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  1. I'm pretty much just using the standard settings, except for black point being set at 11, like others are doing. I can improve it a bit using Curves in Photoshop, but that streaking is still visible. I could send it back, but there are zero of these for sale on ebay or amazon right now....or anywhere else that I can find with a quick Google search. So I may just tolerate it, at least for now.. Or maybe I'll do more research and try to find another model in the $200 range.
  2. I bought a used HP Scanjet 7400c off Amazon for $230. It seems like it is working fairly well, but I am some light vertical streaking on the images. I think I may just tolerate it isn't too bad, and I don't want to send this back and buy something more expensive. I am using Vuescan software, but I assume the streaking is from the hardware.
  3. @kaculler Yes, really nice collection there. I love that Little Dot 3 and always looking for a nice copy, but CGC Census suggests very few out there, as would be expected. And I think Little Max 1 is the first appearance of Little Dot, and good one there as well. I wish I would have bought more of the early file copies in the 90s (and not sold some of what I did buy) and also some of the Heritage auctions in 2003 had a lot of high grade books. There was one particular Heritage auction just packed full of high grade Harvey file copies, but I could not afford more than one or two. But the treasure hunt continues....
  4. Agreed that head is too large for body and also left breast is in the wrong place.
  5. I picked this one up on ebay recently and wondering what grade it will get from CGC. I'm sure not that high, but hopefully at least 5.0.
  6. Yes I agree with you there. The people who care about those characters and those books are all aging rapidly, with no new fans/collectors to take their place. Richie Rich seems to be the most popular and always figure there are some millionaires and maybe some billionaires who are fans and will bid very high for his key issues. The early Little Dots are probably only so popular, because they have RR's first appearances. But at least with the demand dropping, the supply of those early Harveys in high grade is so small. You can look at the CGC census and some early Caspers maybe have one graded copy and it's 6.5. I wonder if there are many others out there that are ungraded and in collections, or if there just weren't any file copies of those issues. But Casper 6, 10, 19, and 20 are the key ones there that will sell for $1000+ in 9.2 or higher. And the other key Harvey #1 issues are still pricey like Hot Stuff, Little Lotta, Spooky, etc. However, once you get past #1 hardly anyone cares about any other issues, as the realized auction prices show. I wish a few more of the early Harvey humor books would be offered on ebay/Heritage/Comiclink, but does add to the "treasure hunt" aspect of collecting them to have them so rare and unavailable, at any price.
  7. Here are a few nice Little Audreys that I also had previously, but had to sell. There isn't much interest in these books and the market prices have really plummetted, at least going by recent ebay and Heritage sales. Richie Rich and Little Dot are still strong, and Casper has some fans, but Little Audrey is near the bottom, along with Baby Huey and Sad Sack. But I love these early Audreys.
  8. Very nice with the Little Lotta ! At one point several years ago, I had an 8.5 but had to sell it, because I needed the cash flow. I still regret that. It's obviously a next to impossible book to find in high grade, as most of the early Harveys are.
  9. Yes I love the early Caspers, Little Dots, Little Audrey, etc. They just have a very quaint innocence about them. I just bought a Spooky #1 on ebay that isn't in great shape, but glad to have it. I also like the Harvey 3D books and here are a couple of those that I have.
  10. I bought these two on ebay last year...excellent condition, except for those chips out of the front cover. I'm not sure what they will grade at, but will CGC them soon. Harvey Comics Hits #61, also known as Casper 6.
  11. I made an offer for this one on Heritage to the previous owner and was able to get it. 9.4 grade was too pricey for me.
  12. There is a thread in the Silver Age section for Harvey Comics, but my favorite period are the earlier books, so I figured would make another thread. Here are a couple of my best books from that period:
  13. I picked up this one on ebay for about $100. I'm going to get it graded and thinking it will get about a 5.0 but perhaps lower, because of the rough spine. The highest graded copy in the census is only 6.5.
  14. I picked this one up on Heritage by offering the previous buyer $1K for it. I thought that was a very reasonable price and figure the market value is closer to $1200. But after tax and shipping, it was still $1080. But this is my favorite Casper cover after #34 (that has zero CGC graded copies) and was glad to upgrade my previous copy. I doubt I'm going above this 9.0 though, because just too pricey. I wish I would have bid on the 9.4 copy from the Quinton Clem collection back in 2013. It resold for over $8000 last summer. But I'm glad to have this one and very happy with it.
  15. Ok, I overpaid for this one a bit in the recent Heritage auction, but just had to have it.