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  1. Nice run GI Joes👌👌‼️😀
  2. That BLIP first appearance of video game dude is 💯
  3. FoggyNelson

    Bill Everett thread

    Amazing‼️‼️He caught a artillary shell on the fly‼️‼️👍even Superman couldn’t do that⁉️⁉️🤪🤪
  4. FoggyNelson

    PGM: All-American Men of War #61

    I like the stars on the back cover👌‼️😀an you comic look vg +⁉️👌
  5. FoggyNelson

    PGM Star Spangled War Stories #113

    Very good 😀⁉️
  6. Lots of nice pictures I think it a 7.0☝️👌
  7. FoggyNelson

    PGM my Batman #121

    Excellent hard to find key looks good👍‼️😀⁉️
  8. I must have some Chinese blood in me because I don’t like Star Wars anymore after the first three, they have me lost an confused now🤯😫🤯😕
  9. FoggyNelson

    This Week Back From CGC

    How much to re- holder⁉️
  10. FoggyNelson

    War Comics

    CreatureFan are you going for complete run all American men of war⁉️⁉️💯👍
  11. FoggyNelson

    Vampirella's - Show 'em off

    62 space octopus cover is great too , most all covers this thread are really well done👍👍‼️👍
  12. FoggyNelson

    Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    Franken berry stool 😀that is funny a pink stool from cereal🤮🤮😫🤯🤯
  13. FoggyNelson

    Bill Everett thread

    This one is swell ‼️‼️An looks great in the slab ‼️‼️❤️
  14. FoggyNelson

    Comics that RocK !

    Great hitler cover above ‼️‼️ Breaking in on him as he targets United States 😀‼️