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  1. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    I'll do one last price drop on Captain Atom #1 while I'm trying to decide if I'm going to post more. But let's offer the Captain Atom for $80 shipped
  2. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    I'd still be willing to do $100 on the Captain Atom #1 if someone wanted it.
  3. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Holy , Rick just bought a GA book from me! This is a selling milestone! Thank you. Winner!
  4. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Price Drop! Planet Comics #42 (VG/FN) Now $200 shipped Captain Atom #1 (VF) Now $125 shipped Or because I want to move stuff, I'll do $300 shipped for both
  5. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Thank you! Winner!
  6. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Thank you! Winner
  7. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    A few more tomorrow...
  8. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Captain Atom #1 (5x7) 1950 (VF- to VF) $145 NOW $80 shipped I've marked this a nice chunk below guide because it's an oddity for sure. But it's an oddity in very nice shape. Has small indents on back cover that keep this from being in the 9.0 range. Don't know if pressing would help. Has a manufacturing ink splash on the red lettering. Otherwise, very sharp with sharp corners, excellent spine. Strong staples. Very nice book for someone collecting the small comics.
  9. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Crime SuspenStories #18 (VG+ to VG/FN) $75 Another sharp one, color-wise. Staples are attached but the bottom one is slightly retreating in the centerfold area. Has a very faint vertical subscription crease. Enough to break color but faint enough where you have to look for it. Otherwise, this is a nice one.
  10. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Crime SuspenStories #13 (FN to FN+) $110 Very nice copy of this that I'm tempted to grade higher, but will hold off on. Beautiful color. Excellent spine. Staples firmly attached throughout. Since I picked up a few keys in this series, I'm letting this one go.
  11. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Planet Comics #42 (VG/FN) $225 Shipped NOW $200 Has one small tear/blunted corner in the bottom left. Small 1/4 inch tear on the bottom back cover. Staples are firmly attached. Very sharp spine otherwise. Nice color. Very nice book.
  12. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC

    Moving away from some current collecting interests, upgrading some others. As a result, have a handful of golden age (and maybe some silver age) that need to go. Rundown of particulars: - Always welcome PMs but first gets it. - Shipping is included in price for U.S. Canada at cost. If you're in a different country from Canada, PM me to see if shipping is a feasible option. - We ship in sturdy, Hot Flips mailers with extra padding. Anything over $50 in value is shipped Priority. Otherwise, we ship first class. Let's try to get these books some good homes.