll do some more digging (yes, I'm retired with a lot of time on my hands ). That is why I mentioned the indicias earlier, perhaps there is pertinent information there? I'll try to do a screenshot to show what the UK guide suggests what these are "worth". The values given are a total for the set.
  9. I found this in The UK Price Guide. It shows the Saxophone cover as being the No 1 and the Drainpipe cover as being No 4, although it is not infallible. It does not have pictures of Nos 2 and 3.
  10. Oh! As a child in the 60s how those ads used to tantalise us in the UK with things that we just couldn't buy in England. Air rifles!!! Oh if only, and those sets of tiny plastic soldiers. And what were tootsie rolls and Cheerios? And all those ads where one had to sell merchandise " to friends and family and neighbours (wtf was Grit?)". Oh what great things were they just out of our reach? I wanted that bike, and oh that walkie talkie set and to be able to sell greetings cards and to be able to make lots of money . And the subscription ads in the indicias : Send this amount of money to this US address for a year's subscription "How do we do this Dad?".
  11. So do we my friend . This what these sites are for. Show us what you've got. Although the researchers will probably be more interested in the indicias as much as the front covers. (This hobby never fails to amaze me, but I doubt that any one is interested in back cover ads). Show me otherwise.
  12. The Disney comic being printed in Rupees (thank you Google) is an Indian publication. Very interesting. A lot of Indian comics were I believe printed in many languages extant on the Indian Subcontinent. Gujerati, Urdu, Hindi etc as well as English. That would be a fascinating series to research when one is retired and has plenty of time on one's hands.
  13. I don't know anything about Luke Cage as by the 70s I had stopped buying comics. There is a Luke Cage wikipedia page which may be of use and the aforementioned Marwood and I has a very interesting thread on Marvel UK Price Variants although I don't know how to do "links" very well. Edit Looking through my Overstreet I see that the Character fisrt appeared in a title called "Hero for Hire" dated June 1972. The title ran under this name for 16 issues. It was renamed "Power Man" from issue 17 until the last issue 125 in 1986.
  14. I second the request for pictures. A deep rabbit hole??? My oh my it's bottomless.
  15. A good rule is to remember is that the UK chaged from the old style coinage in 1971. Thus the old "d" symbol became the new "p" symbol. So yes the comics are early 70s. I too have been wondering as to the whereabouts of Marwood.