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  1. The competing bidder that missed out on it in 2007 was the only other person willing to go that high in 2011? Or maybe just so much other better OA that auction to spend money on? or maybe post 2008 crash tempered bidding in those auctions?
  2. Thank you. I was pretty surprised it survived that long in an old comic bag with no backboard. I was leaning towards the same conclusion; these must have followed similar test markets as the price variants. Just curious but with all the different data points in the New England area on your map was there a reason you focused on the New London, CT store? Did you have additional information about that store that it was more likely to have a copy than others? I am surprised so few have surfaced but of those that have most don't have the sticker. I guess most kids just removed it early on. I see the yellow is more common but are there other colors as well? I see a white one but could it just have been faded. For some reason in my notes I have a green sticker listed as one of the versions but perhaps I'm mistaken.
  3. @joeypost what would you do with this one? Have you ever worked on one of these or comics with stickers on the cover in general? Do you just use a tacking iron for the rest of the book or do you have a method of doing a full humidity/heat press without affecting the sticker area? I'm imagining you with a custom pressing machine lid with a portion cut out to allow for just these such stickers or signature inks. LOL! Or does the heat/press not have an effect on the sticker and cover integrity? Just looking to see if it's worth risking having it pressed or not.
  4. Add another one to your tracking list. I just picked this one from a collection. The OO said he bought it along with most of his comics back when he was going to school in Indiana. Some of the books still had a sticker from the store that was there at the time called New Concept in Lafayette, IN. After reading through this thread I see that this would align with your map pin in Indiana. Amazingly this one still has the yellow sticker attached and with no signs of being removed. I am considering having it graded but wondering if having it professionally pressed would be safe to do if they can do so without causing damage to the sticker. Does CGC take points off the grade for the presence of the sticker? So far I've only seen 1 graded copy with the sticker which is the 3.5 in this thread but it also appears to have cover detachment issues. Don't get me wrong, I won't even considering trying to have the sticker removed. Graded or not I love my copy and will probably be buried with it. Been looking for an affordable one since I found out about it 7 years ago!
  5. Are ebay final value fees on comics still 10% or does it fall under the 12% for books?
  6. Agreed, but my main point was not doing the 30-day returns was the whole reason I lost and stopped pursuing Top Rated Seller status along with the discounts. As Lightning55 explains below. Ultimately the way I justified dropping my status was that unlike Lightning55, my annual sales were less than $5000 a year so the FVF discount loss only impacted me by less than roughly around $450 which would have been the equivalent of returns shenanigans on 1 or 2 of my bigger sales but the potential ceiling for such issues was unlimited. As a hedge against risk I just accepted the loss of Top Rated Seller status (after all the only way I got there before was by my previous methods). I basically just adjusted my pricing by rolling the FVF into the price of the item and any shipping. Sales dropped on some items but I adjusted to selling higher margin higher demand items. I've been using other venues for selling the lower margin stuff. Interestingly another way it did impact me was in my buying. As a buyer I used to buy more liberally on ebay and request less returns with some items (damage in shipping or hidden defects) since I felt I could always turn around and resell to recoup funds if I found a better copy. But as ebay has gradually put the squeeze on other sellers, I've found that paying higher prices made it harder for me to recoup anything from those bad purchases and those books just sat. Hence, I've become far more picky with my purchases and more prone to return items I'm not 100% satisfied with. So my buying has also dropped considerably.
  7. Same here. I wonder if they are mainly targeting the big sellers on ebay that dont already subscribe to an eBay shop. I saw the email last year informing of this but nothing since. I used to be a top rated seller until a couple years ago. I leisurely list only about 50-100 items a month and only average about 5 sales a month averaging $250. Its more of an obligatory hobby at this point. As a buyer I did notice when the direct cc payment became an option earlier this year and accidentally paid that way 2x before realizing it was set to the default. I now have to consciously choose paypal as the option. I prefer using paypal as a buyer for the enhanced buyer protections that may have been watered down recently, though. As a seller I never minded the 1 business day turnaround as I always strove for same day shipping since thats what i would want from a seller even going so far as to drive the extra 3 miles to drop it off at the main post office to ensure it gets processed quickly and limit the damage risk from the number of hands touching it. I was also fine with 14 day returns as I sometimes wait up to a week after a package arrives to open it (now more than ever due to covid). The move to 30 day returns and free returns is what did kill it for me despite only having 2 returns in the last 10 years for legit reasons, I was mostly worried about the abuse of this policy by buyers. So I've not been a top rated seller by new ebay standards for 2 years. I noticed the drop off in sales slightly which weren't huge to begin with. I just adjusted my pricing and listing strategies and things have been picking back up.
  8. Lol, just looking at the bid history, it jumped nearly 30k in the last few min of bidding. Looked like 2-3 people threw out 40k, 50k, and 60k+ bids in the final seconds.
  9. That wasn't the ASM Annual #1 cgc 9.8 white 1st sinister six that sold for over $60k was it?
  10. As a buyer I'm fine with this and happy to spend the time inspecting clear photos listed as I will take more clear photos over a subjective grade any day. Sadly more often than not they are doctored or angled so that the glare hides the defect. I always assume a defect exists under glare or areas where the photo is cut off and make bids/offers accordingly. Especially if the seller ignores requests for additional photos or posts photos no better than the original ones. My $10 offer on a seller's $30 comic isn't a lowball, its just an assumption of a major defect where the glare, cropped, or blurred photo is. But none of this matters when the seller ships the comics without a backboard loosely between flimsy cardboard in a bubble mailer or plain envelope. The comic that arrives is almost never in the same condition than when it departed with major corner bends/creases. So back it goes.
  11. I often do the opposite as a buyer. Me: offers low ball $15 for a $40 item Seller: counters with $30 Me: counter with $35 Seller: Accepted and Sold
  12. @comicdonna I felt sick reading about your experience. So glad you guys made it out and recovered. What was the cause of your fire?Did you have co2 or smoke detectors in your house at the time and did they go off but just weren't heard by you or did they fail? All ya'll cali folks need to move to a more environmentally stable part of the country if you're going to collect the good stuff. Or just always have an evacuation plan. Hindsight is 20/20 so here's my evac tips both your family and your comics with comics being last. 1. Invest in good quality smoke and co detectors (don't just buy the cheapest option available but no need to buy the most expensive) and test/check the batteries regularly. They make combo units but i prefer to buy the individual co2 and smoke detectors. Put both types on all floors and near your bedrooms. Get them linked and monitored to your security system if possible. 1b. Keep a fire extinguisher on each floor and check it annually. Replace each after their expiration. 2. Buy flood and water detectors. Put them in ur comic room, near your sump pump, or any problem areas and have them linked or monitored as well. 3. Always have and practice an evac plan for you and your family. Make sure your kids practice what to do if they can't reach you or wake you. Always show them alternate routes out of your house. Make sure they know not to try wondering around looking for their favorite toy to save. 4. Have go-bags for each member of the family, stash 3 changes of clothes, prescriptions, a credit card and passport and at least $100 cash per family member. 5. For your comics, have an emergency evac plan and kit. If you already strore them in cgc boxes its a matter of picking the ones to save first. If you have them displayed, buy the boxes for them to put them into for quick grab and go. Either way I would set aside a specific box or case that you can carry with one hand (has a handle or backpack straps) for only your top 10-15 most valuable or irreplaceable CGC comics or 30-50 raw comics or OA. This is where your ultra mega keys action 1, af15, 667 dell'otto, Gerber rare, single highest graded, 9.9 or 10s, or McFarlane and Ditko OA covers will go. (watch The Accountant with Ben Affleck to see how it should be done.) Why only 15 cgc or 50 raw? Cause thats the most you can probably safely carry keeping a hand free and not be off balance while running the inferno gauntlet. But if its that bad by then you're best off just saving your life. But do make sure you have at least 2 evac routs from your comic room. 6. Label your boxes with a large simple code in the event you actually have the luxury of time to grab multiples of boxes to grab in the order of the books you would save next. I like the idea of a box of drek labeled expensive but it may be equally good to obfuscate where your actual prized comics are by putting them in something or somewhere that isn't related to comics but still hidden. 7. Insure your collectibles. This should probably step 5 but that only restores the monetary value. What are your comic evac tips
  13. They just need to phase out the requirement for all USPS employee retirement to be fully funded and put that money back into optimizing collection and distribution. I often wonder how UPS and FEDEX would be doing if USPS wasn't tethered to that requirement.
  14. It is likely just new company policy. Every single UPS package I've had delivered since COVID ranging from $10 to $2500 with signature confirmation has just been left at the door with a doorbell ring and them quickly running off to their truck. Fortunately im home all the time now to receive it. Sadly, this may be emboldening porch theives aware of this policy. But yeah the sig conf is pretty much moot for UPS and possibly USPS though I can't speak from experience on the receiving end from USPS. I wonder how PayPal and eBay are treating package not delivered cases even though you, as a seller, pay for sig conf which protects you against package not delivered claims.
  15. I would fill this thread with books because I have stalked all the books that I own and stalk all the books I'm looking to buy for months and years...even modern raws. At any given time I'm stalking like 70-100 books. Sometimes I pull the trigger when the timing and conditions are right and other times its forced. Am I stalking your books...I could be. -justafan (aka thebookstalker)