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  1. justafan

    Some kind of a new record for Marvel Super-Heroes #13

    I don't get it either. there were at least 2 people that were willing to spend at least 30k for it. I'm guessing it's a couple of people for whom $30k is like $30, $300, or $3k for the rest of us; easily disposable for the right collectible. I just hope it wasn't some investor looking to flip or cash it in a few years. And if you are the owner of the 9.8 but are a collector whose focus is Captain Marvel would you really let it go? if you are confident prices will fall in the future you could sell now and maybe net $50k and then try to buy it back once the movies are done but risk it falling into the hands of another collector who will never part with it.
  2. I'm just waiting it out. wanted to upgrade my ASM 13 but kept putting it off since I couldn't find a copy in the grade I wanted. finally decided to focus on it and 2 months later mysterio is announced as the villian in the next movie. the good part was copies came out of the woodwork. the bad news is the prices shot up 5x what they were. I'll wait until the hysteria dies down and just focus on other books. glad I got my ASM 101 in 9.8 a few years back for what I thought was a ridiculous amount $3k. seeing it go for over $14k in the clink auction makes me feel better and almost makes me want to sell it and try to buy it back in a few years.
  3. justafan

    finally the return of the run collector

    had me until you mentioned dealers cracking open slabs...
  4. just saw the full trailer at the theater last week. It reveals soundwave, shockwave, and starscream all G1 style original forms and what appears to be a holographic of a G1 style Optimus! I'm so excited now I really hope this one does well and does it justice unlike all those crappy Michael Bay movies. I would love this to head in the direction of a conflict with Unicorn in 3-4 movies!
  5. 2010 - 2011 Marvel ends Newsstand distribution to all but Barnes & Nobles and Books-a-Million (as cited by David Gabriel, Marvel VP Sales) AUG 2011 Newsstands are at ~ 1% of market extrapolated ASM 664 VF/NM $25 (none on ebay and none sold in last 3-6 months) Sadly it's my only copy in the 600's but a pretty late one too. That's it folks.
  6. JUL - NOV 2008 Newsstands are at ~ 1.75% of market ASM 558 VF- $17 (none listed on ebay and none sold in last 3-6 months) maybe no one likes this issue in newsstand either. ASM 572 VF $18 (only 1 newsstand out of 32 Directs on ebay for sale from Mile High for $30 in VG) almost half the price for nearly 3x the condition.
  7. AUG - OCT 2007 Newsstands are at ~ 2.25% of market ASM 541 VF+ $18 ASM 544 FN-  $11
  8. FEB - DEC 2006 Newsstands are at ~ 2.75% of market ASM 527 FN+ $12 ASM 532 FN- $10 ASM 537 FN/VF $13
  9. MAR - DEC 2005 Newsstands are at ~ 3.25% of market ASM 516 VF- $15 ASM 519 NM- $19 ASM 523 NM- $19 ASM 525 VF/NM $18
  10. ASM 507 COPY A FN- $8 COPY B VF/NM $17
  11. ASM 504 COPY A VF/NM $17 COPY B NM $21