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  1. A heavy chain belt for his trousers, no less! He needs a big medallion and a pair of platform shoes . . .
  2. I've seen the same Movie Poster original paintings being listed twice by the same seller in Europe. One offering is higher than the other but the shipping charges are low. The other listing gives a slightly lower price for the painting but the shipping charges are higher. When you compare the total price per listing for the same painting being offered twice, the overall prices are exactly the same.
  3. Ha, ha, ha! Actually, I lean towards doing this myself when periodically posting art For Sale on CAF, though with me I simply don't like leaving stuff up indefinitely. If no takers after several months I remove the listings. Not saying anything's going back in the vault for 20 years though . . . more a case of realizing that, "Stale is not good!" Currently losing its freshness:
  4. That would be cheating. No other word for it. If anyone would be that desperate to vote for their own entries, then they're participating for all the wrong reasons. And as for anyone submitting art and then not being bothered voting on the day . . . I don't get that. Brian laid out the rules carefully and sent out timely reminders, so no excuse for your tardiness. Another way of looking at that, I suppose, is that if you're not opting to vote, then you're not voting for the competition against your own pieces. If it could be policed, I'd certainly like to see instant disqualifications for either of the above.
  5. I saw that one but was expecting it to be policed and deleted.
  6. Would it be possible to increase the size of each thumbnail image? I suspect most people, myself included, don't actually click onto the full image of each and every entry unless: a. They're familiar with the art and it's stuff they usually like. b. It looks potentially interesting. A lot of great art might be getting overlooked because it's too time-consuming to look at each and every piece in detail. My other observation is that, as previously noted, there were fewer voters on the day of voting in relation to the number of individual submissions. There also seemed to be only a handful of people actually listing their voting choices on these CGC threads in comparison to past years of this contest being run?
  7. I know. Never said they were the same, when clearly they're not.
  8. Eric took the words out of my mouth, to the effect, "Fresh today, stale tomorrow'. I get how it works but, for me, I already have a ranking order for things that I actively collect . . . regardless of fresh or stale.
  9. Spider-Man. ASM # 27 splash, $239,000 including BP. Full (unconscious) body.