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  1. Arguably the nice looking 2.5 that sold for $410k I believe, presents better than this book.
  2. The labels do carry a market perception beyond the notes though. Married cover or something like Trimming is a “scarlet letter” that will affect the market perception of the Conserved label.
  3. If I am remembering correctly there was a thread a while back about how CGC was grading IGB books again.
  4. As a collector who has favored Conserved books in the past, this would seems a worrying trend to me.
  5. If I am remembering correctly, I believe I was told it was not IGB when I purchased it
  6. I consigned an extensively restored GA mega-key to this auction. It hammered for 45% of what I had paid for it in 2017 (I purchased it via CC). ...Yes, a 55% loss. Perhaps Extended Restoration has continued to its fall out of favor in the past two years, but even so, I was pretty shocked. I would definitely not consign in a December auction, again.
  7. I believe that usually, the item owner doesn’t even know that this option is “on”.
  8. Yeah, I wasn’t too impressed with that one, but I appreciate that it got published.
  9. Well, I started the thread in 2017, and in the past two years the hobby has been on fire 🔥... I think the list of “most valuable GGA books” is due for a 2019-2020 update, if anyone is willing. FWIW, I liked Rick’s methodology of estimating the value of a 6.0 book, since some of the titles are more or less available in super high grade.
  10. I’m sure it has been mentioned somewhere in the thread.. but are there any Matt Baker books worth buying, which feature a lot of his cover art? I’m not looking for a TPB for a single title, but more a book that covers a lot of his cover art in different genres. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  11. I didn't think the prices were "soft", but they were "reasonable", at least on the books I tracked. Wouldn't be a bad thing for the hobby, anyway, if there were a mild correction. There continue to be escalating prices on books where I don't even understand what the appeal is - but it doesn't mean the appeal isn't there. Actually it's a good thing for the hobby to not be so tied to spandex-wearing superheroes. I say that as someone heavily invested into DC Golden Age! Very happy with these two lots. I guess I'm all about the front cover these days. But I'm starting to go over to the dark side, and crack open the cases on my "cheaper" books... jungle genre and so forth...