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  1. Just looked through FF 3, 4, and 5. No mention of the Hulk in 3 and 4, but Johnny Storm is reading a great new comic mag at the beginning of FF 5 which is Hulk 1. This is 2 months after Hulk 1 though.
  2. I wonder if it’s in one the western titles, or maybe a Millie the Model issue.
  3. TOS 33 has a picture of the Hulk hanging on the wall, but this is after IH 1. OPG list it as first crossover cameo.
  4. This "World of" book was purchased at the Hero Con by my wife. She doesn't collect the title, but liked the cover art.
  5. Maybe its a reversible belt and he just started wearing it differently …
  6. A few more books picked up at Hero Con
  7. More of my haul from Hero Con.