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  1. Uncanny X-Men #96 (FN-) $18 There is a diagonal corner crease on the upper right that is hard to see but definitely breaks color. Otherwise, a nice, bright book.
  2. Batman #155 (VG) $50 1st Silver Age Penguin. An underrated book. Would be in the VG+ to VG/FN range but there is paper loss and a small chip on the upper right, where I'm guessing someone pulled either tape or a sticker. Staples are attached. Spine is solid.
  3. Valor #1 (VG/FN) $33 Solid mid-grade EC book. Staples firmly attached at cover and centerfold. Some of the wear is pressable.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #95 (FN+) $17 Very light spine roll and some scuffing in top left corner. Very bright and glossy.
  5. Ghost Rider #5 (VF-) $12 Really sharp, bright book, but has a very small chip on the top of the spine with a bit of paper loss. Excellent otherwise.
  6. Ghost Rider #3 (VF) $15 Nice white cover. Has a little scuffing around a mechanical crease on the back. Nice and bright. Solid spine and staples.
  7. Giant Size Super-Stars #1 (VF) $15 Very sharp copy. Spine isn't warped, but the cover is a slight mis-wrap. Very bright colors. Nice book.
  8. Apologies for the late start. Had some errands and a Syracuse basketball game. Will start again in the next 20-30 minutes.
  9. Amazing Spider-Man #71 (VG) $10 Above average complete reader. Subscription crease across the book. Centerfold loose at one staple. Solid and complete.
  10. Batman #245 (VG+) $10 Presents more in the 5.0/5.5 range but there is a tear inside the book near the spine of the centerfold page. It doesn't effect the story.
  11. Amazing Spider-Man #67 (VG) $15 Has some non color breaking indents and waves that could press out. Some creases on outer edges of the book. Spine and staples are firm.
  12. Star Spangled War Stories #135 (FN+) $25 Great Russ Heath dinosaur cover. A little bit of color breaking area near the spine, but this is a nice, solid, mid-grade book that presents better.
  13. Amazing Spider-Man #89 (VF-) $35 I am tempted to make it a full VF. It's close. But those tiny chips on the edge of the back cover is enough for me to knock it down a bit. Very sharp book otherwise.