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  1. Picked this up from comic-warehouse. Hasn't got here yet though. Hopefully the slab's okay. Figure I'll add some more Sig Series signatures to it. marvelff
  2. Hi Myst, say for example the left edge starting around the big 'A' and going down some.
  3. So, was it very busy this year? Edit- stupid question, it's still going on...
  4. Hope I can be pardoned for yet another noob question. Own this book, but was wondering about the left edge, for example. It has a weird gluey look all along the edges. Try zooming for better view. I'm a lousy judge of these things. Thanks for your continued patience as an old comic kid gets up to speed with this 21st century grading stuff. And yeah, it is a pretty-low grade example. Should have stuck this in Newbie I guess. Link
  5. Eh,I don't have a decent photo editor. Best I could do. Just bored and mildly curious.
  6. Was looking at a particular slab (it'll probably be over by the time anyone looks at it, but that's fine. Was wondering if anyone had ever come across that sort of 'gooey' look (say the top left front corner edge of slab). Not a valuable book and it's a solid seller, so I'm sure it's fine, just wondering if it's normal or if anyone had run into that before. Thanks as always for your patience CGCers. Link
  7. That's an issue I've been wondering about. Would we get to where we don't know what paper is new or old, or (particularly) whether an action figure is real or not? It's already getting that way with bootleg figures from around the world. And fake cards, like the Star basketball fakes. Just thinking, maybe it's stupid. edit-Maybe I've said all this before; I don't recall. When you have little to contribute, you tend to repeat yourself...
  8. The open sky, as I don't have one. However, my grandpa's attic has 49 Action 1 reprints, 978 Tec 27 reprints, and 1 real copy of last week's newspaper, all of which he collected growing up. He really does. Yeah.
  9. I have to wonder how many qualified graders/staffers there are out there. Is it even possible to start and maintain a grader that's equivalent to CGC?
  10. Thanks people. I thought (and I don't think well ) I had heard that it was the amount it would be worth after grading, which creates a problem for me as I the reason I send books to the grader is for them to be graded. So I pregrade the grader's grades? And it's especially not fun when I have like a dozen of the same book to send in. So three on this tier, four on that... 30-something years and I still don't want to mess with grading raw. Blechh.
  11. Was going to send in a batch of books. Nothing fancy, so they should normally go in on the low tier. The annoying part for me is the declared value stuff. Should this number be based off raw value or what you expect the book to be valued at after grading? Thanks much CGCers.
  12. Stuff like this is why the Armor Wars were fought.
  13. Voldy was sold? That's how much I've been paying attention to goings-on lately. I hear Kirby is moving over to DC, too.