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  1. Great thread Mr J! AWESOME Books
  2. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Love Lessons #1 Harvey 1949 #beauty
  3. Hi guys, Looking to buy a detective comics #168 . condition 1.0 up to 3.5 raw or graded ok references here and also my instagram @dreamtoreal1 thanks! Paypal ready. let me know what you got
  4. thanks guys ! Just sold by PM!
  5. Hello guys! Have a fresh beauty Incredible Hulk #181 1st Wolverine CGC 9.0 white pages ! $3950 or best offer Shipping: FREE in the US (No international shipping) Payment: PayPal only (I would appreciate payment within 48 hours of claiming a book) . No list people please My Ebay @unlimited-power75 feedback of me as %100 seller or Instagram @dreamtoreal1 for references also have a kudos thread here First in the thread trumps all else. Feel free to drop any questions my way via PM or if you need more pics. comics thanks guys!
  6. Ghostly Weird Stories #124 (1954) LB Cole #trippy
  7. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    thanks Robert
  8. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    It is not too bad in low grade up to 3.5 after that it is a tuff book so it gets pricey yes
  9. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    My fav buy from Yorba Linda comic con past weekend Weird Chills #1
  10. Marvel mystery comics #88 #blondephantom
  11. Terry’s California Comic Con 2018

    Here we go. batman 14 🐧
  12. Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    great books ! great report Bob! Was so much fun! and thanks again for this delicious Daredevil #6 the cover is just too good