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  1. Like most people here, I've seen the rate of damaged books increase, albeit slightly, over the last year or so. Now I just got the notice that California has been added to the sales tax list for DCBS. My cost just went up almost 10% - yikes! Those two factors have me considering switching to another service, either online or local (based in Los Angeles). The DCBS discount was the main reason I stuck with them, but if I can find another vendor with a similar discount that isn't charging sales tax - that would be great. Any suggestions?
  2. I find this really interesting, but just from reading the last few posts (didn't get a chance to really read if anything was posted earlier), what exactly was the turnoff / drawbacks from doing the S/S at the booth? Going forward, how do you plan on collecting these exclusives?
  3. I'm torn between trying for the signed 5 book set or the unsigned. I know that many here prefer the unsigned so that they can CGC them later. But just based on future resale potential (I'm not planning on submitting these to CGC), what does everyone think would be better to try for?
  4. Yes, it was a sealed mylar bag that originally came from J Scott. Campbell with the hologram seal. The seal is still intact, but the bag is not. As an OCD collector (LOL), I prefer having the whole mylar intact since it is sealed with an exclusive hologram from the artist. Just wondering if others here would have a problem with the mylar being completely split open on the right side.
  5. I just received a Campbell True Exclusive Signed book from an ebay seller. Unfortunately, the mylar was completely split on the right hand side of the bag. Does this happen often with these type of books? In my personal opinion, having the bag split open is a defect, even though the issue inside is ok. What does everyone else think?
  6. So does anyone have any recent dealings with this seller? I always see books I'm interested in bidding on, but I don't because he seems like a scammer. Yet, his ebay sales still remain strong and there don't appear to be that many negative comments from ebay buyers. Also, is he connected to the "all things comics" dealer too? I'm just amazed at their operation on how they are able to consistently amass so many in demand books. Just wondering where they are sourcing their stock from.
  7. I believe the cost for just the remark alone was around $850, at least, that's what I gather from reading the article on Bleeding Cool about the VIP Lunch.
  8. Thank goodness they let you use these on items that you still have to pay for! Won a few pieces of artwork on Sunday that I waited on paying for, hoping for a coupon. Yay!!!!!
  9. I tried to use this with purchases that I still had to pay for, from auctions that I've won over the last 10 days. Looks like this only applies to auctions that end during this 8% promotion period, not simply just paying during the promotion period. And of course, if you go for buy it now during the promotion that would obviously count too.
  10. Question for future reference, when the JScottCampbell website says that exclusives are limited to 2 sets per order, does that allow you to purchase 2 of each option (ie: 2 sets of signed and 2 sets of unsigned), or are you only allowed 2 total sets (ie: 1 set signed, 1 set unsigned). And if you are only allowed 2 total sets, can you just place another order under a different email address, but have it sent to your same mailing address, or do you have to have a different mailing address as well?
  11. Wow, that's interesting. I would have thought that the signed sets would be the more desirable ones. So, in terms of future appreciation, is it better to go for the unsigned versions? If so, is that because collectors prefer them to have CGC verify the sigs?
  12. I've never ordered from his site before. What with the new ASM #2 going out for sale on 8/11, what should I expect at checkout? Will it be a 90 second sell out like it is for Mondo posters, or will it be more casual so I can go in after an hour or two and still be able to get a set? Also, is there extra charges for shipping and sales tax to California? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for this thread! I've been feeling this way at cons for a long time and I was wondering if it was just me. I used to bring at least 1k "just in case" money to SDCC and Wondercon and even some smaller Socal shows, but really, it's been going on 5+ years for me since I've found anything "reasonably" priced - by which I mean - comparable to what I can purchase the books for on ebay. I'm not talking about keys either, just regular "common" 8.0 or higher silver and bronze. For many of the bigger dealers, when I peruse their stock, its almost as if they are taking the ebay price and practically doubling it. I'm still kind of shocked that these dealers seem to be able to get enough sales to keep attending these shows. I still spend several thousands a year on ebay, so I'm getting my "fix" satisfied. So is ebay still the best place to shop then?
  14. For those who had the chance to attend the show, what was your impression overall of the dealer's pricing? I collect mainly mid to high grade (8.0 to 9.2) 60's and 70's books (specifically Marvel, DC and Archies) and usually end up buying most of my stuff off of ebay, where I'm usually able to get lower prices than I see from other dealers that set up at the bigger shows (SDCC, Wondercon, LA Comic Con, ect...) I'm just wondering if I should plan out a trip from Los Angeles for the next show. If the pricing and selection is comparable to ebay, I'll have to make some time. LOL
  15. It's ironic that DC Comic's headquarters is in Burbank, but the Burbank Walmart doesn't even carry these books. Has anyone seen any Walmarts in Southern California that are carrying these? I tried Burbank, Cerritos, and even Honolulu when on vacation, but no luck.