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  1. Definitely not a money sport. I think someone could have all the paperbacks from The Warren guide forward for less than a 3.0 AF 15. And while condition is important, it's not 0.2 important.
  2. The most I've paid for a paperback in 30 years is $350, so it's been a cost effective hobby. Most American paperbacks can be found, especially the bigger publishers. There are exceptions of course (Dell crosswords 1 and 2), but most can be had eventually in some condition. The British, Australian, and to some extent Canadian are a lot harder to find in any shape.
  3. So, I have no working scanner, but this picture was already in photobucket. The top of the pyramid in my collection. Heade cover from 1954. Appears to be the only copy around, as 54 was when most of the pulp publishers got out before the law came for them.
  4. All paperbacks are welcome (and hardbacks if they don't get snooty).
  5. My Ace 1. Really nice shape with no creases on spine. $30 way back when.