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  1. Absolutely negotiate! Always negotiate. Always BE negotiating. Negotiate with your body language even before you get to the booth. Negotiate with your stare as you get the dealer's attention. Negotiate even as you're making small talk warming up to negotiate. Negotiate hard on the price, negotiate on the payment method, negotiate on a trade in, negotiate on any store credit, negotiate on the fees, negotiate on what drinks you may have to buy the dealer later to close the deal. Just whatever you do, don't be THAT guy that uses the pathetic "please it's for my personal collection cut me a deal" tactic.
  2. ASM #441 Newsstand Variant - Final issue of the original ASM Volume 1 and First Full Appearance of the 3rd Spider-Woman Copy A: VF- $10 Copy B: VF/NM $13 Copy C: FN $7
  3. I'm at the point where I plan on telling my LCS I'm cancelling my subs each time I go in to pick up my subs. But then I end up just paying and walk out. Damn it why can't I just quit you! Maybe I should just call or text them to cancel.
  4. That hammers got nothin on mjolnir.
  5. ASM #438 Newsstand Edition Copy A: NM+ or better $25 Copy B: NM-/NM $18 coming soon Copy B: VF $12
  6. aaand back to some newsstand variants ASM 418 Newsstand Edition Copy A: FN/VF $6 Copy B: GD $1
  7. ASM v3 #1 Fried Pie Variant still polybagged NM- or better. QTY 6. $10 each or buy all 6 for $40
  8. Thanks fellas. An here's another beauty for sale ASM #129 CGC 9.6 W pages. 1st Appearance of the Punisher. Asking $6000 shipped