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  1. So what’s it going to take to get DC to officially declare which issue is BMWL’s 1st appearance...
  2. I asked CGC what was up with them not recognizing ANY issue as a first appearance and this is what they said...
  3. What’s the thoughts on Dark Nights Metal #2 Mattina with BMWL on the cover? It’s the “first appearance” with him on the cover but it’s also a 3rd print which definitely came after TT12. Noticed this 9.8 with CGC not designating the issue as 1st appearance yet.
  4. Wow! Really wish I had insane money like that to throw down for this one... good luck with sale Poliler I’m sure someone’s going to pull the trigger.
  5. I’d get X-23 #1 signed but I’d die if I lost the 9.8 grade. Not worth the gamble IMO
  6. Great options, I was thinking the Harley Quinn 1 “Pink” Variant as well
  7. Question: If you could get any 2 Dell’otto variants signed which would they be? And... let’s say you had those in CGC 9.8s would you take the chance of cracking the slabs and getting a lower grade or go with different variants?
  8. Got this Mattina cover in 9.8 with the color error (only 42 exist) and the regular virgin copy to see the difference. Definitely an awesome cover and rare, not sure if it’ll ever get recognized by CGC as error though...
  9. Dang this sounds fun... I’ll have to get on this next Christmas for sure
  10. Wow some really nice additions posted here for 2017! Got a few myself that I have been wanting for a while now. Only wish my ASM 300 was 9.8 ? Also thought I’d share my top 3 favorite blank comics that I got slabbed this year... Super stoked to meet McFarlane to sign the Wolverine copy!
  11. Thanks. Yeah I agree. Wish I could get those 3 you listed! I don’t get the signatures sometimes like Stan Lee on everything. Love Stan but I only get issues signed that he contributed to and/or characters he created like this one I got awhile back.
  12. Actually it’s a Rahzzah Cover... no clue who that is wonder why?!
  13. This is one of the worst covers I have ever seen... ?