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  1. Updated: These books are still available. Take 10% off any of the remaining books or 20% if you have already picked up another comic on this thread. Detective Comics #365 VG ish $8 Master of Kung-Fu #17 FN $10 Logan's Run #6 FN $10 Tales of Suspense #65 & #66 VG- & GD/VG $35 Fantastic Four #75 FN- $20 Millie the Model Giant Size Annual #3 VG $10 I will return with more books tomorrow. But, again, these remaining books from the first 2 days are discounted.
  2. You had me at garbage plate!! I lived in Rochester for 3 years and am originally from Oswego! Obviously, Nick Tahou is the original but I ate at Gitsi’s more when it was still around.
  3. Millie the Model Giant Size Annual #3 VG $10 From 1964. Don't see this one very often. Has spine stress and foxing but is solid and complete.
  4. Fantastic Four #75 FN- $20 Silver Surfer and Galactus cover. Some scuffing on front cover and a good amount of scuffs on back cover.
  5. Tales of Suspense #65 (VG-) and #66 (GD+ to GD/VG) $35 for the pair 1st Silver Age Red Skull. They look better than they actually are. #65 has a one inch spine tear at the top and a few chips on the edges. But the staples are attached all the way. #66 is torn in the middle of the spine for about two inches, making the cover detached at the top staple. Centerfold is attached at both. Basically, they present better but the spine tears keep them down. The last photo is the back of #65. The pics got jumbled.
  6. Wow, that's nuts. I don't think I have it in me to storm chase. But this is the week. There've been 70+ tornadoes in Oklahoma in two days.
  7. Machine Man #1 VF+ $10 Might make a 9.0. Mis-stapled by manufacturer. Has both but they're out in the book a bit. Staples attached all the way through. A couple of non-color breaking indents on the spine.
  8. Giant Size Spider-Man #4 VG-ish $10 Diagonal creases on cover. Small tear on back cover near the edge. But overall solid book and one of my favorite early Punisher comics.
  9. Thank you. So far, Stillwater has had some flooding in some areas. Mainly it's all the surrounding towns that are getting hit hard. No one can really travel very far.
  10. Master of Kung-Fu #17 FN $10 1st of the title change, 3rd Shang-Chi, 1st Blackjack Tarr. Solid mid-grade book.
  11. Amazing Spider-Man #88 VG $10 Spine roll and some light soiling on back cover are the main culprits. Solid book with staples attached throughout.
  12. Moon Knight #1 (1980) VF/NM $10 Sharp book overall with a few small spine indents. Maybe can be pressed out.