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  1. I am the user. But I'm selling it under a different username.
  2. It's absolutely legit. 2 Questions: 1. What can I do to prove to anyone that might be worried that it's not a legit comic and a legit seller? 2. Would it have sold for $10K+ if people weren't worried about a first time high dollar comic seller?
  3. Got it. I shouldn't sell it on my account because I don't have a history of selling comics. Should I just go ahead and sell it on someone else's account? Can I sell it on yours?
  4. It's true. I never have seen anything like it before.
  5. PS. You're supposed to tag with relevant keywords it so that it's easy to find. Not too many people go to eBay to search specifically for an X-Men #1 Double Cover.
  6. I get it. I may have hyped it up a bit. At least I got people interested in it - and look, you're still following and sharing/promoting it. It is still a very, very rare comic. How many double cover X-Men #1's do you really think are out there?
  7. Here's the coolest double cover I've ever seen:
  8. X-Men #1 with a double cover - pretty sweet. Rarest in the world?
  9. Hey guys, I came across this video about an X-Men #1 comic that has a double cover misprint. I never seen anything like this: