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    I was posting here when you were in diapers.
  1. Apologies my timeline was way off. I had made some inquiries and maybe it was more like 5 or so years ago and was told they went for about 25. This was either right before or around when Disney acquired them which was in 2012. Man, time flies!
  2. How bananas is the AFA 85 L-Slot Rocket Firing Bob Fett auction hammer at 85K? It was my understanding that these were fairly available up until a few years ago for around 25K.
  3. 80's Indy Comic Art Thread

    Highlights of the thread so far! Not sure if Hari has any scans but he has some great indie OA including an incredible SAMURAI cover that is one of my favorite pieces in his entire collection (and is probably the least valuable of all of his pieces!).
  4. Unfortunately you missed the really nice 3.0 that was offered on the boards a few days ago for $6500 - it sold within an hour.
  5. Based on what the Cap #3 CGC 7.0 sold for at Hake's today, I'm still interested up to 4.0 and would pay FMV based on the hammer price. PM or email me! Have a lot of great books to trade as well - Thanks!
  6. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    Extremely saddened to hear about this. John was one of the good guys in this hobby and he will be sorely missed. RIP John
  7. Yes I saw the Cap #3 in Comiclink (I tried to win it just to get a copy). Yes, I'm still looking and will pay accordingly (or cash/trade) for a copy. PM me if you're open to selling. Thanks!
  8. And another book down! Still looking for a Cap #3..and yes I'm aware of all of the copies available at auction. Happy to pay with no time payments and have some fantastic GA to trade as well. Thanks!
  9. Admittedly the response rate is nowhere near what it used to be.
  10. Private sale that the seller wishes to also keep private. Thanks
  11. 1 book down! Really want a Cap #3 and will pay aggressively! Thanks
  12. Feel free to PM with any questions or trade possibilities!
  13. I'd be open to trading for books I'm looking for and have some great keys (mostly GA). Thanks!
  14. WTB/WTT: GA Keys - Cap #3 and Detective #33 I’ve successfully been able to purchase almost every book I've ever put on my want list so hopefully that success continues. I've also done deals with a wide variety of collectors and dealers for many years. Please PM me if you have any interest in an offer, selling, trading, etc...I'm happy to pay above GPA. Cash/trade possible if in the LA vicinity. Checks, Paypal, time payments are needed...I'm easy to work with and open to trading as well...PM me, e-mail...privacy/discretion respected. Please contact me if you want to run any scenario by me. I'm very responsive to PMs. I'm also aware of all the tremendous books that are coming up at auction but I'm always interested in doing private deals as well. I'm currently looking for (flexible on grades): Captain America Comics #3 CGC 2.0 - 5.0 Detective Comics #33 CGC 1.5 - 3.0 (trade up my copy) At least CR/OW pages and unrestored please. I'm also always interested in other GA keys/classic covers, etc. so don't hesitate to PM me. Also if you're looking for anything, please feel free to let me know as well. I have a lot of books (GA keys, etc) and high end original art as well. And have many desirable books to trade as well (AF #15, pre-Robin Tecs, Tec/Batman keys, GA hero and Fox classic covers, Police #1, etc). I will respond quickly and will not waste your time. Thank you! David