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  1. Interesting. I like Sig Series books, and that's part of the reason why I wish there was a 'signature-only' option instead of having to have it graded too. I wouldn't have to worry about accidents or wonder whether it's 'really' the grade it says if I get a a damp or beat-to-death box in the mail. But I'm a natural worrier.
  2. I've had similar thoughts concerning card and comic grading. If an high-grade item has a rough trip through the mail, can it pick up more flaws that it didn't have as of grading? Technically, is your 9.8 now really a 9.2 or such?
  3. Ebay is really lucky another big-name, general-merch auction competitor hasn't come along to smash them with lower fees and better service.
  4. About the best way I can describe it, which obviously isn't very good. I see slabs with either a whitish, straight-ish line running along the sides or even a messy, melted-glue kind of thing. They run in between the inside edge and the book itself. Is it normal for that stuff to be there and can that it get on or damage the book inside the slab? As always, thank you and I appreciate your continued assistance. (Try these for examples. Hopefully the pics will still be viewable when the auctions end). DD 77 DD 7 dd 43
  5. I wonder how long it'll take for the card scandal to really hit card (and stock) prices hard. If it ever will. May never find out exactly how many cards are affected. I also wonder if the virus will spread to my other hobbies...
  6. I buy my mystery comic boxes from China. The mystery is figuring out whether the box is real or counterfeit.
  7. Wondering about these two ebay sellers. Anyone have any good/bad deals with them? Thanks much for any input.
  8. Is game grading more accurate/knowledgable than say, card grading? Are they good at judging whether a seal is original or repro? I haven't really followed it, so I don't know. Sports card grading (PSA mostly) is currently in the midst of a scandal. Large numbers of high-dollar trimmed and chemically-altered cards in high-grade slabs. The total percentage of affected cards may be low compared to their totals, but it's still ugly. I wonder if game grading will, in the long run, end up more like pretty reliable ol' CGC or pathetic PSA.
  9. I'm sure it will. I'm sure there were some old comic guys in the 70s who were frustrated at huge crowds and skyrocketing prices in the 80s. Same with card collectors of the 30s-70s being slapped in the face by the crazy 80s. I don't even go to cons anymore, one reason being the dang movie-hyped crowds. Maybe I oughta go hide in the book or stamp world. I hear it's nice and quiet there.
  10. I didn't say video games were a fad. I was saying that I was hoping video game collecting would turn out to be a fad. Which it won't, but sometimes wishing is all you got.
  11. I'm an older collector who is honestly frustrated this has caught on. Just prices me out even further. Keep hoping the fad will burn itself out, but I doubt it. Should have bought everything up back in my early days of collecting, so I could sit back and not be irritated at it catching on. Every hobby I take up, people eventually find out and trample in. I guess I'm just selfish and anti-social. Oh well.
  12. Obviously incorrect. All real Supes 1 CGC SS are signed by Siegel and Shuster.
  13. Interesting. Makes me think of 80s baseball card variants. Yellow letters, black trim. White letters, gray trim, so on.
  14. Astonish Saw this book out there and was curious about it. Is that upper left corner indicative of damage or is that something that just occurs over time?
  15. Picked this up from comic-warehouse. Hasn't got here yet though. Hopefully the slab's okay. Figure I'll add some more Sig Series signatures to it. marvelff