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  1. And issues 1 to 82 aren’t bad to collect either
  2. For some reason, I have always believed the start of the Bronze Age began with the release of Conan #1. I remember my brother trading his Hulk 2 for some early Conan books back in the early 70’s, and that title being really hyped at the time. In retrospect, he was crazy.
  3. Since we are showing some of these ...
  4. I only have the group shot with SA 10 and 11 (also Ditko covers).
  5. I’m partial to the cover on Space Adventure 12 (obviously).
  6. Ah, I knew you would have a nicer copy. I grew up believing Rro only had 2 fingers on his left hand.
  7. How about this Ditko cover, maybe someone can post a picture of a nicer looking copy than my beater ...