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  1. America’s Best. Thanks Robbie! For remaining books, take15% off (one-time discount).
  2. Romantic love 21 (two on census, this one is highest) $650
  3. “Take it” trumps PM. USA priority flat shipping $15 for any number of slabs. Canada $25 first slab, overseas $38 first slab. PayPal. Payment due within 5 days of receiving invoice. No returns on 3rd party books. These 5 books were purchased raw a number of years ago, were slabbed only fairly recently, and now are seeing light of day again.
  4. “Take it” trumps PM. USA priority shipping $15. Canada $25, overseas $38. PayPal, check or MO. No returns on 3rd party books. One book, Rangers 21 CGC 6.5 white pages. $1285.
  5. Last one - FPS 2 CGC 4.0 $1400 Gerber-8, only 5 unrestored