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  1. Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 8.5 Off-white to White Pages $260 Also under GPA.
  2. Fantastic Four #67 CGC 7.0 White Pages $280 A little less than 90 day GPA. Very nice book.
  3. Fantastic Four #49 CGC 4.5 Off-White Pages $450 A little bit less than the 90-day sale.
  4. We have some slabs from a recent collection that we're looking to move. I figured I'd start here first. I may add some raw books later. The per usual: First gets it over PM Shipping is $9.99 for any number of slabs. Shipping only in the U.S. right now. No returns on slabs. Raw book returns must be initiated within 1 week of receiving them. Only accepting PayPal at the moment Listing in a few minutes...
  5. Hello, I am currently looking for a Detective Comics #100 and a Wonder Woman #100 as a gift for my comic mentor who is trying to collect all #100 issues of all major titles. Preferred raw without restoration, but will consider graded. Fairly wide range of grades. Would like a 4.0 at least and up to the 7-7.5 range. Thank you!
  6. Let’s move that Astonishing. Let’s make it $170 shipped?
  7. Going to stick with these three for now. Feel free to contact me with questions. If there's some movement on this thread, I might add some raw books.
  8. Astonishing #12 CGC 3.5 Off-White to White Pages $200 Shipped According to GPA, a 3.5 sold in 2015. A 4.5 sold for $300 last year. This price feels right.
  9. Sorry for that. I took the year off from teaching, so I think I was forcing my 10 cent words.
  10. Web of Mystery #1 CGC 3.0 Off-white to White Pages $360 Shipped No recent sales in 3.0. a 3.5 sold last year for $510, but a 4.0 sold for $400 at the same time. This price seems right for a hard to find book.
  11. Tales to Astonish #27 CGC 3.0 Off-White to White Pages $1600 Shipped Bought this off the boards from one of the more ubiquitous sellers. A little lower than what I paid as recent sales have dipped a bit on GPA. Case is in excellent condition. Presents beautifully for a 3.0
  12. Hello, all. Hope everyone is safe and well. I had to close my shop for this week because I had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for COVID. I got tested, came back fine, but decided I needed to follow out a quarantine and then clean my shop. To make up for the lack of sales, I figured I'd post a few books. The rules: First gets it over anything else PayPal Only No refunds on slabs Currently shipping only in the U.S. but PM me to see if we can work something out Shipping is included in the slab prices. Raw books are $5.99 for unlimited books (if I post any raw) Two main books coming up...
  13. I'll claim the Indians book, thank you!
  14. FF #8 has been sold via PM. So this round is closed and invoices will be sent. Hopefully, I'll have another thread by the weekend.
  15. Two books left for this round... let's try another price drop... Fantastic Four #8 Was $210 NOW $200 Fantastic Four #20 Was $65 NOW $55 OR have both for $245
  16. Justice League of America #6 VG- $65 Solid book with the chip at the spine but otherwise decent. Staples attached throughout.
  17. Some price cuts first: Fantastic Four #20 Now $65 Fantastic Four #8 Now $210 Hero for Hire #1 Now $65 Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1 Now $55