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  1. All paperbacks are welcome (and hardbacks if they don't get snooty).
  2. My Ace 1. Really nice shape with no creases on spine. $30 way back when.
  3. Paperbacks just seem too limited to me, and I say this as someone, who, as a kid, pretty much skipped comics in favor of sci-fi/fantasy novels. But I can see the "fullness" of comic collecting, versus a scattershot in paperbacks. Cover art in most genres has been gone for 30 years at least. Hardbacks generally are the first prints, or just digital. There are relatively few long running characters. I just don't see it.
  4. IMO, I wouldn't think that too many paperback collectors would be interested in the added costs of slabbing, which would probably be higher than the value of at least 80% of the books themselves.
  5. I'm quite happy with paperbacks and, to some extent, pulps, being ignored. In 25 years the most I've spent on a single book is $350 and I've liked it that way.
  6. A recommendation, if I may. I like collecting American vintage paperbacks, but British ones are my true collecting passion. My favorite Artist is Reginald Heade. Another collector/publisher has put out book of his art that is as comprehensive as probably possible. I was able to contribute some of the pictures to his endeavor.