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  1. justafan

    some sellers dont take paypal on ebay

    First seller I've encountered this with. No other option than to use my cc. I wonder if the new payment option gives sellers a better fee rate with ebay. Paypal was dinging sellers 3% + 30 cents on every transaction. Anyone know what the advantage to not using paypal and opting into ebay's new payment system will be? As a buyer I feel naked providing my CC directly on the website as I really do value the protections paypal offers. As a seller I can see the appeal if it offers better seller protections and saves them money. What have our experiences with this been so far?
  2. ASM Issues taken per PM. - 387 NM - 394 NM Copy E - 396 NM+
  3. justafan

    CGC Won't Cover Full Insurance Value

    another option would be to see if you can just drop it off with them at the next show you attend where they will be. but then again, they will probably only be paying for up to $10k on the return shipping also. so you're probably just better off using collectibles insurrance. I thought CIS only insured shipping under the more pricey dealers insurrance option.
  4. justafan

    Where’s the eBay coupons?

    same here. I wonder if that's what they r waiting for. more sellers to ramp up their listings past a certain threshold before putting out a coupon. or they are waiting for after tax season is over.
  5. justafan

    Unknown Comics

    I used to be a big fan of theirs but I do not agree with how they are flooding the market with variants. What I found to be most dissapointing and greedy on their part was marking their variants as sold out after a certain amount was sold on their website but they were holding back stock until the prices began to rise and then began selling them at eBay prices. I found that if you just wait a few months you can get their back stock at a huge discount to even what they were initially selling for on previous order. their order fulfillment times have also slipped. when it was a pre-order I could understand why it took a while to receive but my last order towards the end of September was for items that had already been out for a couple of months so I figured it wouldn't take more than a couple of weeks to receive. I just got them at the beginning of January. 3 months is too long to wait. I may not order from them again.
  6. ASM Issues 403, 441c, 446b, and 664 taken per PM
  7. justafan

    Reasons for DC layoffs

    Dang it who drew this tub in front of the door again! Murphy tub? and I thought I'd seen crazy cramped new York studio appartments. but I see I'm not the only one who leaves their plunger in front of the doorway.
  8. and it's a good thing too unless you were just joking because sending cgc a cbcs 9.9 or 10 for crossover service will end up the same as if you sent them a cgc 9.9 or 10 for regrading: you'd probably just end up with a cgc 9.8. but if the cgc label means more than the grade go for it.
  9. justafan

    Where’s the eBay coupons?

    Probably this. Just heard they reported record profits for the 4th qtr.
  10. All books now 20% off listed prices!!! PM's also welcome.
  11. wow, any guesses what grades the dentist' s copies would get if he ever had them slabbed? or do you think he's read and handled them so much since that they wouldn't be higher than Erics?
  12. justafan

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    I didnt think paying $3k for a raw copy of ASM 667 on ebay 4 years ago was insane despite reading a ton of comments about how crazy that sale was on here with many questioning it's legitimacy. I barely batted an eye as my max bid was $4k. And after I got it back from cgc, I gotta say I was pretty happy with my 9.6 W copy and still am. was this recent sale for 12k insane? Maybe to some of us but not to the buyer and seller and that's all that matters.
  13. All books now 15% off listed prices!!! See list on first post.
  14. Sorry I can't post a bigger scan right now but these are the defects when I last went over it with an LED light. Front Cover: 3 light Non-Color Break spine ticks: 1 up to 1/16", 2 up to 1/8" on spine, light shallow Non-Color Break bends on FC due to handling between 1/8" and 1/4" Back Cover: 3 light spine ticks: 2 up to 1/16", 1 showing clear Color Break up to 1/8", the white streak along the lower right back cover spine is not a reader's crease. It is color rub from either stacking or rubbing against other books/spinner rack/shelf or due to production ink loss. A press would likely eliminate 2 or all 3 front cover spine ticks and all of the Non-Color Break bends. It would possibly eliminate 1 of the spine ticks on the back cover leaving 1 definite color break and 1 light spine tick and the color rub and color fleck near the bottom back cover staple. My issue is in grading the color rub on top of the other defects. Initially I had it at 9.4 but I took another look and with the accumulation of listed defects I put it in the 9.2 to 9.4 range from the OS grading guide. With a press I'd estimate 9.4/9.6 at best but definitely not 9.8. However, the color rub is making me unsure of even those grades. With the clarification of the defects listed above, what grade would you consider it now? Thanks for any additional input.