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  1. Sweet early Dells The old PB's can get a little expensive at dealer retail, but there is still so much opportunity out there if you stay patient. It is a great thrill to unbox a nice 40's book for $5-20 True enough. However, dealers now don't compare to prices pre-internet with the paper auctions. I feel like prices went down after ebay.
  2. And Homicide Hotel is definitely the winner, but a very nice group overall.
  3. I greatly prefer that most paperbacks have no ultra complex grade/rarity 4th dimension algorithm. It's truly a poor man's collectible, and I hope it stays that way. Early Dells
  4. Apologies for the u-turn back to dust jackets, but here is my copy of Go Down To Glory.
  5. Correct. You are now Initiate Rank 2. Your fez is in the mail.
  6. Filled in a Popular Library hole, courtesy of Dreamhaven books