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  1. Great artwork on these boxing covers 👍‼️ So realistic , look almost like photographs😷🎶☝️
  2. Still probably worth $100 tho👍‼️🤪🤪🎶☝️
  3. Nice haul 👍‼️Hope you have room or a storage barn👍‼️
  4. I always love❤️❤️Kirby ‼️👍he is The King🏆🏆✅
  5. Better than some of the ASMs that made it to print🥴🥴🤪🤪😷
  6. Except for that number it looks great in the slab☹️😢😢🥴
  7. Now that is a great comic👍‼️❤️G/Vg range
  8. Great boxing cover above ‼️‼️‼️👍☝️🎶🎶
  9. Those are cool an it were a good tv show too👍‼️❤️
  10. Hours an hours , more like years🤗🤗🤪🤪 Of good reading👍‼️❤️
  11. FoggyNelson

    My 1st 9.9

    That is a 9.9 beauty👍‼️🤪😷⭕️☝️