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  1. Showcase #22 Club

    I held the book in hand. It had the 'look and feel' of a 9.2. I had no issue with the grade and it was by far the nicest copy I had ever seen.

    Can anyone make sense of why a 2.0 just sold for 16K(!) when a nicer 2.5 sold for 14K+ a few days earlier (both eBay auctions)?
  3. Sounds like a situation that could have gone either way. Happy everything turned out well for you.
  4. SDCC 2017, July 19-23, San Diego, Ca.

    Great info, thanks. If you have a 4 day pass, how early can you go in? Can you get in at 8:30am?
  5. SDCC 2017, July 19-23, San Diego, Ca.

    Speaking of that - how close can you get before the traffic gets bad? If you're taking an Uber to the con, where's a sensible place where they can drop you off and you can walk without sitting in traffic wasting time?
  6. SDCC 2017, July 19-23, San Diego, Ca.

    Oh I thought this would be for a closer hotel. I paid less than that for my own cottage closer to the con in a cool neighborhood with lots of coffee shops and restaurants and close to the trolley/train that goes right to the con. The only value to me with a hotel over an airbnb these days would be if it was much closer to the show at around the same net cost. Hotels upcharge for everything (including wifi) and you're a little trapped when they're off the beaten path.
  7. SDCC 2017, July 19-23, San Diego, Ca.

    I'm all ears - how/when do you book one of the early bird hotels?
  8. Awesome, appreciate the back and forth. As the title of this thread suggests, we're all a little insane to go down these 'dark deal alleyways.' And I'm very happy to read so many positive experiences.
  9. Obviously this is veering off topic but I'll play along. C'mon revat, have you ever been in one of these situations? There is nothing safe about meeting someone in a strange place all by yourself, most likely with cash on hand. I will admit, there's a certain thrill in doing this, but if you find yourself in one of these situations and it goes wrong, you're in big trouble. I'm sure a lot of us could tell these above stories very differently if the other party had nefarious intentions. Someone else in the room locking the door behind you and you're SOL. I don't think meeting strangers in a public place for a date is a relevant example. And 'how you're raised' is irrelevant as well. If that were the case, only 'poorly raised' people would get hurt in these types of situations, and that's not the case. Bad things happen to good people all of the time. Look at that kid in Greece that just got killed - everything from that situation indicates that he was a 'good kid' who was 'raised well.' He was at a bar with friends - nothing about that situation tells me that he didn't judge that situation properly. Someone bumps into him taking a selfie and he accidentally bumps the person next to him. The next thing he knows, 9 people are beating him to death. Apparently the entire event escalated and concluded in about 20(!) seconds. What in the world could his parents (or he) have done previously (or 'raised him') to alter how he handled that situation?!? He did the smartest thing he could do in that situation, he tried to fight back and then he ran away (but someone tackled him and the beat down commenced). Truth is, we've all just been very lucky.
  10. SDCC 2017, July 19-23, San Diego, Ca.

    One thing I'll add is that from my experience housing has gotten more challenging, even from last year to this year. Last year, around April, I booked 3 nights for the con at a hotel room in, what could generously be described as, a fleabag motel/hotel that was about a 30 minute walk from the con. I think it was around $150/night. This year, I went to book a room for the con at this same hotel in March, and that same room was almost $300 a night! So I started exploring Airbnbs and there appeared to be a few nice places not too far from the con at reasonable costs comparable to last year. So I booked a place for 3 nights and it was immediately cancelled. I did this a few more times, each time my reservation was cancelled. Why? Because this is the 'Super Bowl' for Airbnb owners in San Diego and they want people to book for 4 nights minimum. If you're unwilling to do that, too bad for you. After literally my 7th attempt, and I was booking further and further away from the con, I finally found someone who basically 'took pity' on me and allowed me to book for 3 nights all the way out east of South Park! And the only reason they agreed was because I was not going to bring 8 friends and party all night at his place.
  11. Comic-Con Re-ups With San Diego Through 2021
  12. It is ironic how many of us have these stories of travelling distances great and small to total strangers houses that our parents and we as parents have been strongly advised and in turn strongly advise our progeny to stay away from. And we're completely and willfully ignorant in all of these stories. We know better and we know we know better, and yet in the car we go, butterflies in our stomach, racing to see what's in the box. I'm guilty of this myself and, like many of these stories, every time save for one (where I was sold raw restored books as unrestored) has turned out postitively. What is actually insane, is how frequently it seems that these "adventures" turn out well for everyone involved. Common sense would dictate that a few of us would report being robbed, seriously injured, or some combination of both. Does anyone have any of these stories or are we self selectively not sharing those? I remember reading one story where I believe a fairly well known comic dealer went to someones house after connecting with a potential seller on Craig's List. If I recall correctly, they went to the person's house at night and were led to their backyard where the seller attempted to rob him at gunpoint and he jumped a fence to escape.
  13. Another book I'm a fan of is More Fun #55. A few copies have come to market over the last 6-12 months but its a scarce book. Prices have escalated over the past year but nothing too dramatic. Same thinking as Police #1 - 1st GA appearance of a major character that's under the radar but hasn't exploded due to the lack of any Hollywood news/prospects. Still great books with a lot of long-term upside.