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  1. A recommendation, if I may. I like collecting American vintage paperbacks, but British ones are my true collecting passion. My favorite Artist is Reginald Heade. Another collector/publisher has put out book of his art that is as comprehensive as probably possible. I was able to contribute some of the pictures to his endeavor.
  2. popular library from late 100s to early 300s Belarski and Bergey domination
  3. At some point in the run Handi changed to the square bound "normal" style paperback. Here's one I have in the stapled format.
  4. Finally added a Harlequin Brass Monkey to pair with the Handi-book.
  5. Sorry. I meant my best find in a used book store, back in pre-internet days.
  6. to gauge what they're worth? We might make fun of Overstreet now as being antiquated, buyt for decades it has provided a frame of reference for comic collectors. For a long time If something was $20 in there I knew i wouldn't be paying more than that unless I knew it had suddenly got really hot. Since I started collecting paperbacks in 1990, the most I've ever paid is $354.