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  1. Fwiw as I understand it the buyer of the CC 4.5 and 5.0 was the same person, not a dealer, and I don't think bought with the intention or intends to crack/press/resub.
  2. Then I stand corrected on this other copy as I'm also aware of a 5.5 that was shopped around on the show floor as well.
  3. Sorry but I heard directly from the source (ie the seller) of this mystical AF #15 at Chicago and it was a 5.5 not a 6.5 and it was aggressively priced at current market.
  4. Nice copies seem to be selling briskly off eBay. D&A just removed their nice 6.0 they had for $59,995.
  5. Agreed. I have a bluechip (no mc, ow/w pages) CGC 4.5 that I am open to selling but now starting to think otherwise, especially before this CC auction ends.
  6. I heard AF #15s were sparse at the show.
  7. 2 offers were made - one was declined but one is within the range of consideration as its listed as "pending." This isn't my copy but my 4.5 ow/w is nicer (better wrap).
  8. If anyone's looking for a bluechip (no mc) CGC 4.5 ow/w shoot me a PM
  9. If you're a little flexible on grade, I have a CGC 4.5 ow/w coming in with strong colors and no marvel chipping. Essentially the kind of copy anyone looking for an AF #15 would want. PM me if interested.
  10. x
  11. CLOSED
  12. Closed
  13. CLOSED
  14. Sorry, not looking for an ASM CGC 3.0. If you had an AS #8 CGC 3.0, I'd be interested. Thanks