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  1. Listed a couple new books today!
  2. Thanks! Probably my four favorite issues from that run. I have the other 4 Collector's Editions of the four Supermen in 9.8 as well, but my wife is starting to drop some not so subtle hints about taking up space with my display(s).
  3. I recently scored AOS #505 Collector's Edition CGC 9.6 on eBay, which is the highest grade I've seen "in the wild". The census has had 1 solitary 9.8 out there for YEARS now. Whoever has it likely knows that's 1 of a kind. No pics of it anywhere either.
  4. Anyone have a copy of Superman #80 CGC 9.8 they wouldn't mind selling? Cover below. Been looking for a while now with no luck...
  5. New eBay auctions are now up for the following... Superman #74 CGC 9.8 - Doomsday! Superman #81 CGC 9.8 - Black Suit! Action Comics #687 CGC 9.8 - Die-Cut Collector's Edition Adventures of Superman #505 CGC 9.6 - Collector's Edition (RARE High Grade)
  6. Still looking! Gotta be one out there.
  7. Action Comics #687 CGC 9.8 - Collector's Edition Superman #74 CGC 9.8 - Doomsday! Adventures of Superman #505 CGC 9.6 - Collector's Edition (Rare High Grade!)
  8. PM me if you have one graded 9.8 that you can part with...Thanks!
  9. Looking for this in a 9.8 grade. PM if you have one you can part with! Offering $85.00 shipped, which I believe to be a fair price for this book. Photo below for reference...
  10. Super rare to find this issue in a high grade due the Halo-grafx cover. Listing below...
  11. Looking to pay $80.00 for this one.PM me if you have one you can part with! Cover below for reference...
  12. Link to eBay listing...