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  1. Jim Davis Garfield Sunday 12-4-94 prelim currently on ebay for $100 which is about half what these typically sell for: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jim-Davis-Garfield-12-4-94-Original-Sunday-Strip-Prelim-Layout-Art/293734518110?hash=item4463f10d5e:g:XvYAAOSwQotfK3ea many more available here: https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=106058
  2. Bump. Two books with mouse sketches have sold, Black Axe book with Crow sketch still available for $125.
  3. For anyone interested in affordable Jim Davis Garfield art please check out the current ComicLink auction that just started where I have two Garfield Sunday prelims listed starting at $1 with no reserve. Art is on 8.5"x11" paper and is done in blue pencil/pencil. Also, I have a bunch of additional prelims available in my CAF here: https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=106058
  4. I have three David Peterson Mouse Guard hard cover books with full figure illustrations inside, $150 each. If interested please email diva_tsarina@yahoo.com
  5. I have just listed a bunch of Jim Davis Garfield Sunday strip preliminary art on eBay. If purchased directly the price would be $175 each, or $150 for two or more. If interested email at diva_tsarina@yahoo.com The art is on 8.5 x 11 paper, and is done in a mix of blue pencil, pencil, and black ink. Each piece also includes a photocopy of the finished art. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=diva_tsarina&isRefine=true&_pgn=1
  6. Nude Linsner Sinful Suzi pinup done in copic markers with penciled Dawn sketch on back, with bonus unpublished xerox Sketchbook of Bruce Timm ‘naughty & nice’ style pinup art, $300.
  7. For sale: Mike Mignola Hellboy Artists Edition, sold out signed limited remarqued original art sketch edition, # 104 of only 125 copies, plus 2 unpublished xerox sketchbooks of Mignola art, $400 + $10 media mail postage. Also available sold out regular 1st edition copy book signed with flaming crown remarque plus 2 unpublished xerox sketchbooks of Mignola art, $175 + $10 media mail postage.
  8. For sale: Bill Sienkiewicz: Mutants and Moon Knights and Assassins Artifact Edition, limited signed/numbered edition, #31 of only 175 copies. This book quickly sold out when released, has one minor corner bump, see photos. $250 + $10 media mail postage.
  9. you're right, I went back and double checked the emails I received from paypal vs logging into my paypal account and checking the transaction summaries there. On the email summary it just notes the credits (i.e. bid value, added postage and added tax but does not note the debits, i.e paypal fee and ebay handled tax). When you log in to your account the full transaction summary shows the tax fee as a deduction handled by ebay. But I don't recall seeing this until very recently, they may have tweaked how they present the info. so nothing to see here...
  10. I just noticed that for the last couple of items I sold on ebay the customers were charged sales tax that was included in my paypal payment (first one was on 11/23/19). I knew ebay started charging sales tax a while ago (I am in NJ) but I thought they handled it, does this mean that sellers now have to deal with keeping track of and reporting this when they file their taxes?
  11. that's what I thought, so I don't get the 'live' portion on the weekly auction. Also, now with all bidding closed I won a lot with my absolute maximum bid (including a + "1 increment protection bid" while my winning high bid when 'internet bidding' closed was significantly lower, seems shady... I am not a frequent HA customer and I have question for the repeat customers: how often do you find your winning bids hitting right at your maximum?
  12. can someone clarify how heritage auctions work? I just noticed that once internet bidding closes there is additional 'live bidding'. so it seems that even if you are the winning bidder when internet bidding ends you can still get outbid, is this at a brick and mortar location or by phone? I'd get this for the big feature auctions but I thought the weekly Sunday Comics, Animation & Art aucitons were online only?
  13. The piece is currently listed on eBay and ends tomorrow. There are several bids and a ton of watchers, so bid early and high, don’t let this one pass you by!
  14. Nice large (14"x17" artboard) sketch of Natalia from Blacksad by creator Juanjo Guarnido, $300. Guarnido makes few US appearances so don't let this piece pass you by!