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  1. I just picked up a Frank Cho sketch done in crayon on a piece of paper tablecloth. I'm told it was done at a gathering of artists at a dinner during a Baltimore comic con. I've seen a similar Adam Hughes piece. Does anyone else have any of these pieces? if so share them. Also, any more info about when these dinners occurred, was it a recurring thing, who typically attended, where was it, etc?
  2. Bump. The Buscema Mephisto sketch closes tomorrow, the Aragones Magnor has sold already.
  3. Currently on ebay, reduced prices here: Mike Zeck regular edition (with limited variant cover) Classic Marvel Stories Artist Edition with personally obtained signature and Captain America sketch $165 Bill Sienkiewicz limited edition Mutants Moon Knights & Assassins Artifact Edition (#55 of 175), $275 (sold out via IDW) Dave Stevens Rocketeer Artists Edition with rare Betty variant cover, $240 (sold out via IDW) check out all my listings below, message me directly for reduced prices if interested in anything. https://www.ebay.com/sch/diva_tsarina/m.html?item=293110020159&hash=item443eb7f83f%3Ag%3A8PAAAOSw~QNc9E2s&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  4. On eBay: Sergio Aragones full figure Magnor sketch from 1994 and John Buscema Mephisto double sided sketch page (plus 100+ pages of copies of unpublished art). Also a bunch of sold out or limited/remarqued Artist Edition books, message me directly for a deal if anything catches your eye. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sergio-Aragones-Magnor-SDCC-sketch-Groo-Mad-Magazine-Marginals-Plop/293113545457?hash=item443eedc2f1:g:ftAAAOSwN5Fc-WG2 https://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Buscema-Mephisto-sketch-Silver-Surfer-villain-120-unpublished-xeroxes/293113558591?hash=item443eedf63f:g:ercAAOSwx2hc-WK-
  5. ending tomorrow on ebay: Mark Schultz Sabretooth tiger sketch done in blue pencil on 9"x12" piece of tracing paper. Check it out here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mark-Schultz-Sabretooth-Tiger-sketch-Xenozoic-Tales-Cadillacs-and-Dinosaurs/293109007284?hash=item443ea883b4:g:ha4AAOSwlJZc8q2L
  6. It is on a small piece of artboard, approximately 5.5"x8".
  7. in the vein of the Mignola thread I thought I'd start one for Tim Sale, here is my latest:
  8. I have listed on ebay a limited edition signed copy (#55 of only 175 copies) of IDW's Bill Sienkiewicz Artifact Edition with a buy it now price of $325 but if you buy it here directly you'll save $45 and price is $280.
  9. for sale: Signed and sketched copy of Travis Charest’s 2009 San Diego Comic Con sketchbook. Book is approximately 8.5”x 5.5”, 36 pages long, full color, signed on inside cover with sketch. $65 Pencil/marker sketch of assassins Mack ‘Clownface’ Delgado and daughter Panda by Brazilian artist Ron Adrian (Ronaldo Adriano) from Jason Pearson’s Body Bags comic. Size of sketch is approximately 8.25”x11.75”. Also included is a super rare signed copy of the preview edition of the Body Bags one shot comic. It is 5.5”x8.5”, is 16 pages long with a 10 page story and 6 pages of additional art and is signed on the cover by Jason Pearson. $50
  10. hi, I have several sold out Artist Edition books for sale: Sergio Aragones: Groo $80 Dave Stevens: Rocketeer (rare Betty variant cover) $240 Bill Sienkiewicz Artifact Edition $170
  11. sketch obtained at MoCCA fest, currently on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sienkiewicz-Mutants-Moon-Knights-Assassins-Artifact-Edition-w-Warlock-Sketch/293039941219?hash=item443a8aa663:g:1fwAAOSwOsdcqqsO
  12. Mike Deodato Elektra art RELISTED WITH REDUCED PRICES hi, if you're interested in Mike Deodato Elektra art check out my eBay listings. If you were one of the many "watchers" on my last auctions take note that the prices have been reduced. Mike Deodato Elektra pages (Note: link works on a computer, for some reason on a phone it takes you to all"Elektra" results, in that case just search for "Mike Deodato pencils Elektra" to find the art.)
  13. Bump! The eBay auctions for the Deodato Elektra art close tonight.
  14. That's odd. from a computer the link works, but on a phone, as noted, link goes to 30k+ "Elektra" results. If you search for "Mike Deodato pencils Elektra" you'll find the art.