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  1. Here's a couple of Heades I don't think I've posted, apologies if I have. I'm going to have to break down a get a new scanner.
  2. It's a great Heade cover. I have not seen a British equivalent that many of the Archer Book series have.
  3. Popular Library in the 200's (back into the 100's a bit and extending into the lower 300's) is in it's sweet spot with Belarksi and Bergey. Then the color palette darkens and its just not quite as awesome to me.
  4. With paperbacks I usually go with the "looks pretty good" scale.
  5. I don't think so. They were about $200 25 years ago, if not more. More will pop up so just wait for a price you like.
  6. Definitely an inexpensive hobby. I'd agree top tier, even though photo covers are not for me, but NN Good Earth I would rank first, imo
  7. Still no scanner, so here are another 2 that were in photobucket. I remember going through the Warren guide and hitting the page with a b&w picture of The Girl from Tiger Bay. Prioritizing British paperbacks hit immediately.
  8. Definitely not a money sport. I think someone could have all the paperbacks from The Warren guide forward for less than a 3.0 AF 15. And while condition is important, it's not 0.2 important.
  9. The most I've paid for a paperback in 30 years is $350, so it's been a cost effective hobby. Most American paperbacks can be found, especially the bigger publishers. There are exceptions of course (Dell crosswords 1 and 2), but most can be had eventually in some condition. The British, Australian, and to some extent Canadian are a lot harder to find in any shape.