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  1. Thanx guys but I already packed the book up and I am mailing it back to seller tomorrow but appreciate all the help. I have 60 pages and the evidence seems overwhelmingly 68 pages. I just wasn't sure because this title has eratic page counts.
  2. I just got a Supersnipe comics V2 #1 the one with the muscle man on the cover and missing from the Gerber and before I counted the pages, I always thought it was suppose to have 60 pages and I found out that Supersnipe comics page count is all over the place with different issues. When I looked this issue up on, it said it is suppose to have 68 pages but my issue doesn't appear to be missing any pages. Please tell me who is right.
  3. That is awesome Robot Man!!! That is my first time seeing one! Thanx for posting I specialize in rare comics so seeing these books is a real treat!!
  4. Thanx guys!! I can't believe it!! That is the first unslabbed copy of superman workbook I have ever seen. I don't know why everyone slabs them. Thanx Dr. Love, I thought it was a giant from the cover price. I have never seen one for sale ever!! Buttock, I can guess easily guess what the Puzzle fun has inside but what is inside Black out? Isn't Black out the most difficult of the comics corporation booklets to find?
  5. These are mostly comics I have never even seen a picture before. If you have them, please post a pic. Thanx. Puzzle Fun (centaur) Salerno Carnival of comics Superman workbook (For some reason I only see slabbed copies. Does anyone have a raw copy?) All Comics (Chicago nite) Black.Out (centaur) Someone showed a copy on here once but I have never seen one for sale. Diary secrets No number 25c giant Mickey Malone Treasure comics 324 pages (I have only seen this in the Gerber and no where else)
  6. This is the full magazine with the rejected cover to the first issue. As you know the first issue has a star wars cover. This is probably a one of a kind.
  7. This is probably my last huge one this year. This is silver age but rarer than a hen's root canal!!
  8. Well I guess I am like a woman, I don't want a cubic zirconia engagement ring, I want the diamond ring.
  9. It appears that Ebay has been inundated with these incomplete comics and I am sick of it!!! And why do they put a fake cover on a comic and call it coverless? If you put a rebuilt engine in a car, you don't call it engineless. The whole thing is ridiculous. It seems like that half of the golden age on Ebay have fake covers. Bring back the complete comics please!!!!!
  10. This is a 1968 4 page giveaway of a very early black superhero getting people to vote during the Vietnam War. It is exceedingly rare. This is the only one I have ever seen and all I do is collect rare comics.