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  1. I was hoping for a 9.6 W. It had some very pressable defects on the front and back cover (no color break) that looked like it could bring it up to a 9.6 W. However when I got it back I was stunned until I noticed a small color break finger bend dead center of the front cover I hadn't noticed before. If that was there before, then this book was already overgraded at a 9.4 with evident pressable defects and that color break. I may have just missed it but if not, then those are the risks of submitting high grade books. defects not visible through the slab may exist and risk of damage in handling the books at CGC are also a real danger.
  2. It might get there if the mods allow it....it just might be November by the time it gets to $4k at the rate I'm going. Of course by then it'll probably be a $3k book. BTW, This post will also serve as my potentially Final Price cut to $5000 !!! I totally hear where you're coming from and agree with your explanation. I do appreciate the comments as it helps to understand what others may be thinking. My error is that 12 month GPA when I listed fall of last year was $6k. Then a bunch of 9.6's sold at auction on ebay (OW/W pages) and Clink between $3600 and $4800 which brought things way down but prices always trend lower at the end of the year but tend to pick back up in the Spring when folks get their tax refunds. Had 12 month GPA been at $4300 I might have started there. But prices have been all over the map lately. I think the Punisher show had a lot to do with the run up to $6k for the 9.6 grade and now that its off Netflix with an uncertain future with Disney, the speculation and drive of the book may have dried up. I am indeed looking to sell this book but I am not in a hurry. Just a seller taking his time hoping to find a buyer on here at a price that satisfies us both while still cutting them a deal from what others are offering even if not quite at GPA levels. I don't think GPA takes taxes into consideration does it? The arguments for my pricing at this point are that many are already getting a 5-10% sales tax discount on the price depending on what state you live in. I eat the shipping and the paypal fees which come to $200 total . Sales taxes might be another factor why prices have dropped off as you now have to factor in an extra $250-$500 in taxes for a $5000 book on ebay and other places. Sure there's a 9.6 White with a damaged case that'll need a reholder going for $4800 + $40 shipping on ebay right now. Reholder will be $30+shipping both ways.. Taxes on that in most states will range between $240 and $480 bringing the purchase to between $5080 and $5320 once taxes and shipping are factored in. Reholder may add another $90 on top with shipping. My book, at its NEW PRICE of $5000 shipped is still cheaper than anything available for sale on the market. The other ebay 9.6 White pagers are listed at $6595, $5400, $5700, $5750 some with shipping. In contrast, my NEW asking price of $5000 is already 8%-31% lower than the lowest undamaged 9.6 White being offered for sale + another 5-10% savings without charging sales tax brings the total discount a buyer is getting to the offerered ebay prices between ~13% to 41% depending on which book they buy and which state they live in. But if the Mods allowed it I would continue to drop the price until it met the CGC board market clearing price. Unfortunately I don't think they will especially after this post which I'm trying to also use as my legitimate Price Update bump but that got it removed last time. So consider this the Final price drop before it get's pulled by the mods and having to move it to ebay and FB/instagram. If it doesn't sell there I'll bring it back here at whatever GPA is at the time. Oh but I do. Too true. Might have to try other venues before starting a new sales thread with it at $4500. Here's hoping for a Punsiher movie or season 3 on Disney+ to give it a boost. Yep, and that was the peak. Probably 2 guys duking it out over an upgrade candidate and lead to my starting price point.
  3. $20 wtf? did prices go up? are you shipping to/from Alaska or Hawaii? The standard USPS box in a box method shouldn't cost more than $11-12 on ebay unless you're adding insurance, signature confirmation, etc. The cheapest but most unethical way to ship a slab is via media mail with bullet proof packing. You're simply playing the odds and 1 in 10-100 packages may get flagged and charge you for shipping. The upside with a slab is the unpacking and repacking won't damage the book like a raw comic might get damaged from the postal inspector's man handling trying to open and inspect the contents then repackage Not recommended for anything requiring insurance especially a high dollar comic. ~ $3 The next cheapest but slightly less unethical yet highly risky way is to use a legal flat rate cardboard envelope. You can even peel back the sides of (disassemble) the envelope to squeeze in a slab with some extra cardboard and bubblewrap and then reseal the sides using USPS packing tape as long as it completely covers the slab. I've actually received a package like this. The comic survived and its more of a gamble in that often these envelopes are shipped with other envelopes and less prone to being crushed by heavy packages. However, I'd imagine they may suffer SCS a lot more from being tossed around the sorting facility. ~ $7.68 from DC to LA. -Please don't do this. The next cheapest would be using a comic slab mailer. The ones that mycomicshop and the other grading compyany used to use to ship books in. They are about 2" longer than a slab with just enough room for some bubblewrap along the long side. This will get you possibly the lowest priority rate package price. This method is cheap but you're almost asking for a cracked slab and SCS is high with this method. ~ $13 ($10 on ebay) from DC to LA Lastly would be the 1092 inside of a 1095 box in a box method. It works out to be just cheaper than the slightly more secure ComicLink method of shipping which is the slab in a padded envelope placed inside a 17x13x6" box filled with packing peanuts. ~$ 14 ($12 on ebay) from DC to LA You can also check for Regional Rate Box B options which used to be cheaper than the box in a box method to certain (close by) zones. However, the downside is those boxes are too small to fit another 1092 box into so you're going to have to make sure you pad it extra good. OR just factor in the $20 shipping and handling into your price and offer free shipping.
  4. Price cut. May be the last one, not sure, haven't decided yet. Price is now $5050. Way cheaper than what's available on ebay especially with taxes factored in.
  5. Almost the same for the early Ditkos as well but totally for Romita. I have to skip over a lot of the romance and drama when reading to the kids. Too much of Betty Brant pining for Peter and being jealous of the attention Liz was giving him. Peter's banter is also so dated I'm having to explain what a lot of the 60's slang and quips he uses mean to the kids. Back when I read each word of dialog out loud in character to the kids with pauses for inflection and tone it took me over 45 minutes to get through the whole comic cover to cover and I was exhausted. Now they're either asleep or disinterested by the time I get to the centerfold so I have to skip and jump only to the cool superhero parts. I'm afraid my kids at ages 8 and 6 are now too mature for goofy dialog in those comics but too young to understand the romance parts. So I'll probably have to just pause until their older and see if they want to read them for themselves when they're older.
  6. Price cut further. Price is now $5100 for this copy. Lowest price for a white pager vs ebay as of today Jan 2nd.
  7. I've been warned and will comply. I'm not trying to spam here just trying to follow the rules so please do let me know if anything on here is wrong or needs to be changed and I will comply as well as my price drops. I was planning on dropping the price up to 2x a week bumping each time until it sells or I get tired of updating it. However I've received clarification from the mods that I bumped that last thread 6 times without an actual price reduction or useful information to which I disagree (it was 3x). Though price updates are excluded from the 3 bumps total rule, the spirit and intent of the rule is to prevent long-lived sales threads from taking up front page real estate even with legitimate updates to pricing. As such I won't be able to continue as planned and will instead drop the price periodically but only bump 3 more times before the thread is no longer editable or considered to be totally dead. 1 High Grade Spidey for sale. Another price reduction. ASM #129 CGC 9.6 W pages. 1st Appearance of the Punisher. Asking $6000 $5000 shipped. Cheaper than anything on ebay! PM's and offers welcome. First in thread or in PM with time stamp trumps all ongoing PMs. Paypal preferred but I will accept checks or money orders. Shipping will be via priority fully insured very safe/secure packaging. Returns accepted within 14 days of receipt of package if no damage to case or comic not caused by shipping. Thank you for looking. Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 9.6 WHITE PAGES. 1st Appearance of the Punisher. $5,000 shipped. PM's and offers welcome. Beautiful colors, deep reds and yellows.
  8. Not that they it'll be difficult to follow that last one. They could have at least recast the main characters from 40 year old virgin or from hot tub time machine as the ghostbusters and it would be 10x better than that last remake. At least with teenagers they are trying to restart a franchise.
  9. How inconvenient and horribly timed that both GPA and CGC's servers were offline and undergoing maintenance during the CLINK auction last night. Couldn't lookup cert info or get pricing info. could you both have planned an even less convenient time?
  10. Dena, Thank you very much for your reply and addressing my concerns and for monitoring this thread.