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  1. The "other" 2.5 ended strong at $14,251. No chipping but not a pretty copy, a strong price. Consistent with highest CGC 2.5 GPA sale of $14,340 not too long ago.
  2. I saw the listing less than 5 minutes after it was posted. The price was 135. I know someone, not me, that hit the BIN about a minute later and was told they were 3rd in line. I do not believe it was ever 150. If someone other than Josh bought it, they did so by hitting the BIN in what was likely 4 minutes or less of being listed. I watched the listing unfold and given how quickly it appeared and was then sold, as I said to the person who was 3rd in line, the reality is that this listing was a mirage.
  3. Just to be clear, I knew of the buyer, I don't know him personally. But Roy can reinforce what I wrote because he put on his PI cap and found out who the buyer was. So he can speak to this in even greater detail than I can.
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  5. Fascinating interview Felix! I wonder if the EMT Nurse that Scott references, who bought art from Scott that Miller wanted back and agreed to return it, was Mike Burkey?
  6. We did a deal and it was a very smooth transaction and Bobby was great with communication. I would definitely do another deal with him again.
  7. Roger is a great guy and I'm happy to hear that his shop is still doing well. I used to stop by on a semi regular basis and now I try to visit everytime I'm back in town. For whatever reason that location gets a ton more foot traffic than on the 2nd floor on 14th St.
  8. Wasn't me but its nice to see More Fun #55 finally getting some much deserved attention
  9. I have a nice Batman #11 CGC 4.0 ow/w if anyone is looking for a copy - PM me.
  10. To clear this up for posterity as someone who is now aware of what the askings were for the 5.5 and the 6.5 - the 5.5 in Chicago was at current market 2017 pricing (well, current for post last CC sales); the 6.5 was below market for 2017 pricing (and closer to pricing prior to last CC sales) but was not priced at 2016 pricing. As further evidence of the trickle down effect, it was also notable to see the AF #15 CGC 3.0 sell for 16K on CL last night. That 3.0 was aggressively priced, by a national dealer who attends most major shows, prior to the last CC sales and wound up selling for a fair amount above what the last asking was before it was consigned to CL (which was right after the last CC sales). Putting CC sales aside, 16K for a 3.0 is a big number. You could get a just as nice (ow pages or better, no mc) 4.0 for that number not that long ago.
  11. Fwiw as I understand it the buyer of the CC 4.5 and 5.0 was the same person, not a dealer, and I don't think bought with the intention or intends to crack/press/resub.
  12. Then I stand corrected on this other copy as I'm also aware of a 5.5 that was shopped around on the show floor as well.
  13. Sorry but I heard directly from the source (ie the seller) of this mystical AF #15 at Chicago and it was a 5.5 not a 6.5 and it was aggressively priced at current market.
  14. Nice copies seem to be selling briskly off eBay. D&A just removed their nice 6.0 they had for $59,995.