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  1. The piece is currently listed on eBay and ends tomorrow. There are several bids and a ton of watchers, so bid early and high, don’t let this one pass you by!
  2. Nice large (14"x17" artboard) sketch of Natalia from Blacksad by creator Juanjo Guarnido, $300. Guarnido makes few US appearances so don't let this piece pass you by!
  3. Update: I ended up sending the piece (a couple hundred dollar modern art panel page) after all, I made sure the packaging was bulletproof and crossed my fingers. It arrived eleven days ago and today the buyer left positive feedback so everything worked out.
  4. great stuff. I've been meaning to pick up a volume of the IDW Corto Maltese collected editions, can anyone who is a fan recommend which is a good one to start with? I figured it may not be the chronological first or earliest published material. also, has anyone else been having trouble logging onto the CGC forum recenty?
  5. are you sure about that? not that I'm interested in using a phone number but I don't see that info either (unless you meant through eBay, not PayPal?) I get why they did it if PayPal and eBay were one entity but I thought that they cut ties and split into two separate companies a few years ago?
  6. so "preduction" is another Donnelly brothers account? I only knew about valnstevez.aol, do they use any others?
  7. sigh. as I stated in the first sentence of the original post I was aware of this but going through the refund tab no longer works. when you do you see the persons name and ebay ID only, the email is no longer shown. I was asking if there was any OTHER way to find it but I wasn't expecting there to be one.
  8. In the past if someone sent you a paypal payment for an ebay purchase you were able to get their direct email address (I stumbled onto this, by hitting the refund tab you'd see their contact email) but it looks like they removed this 'back door' and it's no longer listed. Am I missing something or is it now impossible to pull a buyers email out of a paypal transaction?
  9. Jay, you sent them original art or comics/collectibles? My piece is worth a couple hundred bucks, not huge bucks but not insignificant.
  10. I'm not sure 'scam' is entirely correct since they seem to do a huge volume of transactions and most seem to be ok and only a small number of sellers have had a problem (i.e. they send back a counterfeit item or better yet an empty box and get issued a refund from paypal, there's a thread on Reddit about it and on other forums). The problem is that they act as a third party shipper overseas but assume zero liability and if there is any problem with the international leg of the delivery they make a claim against you even though you shipped to the US address and fulfilled your obligation. With ebays revamped neutered feedback system sellers can't leave negative feedback for buyers so their perfect feedback record is pretty meaningless since all the sellers they wronged are unable to leave appropriate feedback. I'd rather forfeit the sale than get screwed so I'm cancelling the transaction and issuing a refund. Also, besides all the personal stories people have posted the thing that bothers me is if they were totally legit why would have they use numerous ebay accounts and constantly create new ones?
  11. update, the buyer has paid and the shipping info is a company: Shop Airlines America, Inc, 2501 Santa Fe Ave Suite B Redondo Beach, CA 90278 As noted by Jay this is a company that ships ebay purchases to Japan (https://www.sekaimon.com/). Seems for many people the transactions go ok but a google search finds too many horror stories for me to be comfortable going through with the sale. Has anyone sent art to Shop Airlines America?
  12. I just had a piece of art sell to eBay user us-sal-011 and before receiving payment I got a really odd message that led me to google them where I found forums of people complaining of being scammed so I’m going to cancel the sale. The feedback is perfect but with ebays current feedback system it doesn’t mean much. Anyone have any experiece with them? Message reads: Thank you for accepting our bid, and we hope this message finds you well. Our payment will be completed shortly. Going forward, kindly provide us with a tracking number when available (if you are using a trackable method.) If not, simply notify us when you ship so we know it is on its way. We also ask that you write the 12-digit eBay item number on the package for faster identification upon receipt. Please keep from including anything extra that is not part of the listing. Thank you for your cooperation,
  13. bump. Both Zeck and both Mignola limited/remarqued editions are sold. the following Artist Editions are still available: Mike Mignola Hellboy Artist Edition, regular 1st edition, signed & remarqued with flaming crown (personally obtained) $150 (same price as 2nd print edition) Bill Sienkiewicz Mutants Moonknights & Assassins, signed/numbered edition (#135 of 175) $275 Dave Stevens Rocketeer rare Betty variant cover $240 John Byrne X-Men Artifact Edition $150 Other, sketchbooks: 2008 Stan Sakai Usagi Yojimbo sketchbook #5 signed $25 2009 Travis Charest sketchbook signed with sketch $65 2015 Stan Saka Usagi Yojimbo sketchbook #12 signed $25 2018 Stan Sakai Usagi Yojimbo sketchbook #15 signed with sketch $40 2019 Frank Cho Outrage sketchbook $75
  14. Mike Mignola's Hellboy in Hell & Other Stories Artist Edition remarqued with Hellboy head sketch, one of only 125 copies, price is original cost of $357. You can choose from two different copies/sketches, see below (#54 Hellboy with crown, or #96 larger Hellboy head).