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  1. That is the second print variant. The cover I sent in for grading was the first print. If the first print is a no-go then that cover you listed is probably no-go as well.
  2. I’m glad my experience was able to help someone else 👍
  3. I don't know but 50 cents each seems pretty fair to me!
  4. Yeah that is the second printing of #1. The original printing variant isnt nearly that bad.
  5. I didnt think they would have an issue since they say "impartial third party grading" but then I found this on thier site under terms and service. I'm totallt fine with the explanation customer service gave me. - 6. A Company has the right in its sole discretion to reject any items submitted for Services (including, without limitation, items that are not suitable for grading because they are worn, fragile, or brittle). Because even items that are ultimately rejected must still be received, tracked and examined, fees for Services may not be refunded for such rejected items *edit *They gave it a grade or "0" I hope they dont charge me a grading fee. I didnt even think to ask that on the phone.
  6. Was it the #1 2nd print? The one with 4 people and a giant pentagram on the cover? That's the one that is out of control.
  7. Have you seen the Faithless #1 2nd print erotica cover? its WAY worse! haha
  8. I recently sent in a stack of comics for grading. I got a notification today that the copy of Faithless #1 Erotica Variant I sent in would not be graded. The message just read DO NOT ENCAPSULATE - FINALIZED I called customer service to get a better explanation, the guy I spoke to was very nice and helpful. He said that the reason is CGC refuses to grade and encapsulate that comic due to it being "too vulgar" I was told that to avoid situations like this, in the future, call and verify that an erotic cover would be graded or not. Just an FYI if anyone plans to send one in. Thanks.
  9. Yup, same for me. I seen no invoices and was like WAIT! WHAT?!?
  10. Do you have a link to the Hotflips bags that you use for the new thicker style cases?
  11. Do these have a flap to close in the slab and is it a snug or loose fit? Also, these fit the new style thicker slabs?
  12. How tight do these fit? I have old style slabs in bags that fit snug and you can hardly tell they are in bags. I want to bag the newer slab style but want a snug fitting bag.