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  1. Yes! Nabbed it as soon as I saw it. Thought for sure I’d be on the hunt for a while, but lo and behold! 💥
  2. Finally got my hands on this one! While not a "collector's edition" it's still one of my favorite covers from this run. Currently on the hunt for Action Comics #692 CGC 9.8, if y'all can keep your eyes open for me.
  3. These four books probably mean the most to me, personally, from my collection. While certainly not the most “valuable” selections from the Death/Return catalog, they’re the ones closest to my heart as a collector. I was a bit late to the party, and discovered the Death of Superman story through the TPB. I still remember walking past my local comic shop on the way to piano lessons and seeing it displayed in the front window in February of 1993. Superman, covered in blood, with a sobbing Lois Lane cradling him. What could have done this?! I had to know and promptly picked it up the fo
  4. Auction includes BOTH of the following books... Superman #75 SS CGC 9.8 - Dan Jurgens Signed Adventures of Superman #500 SS CGC 9.8 - Jerry Ordway & Tom Grummett Signed
  5. I was able to get AOS 500 CE at Toys 'R' Us in 1993, so yes, DC distributors sure cast a wide net with these collector's editions. Ah, the good ole' days.
  6. I also have mine displayed with Superman #82...I'm still basking in the glow! I was 8 in 1993, and I still remember seeing Superman #82 CE on the comic rack of my local drug store (Osco) stopping me in my tracks and desperately explaining to my mom why I NEEDED to have it. LOL
  7. Well there's another one accounted for! It is pretty funny. We've all been waiting YEARS for a 9.8 of this book, and now they're falling from the sky. At least they're pricing them appropriately based on the scarcity. It would hurt to see this one priced around $100, similarly to Superman #82 CE.
  8. Haha, I was shocked too! It's a high print number book and a pivotal part of the "Return" storyline. Crazy that it's taken this long for that many to appear on the census, and I'm sure it wasn't for lack of submissions. Those other 3 must have just appeared recently. Based on the prices I've seen, people are well aware how rare a 9.8 is for this book.