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  1. I have comics like uncanny X-men 169, 152 amongst others. They are newsstand editions? Are they worth more in general direct editions? if so by how much as a rule of thumb. Thanks in advance
  2. No, I am in all of my senses, I was responding to guardian comics question....."What is the book in question?" I was using the boards knowledge and experience to draw information on and determine what my outcome may look like. Thanks for pointing out that I looked like I was talking to myself.
  3. Well, I pulled the trigger and consigned my 3.5 (all 3 sides trimmed) With HA for the upcoming auction. It was a 3.0 with some color touch..... sent it back it to remove the color touch and behold, Now they pick up trimming? The guys at HA said I should still do well. I just want closure and move the money into a blue label in the near future. Any idea how much % difference from a blue label I might see?
  4. I sent cgc a message asking them how noting trimmed in the notes and label was missed when originally graded.
  5. I will call them 1st thing tuesday, Thank you for the advice
  6. I purchased the book in an online auction from Heritage auction 3 years ago slabbed 3.0SA small color touch to cover in graders notes. I held the book then decided to resell through HA, The staff at HA thought it might be worth it to have the color touch removed so I let them send it to cgc for resto removal...This was around December. Now I received a call from HA saying CGC removed the color touch but picked up that the book was trimmed and they missed that detail when the book was originally graded and slabbed prior to me winning it at auction. When I won it, It was slabbed. I received it and stored it since taking it out only to admire it from time to time. Is this a better description on what happened?
  7. I know, He said I should still see a nice return but I was baffled by them Missing something like that. I thought they were more to details
  8. Need advice, I purchased an AF=15 3.0SA 3 years ago from HA I resent the book in December 2018 to re=auction. The staff at HA thought removing the color touch might be worth doing and come back a 2.5 or a 2.0 blue label. I just received notice that the book PQ is 3,5 but the guys at cgc say the book was trimmed and it was missed the 1st time it was graded. Is this really possible? Now I have a 3.5 purple label with trimmed listed. Where do I go from here. I will list Photo's
  9. Hello everyone, I purchased a AF-15 3years ago from Heritage auction. It was a 3.0SA with a little color touch listed on the cover. I recently sent it back to HA to resell, I was told it might be a 2.5 or a 2.0 blue label. after about 2 months I received a call telling me the color touch was removed but the grader detected trimmed. Is this possible to have a grader miss trimmed the 1st time it was graded?. It came back a 3.5SA because the page quality. I will post pictures of the book, any insight is appreciated.
  10. Anyone know about the market on a book like this. I posted it on eBay and have 33 watchers. Did I goof up by listing it in an auction too low? I started it at 50.00 and it’s at 148.00. Just trying to learn the ropes... thanks in advance
  12. I believe it went for 5300.00.... here is the link