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  1. How about the original painting! 21” x 30” (Oil on canvas)
  2. The real difference is the mile high’s started right from the very beginning with all the key books, the Yakima’s basically started with the main bulk of the group late 1938 and up, which Certainly is far from the most significant era of the pulps, as any pulp collector knows. Michael Naimen really has no idea about pulps, he was in the comic field And I knew him well when I was buying golden age. He probably had this article Sent to him, I suspect for promotion. Don’t get me wrong I really like the Yakima’s, And I have about 60 of them in my collection, but they were really hyped for the purpose of making a lot of money and taking advantage of comic guys who wanted to jump into the pulp field for speculation. At some point I will when I have time explain the background of the Strasser collection! I have explained it on these forms before but I can’t remember where.
  3. Prices in the Yakimas’s were ridiculous as some of them are only FN and fine/very fine. Someone recently asked me if the Yakima collection was like the mile high collection and I smiled and said NO, that would definitely be the Strasser collection (and I’m someone that has 40 shadows from the Yakima collection).
  4. I have always used super-gold Mylite 2’s, with gold full backs. It’s just personal preference but I find that super-gold full-backs are a little too snug on the overhangs, that’s why I use super-gold bags with gold size backing boards. For extra protection I’ll put this inside a magazine mylar with a magazine backing board which I cut down a bit in width so it’s not too tight.
  5. Only about half the books I picked up at Pulp Fest, plus three more Strasser Astonishing’s.
  6. Yes, but take it with a grain of salt same thing happened with the McLaughlin auction, then prices dropped back to reality (especially the planets and other 40s Sci-fi Yakima’s).
  7. This Spicy has the words “The Batman” on the cover, that is it . It is no harder to find than any other Spicy, matter of fact I have found it one of the more common issues (I have owned 3 hi grade copies and 2 mid grade copies). It has a good cover, but there are many others that have covers as good as this one. Again, for whatever reason, people see the word “The Batman” and it certainly peaks their enthusiasm toward the book. You can find hi grade copies between $2000-$4000, but once again people probably not familiar with pulps get lured in and pay double the price because the value seems low compared to comics.
  8. I think some of these went high (for their actual grade). Key pulps were going to go high because of all the hype in this auction, there’s just no way they weren’t going to. The Spicy mystery Batman issue is not a rare book. I’ve had three high-grade copies and 2 mid grade copies. Obviously you had a couple guys (probably comic guys) where that price seemed cheap compared to Comics, but realistically people that know the market, know that that was about double the high-end value. A Sharp copy of that should go between $3500-$5000. The real head shaker were the Yakima planets. Comic guys are paying crazy money because they’re from the Yakima collection, not because those books are rare. Anyway it’s good for Glynn, and I am happy for him that they realized the numbers that they did. Dwight
  9. SHOWOFF...LOL!! Seriously .... if anyone is working for great pulps, I would highly recommend you visit Todd’s eBay store or Pulpfest, because he has a lot a rare pulps, graded accurately, and priced very fairly.
  10. No Never came out of Virginia at all Not even close to that area
  11. Someone on the boards here inadvertently asked me about this collection at Windy City pulp and paper show , but I just can’t remember who it was! ??????! Dwight
  12. A few more things from the collection. 13/15 of the following pulps came from the collection except for the “Tropical Take” and the “Firefighter” cover which were just traded with items from this collection! A couple of them have issues here and there but all have nice white paper and bright colourful glossy covers!
  13. Randall I think he picked up books from multiple collections. I’ll post a few more things.
  14. As Todd knows, I picked up a large collection of nearly 800 pulps. In this collection were a group of Weird Tales that were so incredible that they looked like they were reprints. I have over 200 books from the Strasser collection and over 100 Yakima’s, plus a number of killer File Copies, and these books are as nice as the upper 1% of the nicest of those pedigrees, and Nicer!! Believe me I love the Strasser’s and Yakima’s, but this group of weird tales are pushing to another level. The inks still look wet on the cover like they were just printed! Pictures don’t do them justice as the whites on the logo are blazing white, no matter what I couldn’t get the pics to show the whiteness with my limited photography skills...LOL!
  15. As we chatted about last night Todd, those are two great books. The colour strike condition on them is phenomenal!
  16. Canadian editions that reprint the exact US covers but it just a few months later, are fairly easy to find. The tougher ones to find are the Canadian editions that were put out in around 1941 and later and later and may be a spin off of the US covers, but they have Canadian artists; or they have Canadian artists and their own cover completely. Here are a couple of uncanny tales that I kept for myself from the collection that I just purchased, and a rare Erie Tales one-shot from 1941. The 4th image, the Uncanny from January 1942, I will sell. All are magazine size (A little larger than a pulp, closet to bedsheet size) except for the Eerie Tails which is a little wider in size.
  17. Absolutely I personally think the Pulp market especially the weird tales, horror stories, Terror tales, dime mystery, Dime detective, spicy’s, Wu fang, Yen Sin, Dr. death, And about a dozen other titles, etc. ... along with any other type of graphic covers like that, are going to explode. They have 100 times more eye appeal than any precede horror book with their killer painted covers, And 10 to 20% of the price, therefore I can really see that market shooting up quickly. Talking to a lot of auction houses they are starting to see overwhelming demands for these type of a pulps in nice shape. And NO to the goofy suggestion that they will slab them because you could never slab Pulps without completely destroying the overhangs, no matter how you try it. Now ones that are factory trimmed especially in the 40s or the amazing stories bedsheets etc. then you could probably do it I already put pictures of the Wu Fangs up A few days back so I won’t bother putting them up again A friend of mine just bought s group sharp pulps with absolutely killer covers, But I’ll let him post those for himself at a later date LOL!