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  1. I tend to only sell slabbed books as attempting to sell raw books with always upset someone who disagrees with the grade you estimate. That being said, I sell maybe 20-30 books a year but they tend to be high value (high 3 figures/low 4 figures) and have yet to have any issues with either eBay themselves or sellers. The fees suck unless but unless you are willing to do business through Paypal's F&F with potential strangers and therefore comes with inherent risks, you're always going to pay something. That being said, if you are willing to put in the effort and establish yourself and build a reputation among the comic book community, platforms like these forums, facebook marketplace, or instagram allows you to bypass eBay fees.
  2. So I recently came into possession of an Ultimate Fallout 4 (1st Print) as part a collection and am hoping to submit to CGC. However, when I took it out of the bag and board to inspect, the comic itself was sealed within another plastic bag. As this is definitely a candidate for 9.8, I'm hesitant to attempt to open the packaging myself. If I sent it to CGC/CCS as is, will they open up the plastic wrap or is it something that I am going to have to do ahead of time?
  3. Can you also get it pressed in addition to utilizing this service?
  4. Ive had good experiences and bad experiences. I no longer trust CCS with anything thats high value that's less than a 7.0 as I have personally had two of my mid-grade books come back with popped staples. They are just so busy that being extra delicate can be lost in the process.
  5. I looked and looked and I think its right on the center black line right next to Spidey's elbow (4th panel). it looks like there is a slight color break. But ya it took me forever to find and thats while holding it in my hands under a bright light.
  6. So the gamble paid off BIG TIME. 9.0 baby!!! Couldn't be happier. Oddly enough, the grader notes still show them seeing a very light crease in the center of the front cover that breaks color that I still can't find. But all in all, a fantastic, albeit terrifying experience. Thank you guys for all the feedback. I'm sure I would not have taken the risk without so many reaffirming opinions. Them taking two months for an Express order, on the other hand, definitely not so fantastic haha.
  7. Looks like everything is working now. I am able to see my submissions.
  8. The prescreening I am referring to is with regards to CCS and their pressing services in determining whether a book is worth pressing or not. I apologize for the confusion. In my situation, I sent CCS/CGC an already graded book in the hopes that a pressing would increase the grade. I opted for the pre-screening service from CCS so that if its not worth pressing, its probably not worth regrading. Im still waiting to hear from CCS so I was curious as to what medium if contact do they typically use just in case Ive been missing them.
  9. Mostly what I mean is how does CGC or CCS typically contact you for a go/no go confirmation on whether to proceed with the grading/pressing once they've screened your books? Do they typically email you, call you, or just put it on you submission tracking page?
  10. Submitted one book, EXPRESS pre-screen and press: Delivered 6/27 "Recieved" 7/10 Just checked STILL in Recieving... What a joke.
  11. As someone who owns an 8.5 #9, I personally would not trade it for even a #33, even at a 9.8.
  12. Express grade and press: Delivered 6/27/19 "Recieved" 7/10/19 Here it is 7/17/19 and its STILL "Recieved"... Supposed to be 15 business days total. At this point, I would not be surprised if two months is on the table. What a joke.
  13. I get that its Con season and turn around times are longer but CGC also knows its Con season so TATs should at least somewhat reflect that and they aren't. I submitted an Express tier press and grade (total 15 business days according to website) almost a month ago and its still in the "Recieved" stage. It took them almost two weeks just to enter into their system. I know this is sounding more like nothing but a rant but I am genuinely curious as to whether others are experiencing this same level of delay? 220 bucks to get my book back seemingly 2-3 months later is unacceptable in my opinion.
  14. Its definitely a gamble but with a ridiculously huge payoff if it pays off. A 0.5 increase from an 8.0 to an 8.5 on an ASM #4 translate to around a $3500 increase on value. I definitely think it hits at least an 8.5. Before I sent it in I did a side-by-side comparison with some of my graded 9.0s and this copy looked better than nearly all of them.
  15. Welp. I sent it in to be pressed and regraded. Wish me luck. I will update when I get it back.
  16. Airboy Comics #v3 #4 CGC 7.5 (Currently second highest graded in census. Super rare book) $250
  17. So this is my first attempt at selling on this forum so please be gentle if I miss anything. I've been selling comic books on eBay for several years now under username "waldo1232". I have 100% positive feedback there. First unconditional wins the books. I will try to answer PMs and offers as soon as possible. Initially, I am only shipping within the U.S. and will ship via USPS Medium Flat Rate box with Insurance and will be included in the price of the book. Accepted Payment will be PayPal G&S (I am unfortunately not able to do timed payments). Payment expected within 3 days unless a prior arrangement is made. Returns will only be allowed under extreme circumstances. Please no probation or Hall of Shame users Here is the master list with pictures to follow: Amazing Spider-man #5 CGC 5.0 OW/W $700 Amazing Spider-man #7 CGC 4.0 OW/W $325 Superman #39 CGC 4.5 OW/W $250 Iron Man #55 CGC 7.5 OW/W $725 Airboy Comics #v3 #4 CGC 7.5 OW/W $250 Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 7.0 White $175 Captain America #110 CGC 8.5 White $175
  18. Ugh if only you had posted 24 hours earlier haha. I just spent all my disposable money on an X-men #1 this morning but those ASMs and AFs looks so darn sexy.
  19. They are the notes associated with the cgc number and book but you never know if thats accurate. I agree, even holding in my hands under a bright light I couldnt see any of the dents or creases through the slab that they mention. I can kinda make out some slight denting/creasing near the spine like it had been stacked vertically prior to grading so a pressing would get rid of that. But other than that I cant find any of the other flaws.