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  1. hi i'm doing a special offer only this saturday and sunday : 20% discount on all my galleries on CAF : original US pages, original european pages, sanjulian pages, color guides, everything here's the link to my galleries :
  2. i don't undersand people who ask certificates...i mean, i'm selling my art pages (on ebay and CAF), ans sometimes, peopel are asking if i have a COA, because they don't know if i'm selling fakes or the real deal.....but if a crook has the talent to do a fake moon knight page by sal vellutto for example, with multi panels, background and all.....he'd be stupid to lose his time to do such an amount of work for only 200$, when he can do a quick fake kirby sketch for more than that....and if he's talented enough to do a fake page, i guess it wouldn't be very difficult to do a fake COA, which is si
  3. the punisher has never been a block buster despite what's been tried on tv or movies, because he's never been treated as the kiling machine he me, a real good punisher movie should be a bit like the first john wick movie, but a bit more explicit....i always thought that an adaptation of the run "the slavers" would be perfect for a movie
  4. i don't get the diffrence between the 2 paypal options when buying on CAF....i 'm pretty sure that the paypal protection ony works for official transactions, for example if you buy to dealer who has his own website (romoitaman, snyder, catskillcomics....hell, even the donely bros), or paypal with an invoice, and so on....but not between 2 random guys with no bill to prove the value of the page you buy
  5. i often buy on CAF, and never had any problem
  6. one day left....just added a judge dredd by sanjulian, so 10 pages left in total
  7. hi i 'm selling all my sanjulian art, with a special 250$ price per page (yes, all sanjulian pages are at only 250$) since monday......on 18 pieces, 9 are already sold, so only 9 pages left and 3 days left (discount ends saturday 15th) it 's here :
  8. hi i have this ramona fradon sketch, but i don't know what character it is does someone know, because i totally forgot?
  9. if it's a nice one, and the price is correct, i'd go for the commission....and if one day i find the cover at a correct price too, i'd resell the commission and buy the cover (thus the importance of buying it frst at a correct price so you can resell it at the price you bought it)
  10. and more important....if their reputation is so bad, why are they still allowed to have a booth at conventions, or to advertise on CAF for example?
  11. bump !! discount ends tommorrow....11 pages are sold so far, there's about 30 left, including splash and double splash pages at low prices
  12. hi i' m doing a 25% discount until the end of the week on all my scott mc daniel DC pages (batman / superman / jla / ..) sold 6 today (and 3 are on hold), but there are still about 40 pages for sale, so you can see them here :