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  1. the Netflix show will increase the price on Sabrina comics?
  2. this box are plastic safe for comics??? (heat, acids, gas, smelly plastic, etc can damage paper!) they claims that are acid free but I just see normal pvc plastic, plastic is not good for comics.
  3. But again, which tape or stickers WON'T leave residues after remove it? all removable tapes that I use leaves residues on the sleeve.
  4. No problem I do my best learning english by myself. Reading comics helps!
  5. that leaves residues if you remove the tape, maybe people that use normal tape is people that store the comic in the bag forever and never read the comic, I need tape or something that can be easy removable without leaves residues.
  6. I buy that tape and I don't like it, why? leaves glue residues on the bag, I'm looking a tape or sticky that can be remove it without leave glue residues.
  7. meh!!!... who cares! my native language is NOT english, I bet you got my point and understand me, make fun of me is unnecessary.
  8. to everybody to call direct to EGerber to order, YOU GIVE THE CREDIT CARD NUMBER to that guys? very risky! or how you sent the money? even they don't have paypal, his site is old, no way to place orders, pay online etc. I can't believe that they ever think made a real ecommerce, it's 2018!!!
  9. no offenses but I just see a plastic box... they say Acid Free bla bla, yeah ! right , a lot companies claims things like that "Archival Quality" and is not true, I just see a plastic box and even worse due looks like plastic with color like the plastic used to make cheap trash bins. Maybe yes the sizes specially for comics and stackable is nice but the problem to me is the material, I don't see any archival quality there.
  10. about your cons: 1. yes well takes a little more room but by example those brand "really useful box" as you see in the pics is not too much, actually I like the extra space on the sides! of that way the comic not touch the sides of the box. 2. I think that I understand you, I think that "sliding" is because the floor is plastic, I think if you add a cardboard pad on the bottom not happens again due the cardboard on the bottom avoid the sliding, like a cardboard box. 3. "off-gasing from the plastic does to the books. I assume since the books are in archival grade bags that helps
  11. add 100 gram of silica gel inside the box to prevent moisture. take care with add to much silica, silica can down the humidity too much an freeze the paper.
  12. Maybe I can find an answer here: There's any problem with storage comics in the REALLY USEFUL BOXES? instead cardboard boxes? 19 XL it seems the right size http://www.reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/usa/html/onlineshop/rub/b19_0litreXL.php really useful boxes are strong and squared and doubt that I have problem with water but in an accident can prevent water damages. anyone use plastics cases and no cardboard boxes? also cardboard cases can get insects and possible damage, you know is just cardboard. not my pic but helps:
  13. Gaylord stuff is freaking expensive! I even more expensive for custom sizes. Maybe just museums can pay his prices.
  14. anyone has tried this box: http://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/7981/archival-comic-storage-box-11-x-7-34-x-8font-colorredbr-holds-up-to-80-comicsfont-colorbrblue-gray-corrugated-cardboard
  15. Actually is BETTER store a comic between TWO real acid free FullBacks like a sandwich and store that in a real paper conservation envelope/folder, yes! all storage between papers! not plastic. Again yes you can't see the cover but that's the real way to preserve paper and avoid damage for years, like posters, book collectors do, after all remember comics are MADE OF PAPER!!! are the same thing than posters, photos, books etc.