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  1. My memory for that stuff is not great but sure, 5 years ago would make sense. Maybe someone here will PM you his information but I think he's very low key these days. I'd also imagine that if he still has it, the price has gone up.
  2. There was no meeting - as described in the podcast, this was at one of the NJ OA shows several years ago. I can't recall if Conrad ever set up at those shows but due to his illness, he was certainly absent for a few years. Anyway, at one of those shows Conrad just showed up but he never even went into the con room. He stayed outside and pretty much held court in a chair. People attending the show came out to see him and lots of people were looking through his portfolios as whatever he brought was available for sale. I don't know if he actually sold anything but it was great to see some of those pages one last time.
  3. Just to clarify something from the podcast as I was at the NJ show and was sitting down with Conrad after he showed up and was looking through his portfolios as well. I think that was actually his last 'public' appearance and it was good to see him. In any event, he did not have a page from Avengers #4. He had a tremendous page from Avengers #3 where the Hulk was trying to pry the hammer from Thor. Everything that Conrad had in his portfolio was OA that he had had for years. I don't recall anything new. But Conrad was ecstatic to see his prognostications of Kirby OA becoming so valuable coming true and his pricing on his pages reflected that.
  4. dem1138

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Wow, I thought I was 'Platinum status' but I'm not at 'drunk texting' level yet so I must only be 'Gold status.'
  5. dem1138

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Have a nice dinner with BK. Are you going with the filet?
  6. dem1138

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Did you do much business with Jay Maybruck? Did you ever notice him sniffling a lot during a deal? One of my more profound early comic book memories was at a Philly con in the late 80s and he was sniffling the entire con and I thought that he must've had quite a cold. At one point during the show he knocked into his wall and lots of books came tumbling down and he had a major temper tantrum. Everyone pretty much avoided his booth for the next hour.
  7. dem1138

    Heritage May auction

    There's always price compression for these mega keys at lower grades plus this is an October copy which absolutely brought a premium to this copy.
  8. dem1138

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    What's the scam here? You send the book and then they claim they never got it? And you have no recourse because the addresses don't match?
  9. I’ve successfully been able to purchase or trade for almost every book I've ever put on my want list so hopefully that success continues. I've also done deals with a wide variety of collectors and dealers for many years. Please PM me if you have any interest in an offer, selling, trading, etc... Cash possible if in the LA vicinity. Checks, Paypal, time payments are needed...I'm easy to work with and open to trading as well...PM me, e-mail...privacy/discretion respected. Please contact me if you want to run any scenario by me. I'm very responsive to PMs. I'm also aware of all the tremendous books that are coming up at auction but I'm always interested in doing private deals as well. I'm currently looking for Fantastic Four #1 CGC 4.0 - 6.0 At least CR/OW pages, no or minimal chipping and unrestored please. I'm also always interested in GA keys/classic covers, etc. so don't hesitate to PM me. Also if you're looking for anything, please feel free to let me know as well. I have a lot of books (GA keys, etc) and high end original art as well. And have many desirable books to trade as well (AF #15, pre-Robin Tecs, Tec/Batman keys, GA hero and Fox classic covers, Police #1, etc). I will respond quickly and will not waste your time. Thank you! David
  10. dem1138

    Fake(?) FF #48 cover shows up at ECCC

    In looking at perfectly centered original FF #48s I see that the man in the hat is cut off but he's clearly present on the production cover and on reprints. So if someone copied the cover either they did it from a reprint or had access to the production cover? Or maybe its evidence that the ECCC OA is the real thing?
  11. dem1138

    Fake(?) FF #48 cover shows up at ECCC

    Interesting that the cover at the con doesn't say "1967" under the 'Y' in Yellow on the left margin, '66' next to Feb in the # box and says "FANT FOUR" at the top margin and this production cover does not.
  12. dem1138

    Fake(?) FF #48 cover shows up at ECCC

    Interesting. The person in the picture with the 2 FF covers is a known entity in the hobby and I guess he owns both. Knowing that the FF #48 might be a fake certainly retroactively makes me suspect. I will say that the inking on the Watcher's head doesn't look right to me, though its impossible to look at it objectively now.
  13. dem1138

    CGC v. Company X

    Is X in the grading company's name or are you referring to Voldemort? With X I won't buy the book unless the owner subbed it and can guarantee that its unrestored. With Voldemort, it can depend, but I often expect a .5 downgrade.
  14. dem1138

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Apologies Bob. Since its a non-traditional job I was genuinely curious if there was an end game, thats all. Hopefully you'll find this question more appropriate: Have you found that there's a generational shift in the collector base or do you think that the average age of the buyers continues to get older? Personally I'm seeing a new generation coming up and I'm very hopeful for the future of the hobby.