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  1. Here's a book Bob pushed me over the edge to get. It had some condition issues, but the cover is so cool. But seriously, I couldn't pass up a story titled,"Satan Trades in Debutantes", could I?
  2. Great pictures Bob! It was so great to finally meet you and sacentaur in the flesh at last. It was a really interesting show to just walk around and meet people. I got to see Michelle Nolan talking to Lupoff (apparently the CGC boards will not let me type his first name}, reminiscing about the old Phil Seuling cons in New York. I think I saw Bruce Timm shopping around too. I'm sure there were many other people who I didn't recognize. Like you said, other than the pulps dealer, there really weren't too many other things to get excited about. Tons of cheap paperbacks though - fun if you are into that.
  3. As a side note, for those living in the Los Angeles Area, I did discover that my LCS - Legacy Comics in Glendale does offer a nice 33% discount on Marvel and DC, 20% off other publishers - so I'm definitely thinking about switching back to buying at a brick and morter - something I haven't regularly done in almost 20 years. I will miss the ease with which I could place an order on DCBS, but hopefully, being able to deal with my local shop in a face to face situation will be better in the long run.
  4. I've been having the same condition issues over the last few years with DCBS. Used to not be so bad, but now it's at least two books per shipment that have torn covers or color breaking folds. They used to be quite responsive (Carrie) and would credit me fairly quickly, but I reported two damaged books in December and have had no response for close to 6 weeks. I've tried to be very polite and understanding since it was the holidays, but now it's getting to the point where I'm losing my patience. I'm just asking for like a $5.00 refund, so it should be pretty easy to process - but nope - they're ghosting me with no replies at all. It's this total disregard for customer service that seriously has me considering going to try another service. Guess I might give mycomicshop a try. Any other recommendations - (I'd prefer to find someone that has a similar discount)?
  5. I'm auctioning off a few pieces from my collection on ebay right now, ending in a few days. There is a nice Adi Granov Maleficent, Stephane Roux Vampirella and a vintage Spawn vs Venom commission by Marat Mychaels. Also have a bunch of Japanese anime cels listed too:
  6. If this has been discussed before, sorry in advance. I sell maybe about 3 to 5 items a month on ebay (definitely small volume but at least a few hundred dollars worth), but I just noticed that paypal has stated that beginning around the second week of October, they will not be refunding seller fees (2.9% of the transaction if I remember correctly) in the event that the seller has to issue the buyer a refund. They originally announced this change earlier in 2018 but had to back track due to seller outrage. Now they are trying to slip it past everyone again. So if I sell a piece of original art for $500, that's about $14.50 in paypal fees that I would have to eat if for some reason the buyer decided they wanted a refund or to even cancel the transaction after they had paid, but before I shipped. I don't have to do that many refunds since I don't sell that much, but it still gets me kind of angry that it is another layer of risk that I'd have to accept as a seller. Ebay basically only allows sellers to accept paypal, unless you have a merchant account to process your own credit cards (does Square count?). I understand that they will be phasing out paypal sometime next year for their own in house payment system, but until they do that, the small time seller seems out of luck. My question is, are there any other options for selling on ebay to get around having to use paypal? My sales have dropped so low over the past few years, that I'm just thinking of moving off ebay entirely and selling here, craigslist, or facebook, at least until I see what changes ebay makes to their payment system in 2020 or 2021. Could any other ebay sellers share their opinions? Are you just going to suck up and risk paying the fees if a buyer cancels, or have you decided on another payment system, or left ebay altogether for another selling channel? That also brings to mind, what are CGC boardie sellers are going to do? I haven't bought off the boards in years, so I haven't kept up, but with these paypal changes, do you think boardies will move to another type of payment system as well?
  7. Thanks. I'll check it out on an auction I won't mind if I lose later today. They still have this message posted on their webpage though: IMPORTANT: We are aware of the issues with eBay sniping, and it appears eBay is blocking snipes from GavelSnipe. As we look into resolving these issues, it is recommended GavelSnipe NOT be used for important eBay bids. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. So about two months ago, the sniping program that I'd been using for the last few years, gavelsnipe, got blocked by ebay. It still works with Heritage, since I believe that they own it. I then tried using gixen, which is much clunkier to use, but still does the job. Now they just informed me that they will only allow four winning snipes per month on their free version going forward. Admittedly, it's only $6.00 a year to pay for their service, which is a good deal, but as I don't bid as often on ebay as I used to, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good, free sniping service for ebay?
  9. Thanks for your great analysis Terry. This is a topic of great interest to me as I think I'm going to have to start considering going after heavily restored books if I even want to be able to afford a mega key. I've only bought a few golden age books with minor color touch or glue in the past. Nothing with major pieces added ect..., so I really don't know much about this. I was recently looking at this auction for Adventure #247: As you can see, the book had it's logo torn off, along with a big tear on the back cover by the spine. I had considered bidding on it and then sending it to a restorer but from the preliminary research I did, it seemed that the boost in restored grade would not be worth what it costs to restore it. The $300.00 it ended up selling for seems like a good value price as a 2.0 is about $900.00 in the guide, and I see that a coverless copy went for around $400.00 on Heritage in the past. In the end, I decided not to bid as I'd rather add a more beat up, but complete copy, rather than buy this copy. Any thoughts on buying keys with their logo's torn off and then getting them restored? Is it worth it to attempt something like that? I think the caveat seems to be that it is worth it only if the book would grade around 8.0 in all other aspects before adding the large pieces necessary to restore the logo.
  10. Cool, I will check it out. Thanks.
  11. Ebay has been blocking gavelsnipe for at least the last two days. They are working on a fix, but until then, can anyone recommend another sniper?
  12. Like most people here, I've seen the rate of damaged books increase, albeit slightly, over the last year or so. Now I just got the notice that California has been added to the sales tax list for DCBS. My cost just went up almost 10% - yikes! Those two factors have me considering switching to another service, either online or local (based in Los Angeles). The DCBS discount was the main reason I stuck with them, but if I can find another vendor with a similar discount that isn't charging sales tax - that would be great. Any suggestions?
  13. I find this really interesting, but just from reading the last few posts (didn't get a chance to really read if anything was posted earlier), what exactly was the turnoff / drawbacks from doing the S/S at the booth? Going forward, how do you plan on collecting these exclusives?
  14. I'm torn between trying for the signed 5 book set or the unsigned. I know that many here prefer the unsigned so that they can CGC them later. But just based on future resale potential (I'm not planning on submitting these to CGC), what does everyone think would be better to try for?
  15. Yes, it was a sealed mylar bag that originally came from J Scott. Campbell with the hologram seal. The seal is still intact, but the bag is not. As an OCD collector (LOL), I prefer having the whole mylar intact since it is sealed with an exclusive hologram from the artist. Just wondering if others here would have a problem with the mylar being completely split open on the right side.