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  1. Hello, all. One book for now. I picked this up on the boards about a year ago. But as the shop is growing, I can begin to loosen my grip on some keys. This is a beautiful book with great colors and white cover/pages. The case is in great condition with no cracks or structural issues. These are the specifics: PayPal only for this item. No returns on graded items. 1st gets it if buying the comic in whole. Shipping is included and will be via Priority with signature confirmation. I will consider partial cash/trades on this item and am looking more for decent mid-size raw key books. So the options are: $3200 Shipped OR At least $2000 with $1500 in trade items. Feel free to PM offers. I had success with these options with my FF 48 a few months ago, so I'm willing to do so again.
  2. Still considering offers on the GSX #1 for the rest of the day if people want to get hold of me.
  3. Giant-Size X-Men #1 CGC 7.5 ow/white pages $1875 Had this up a few weeks ago at a higher price. This is actually a bit lower than what I paid for it. Case is new and in great shape. Shipping included with this one. Might consider a payment offer of at least half plus trade.
  4. Our Fighting Forces #24 GD/VG $18 Complete, staples attached throughout. Bit of the old musty smell. Long horizonal crease and general wear. Solid reader for the early DC war books.
  5. Tales of the Unexpected #43 GD/GD+ $45 Hard to find DC 10 center. Presents far better and has a great grey tone cover. But somebody used a two-hole punch through the entire book. Complete and attached otherwise. Better than average reader.
  6. With each week, the shop is getting more organized and I've been able to set aside some stuff specifically for online sales. This thread will be all raw books, mostly lower to mid grade, with some stuff better. The usual" 1st gets it over PM Returns on raw books only if initiated within 1 week from receiving books PayPal only for the moment unless you have previously used other payment methods. A flat $5.99 for U.S. shipping no matter how many books you buy. Will ship to Canada at cost. Current handling time is 3-4 business days. Enjoy the thread. There's some interesting books in here.
  7. The Eternals #1 CGC 9.4 White Pages $260 Shipped Picked this up on the boards months back. Has some stupid CGC case color waves or whatever you call them but the case is otherwise new and in great shape. The comic is sharp.
  8. Incredible Hulk #271 CGC 9.0 White Pages $120 Shipped Updated with new price. I wouldn't resubmit. There's a very small corner chip that makes it a 9.0. I bought this slabbed and never noticed. Beautiful book otherwise. A few light scratches on the case but the case is in otherwise very good condition. Much whiter in person than in photos.
  9. All-Star Western #10 CGC 7.5 $330 Shipped Old case has loose label. Otherwise case is in fine condition. I think this could cracked open, pressed and resubmitted. Recent sale of $400, so this is down quite a bit.