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  1. While it’s understandable a lot of you are fired up about Hulk’s chest hair.... I guess one could say Byrne’s X-Men art is my Hulk’s chest hair! That era of X-Men pages always kick an auction’s excitement level up a notch in my book. No, I’m not a player but I do enjoy seeing others chase after em.
  2. I like the game show type of atmosphere Felix creates with these drops. I had sticker shock on the prices, I had a set a price in mind for a mid tier page... I was so under that the asking price made up my mind for me. I would watch for the sidelines. I think obviously they were worth the asking price or they would still be on the site today. I did notice I had to fight the what the heck impulse buy because of the FOMO that these type of drops create. I managed to fight it off, will it be one of those moments I regret down the could be! But today, I have no regrets.. these type of drops are for a high tier collector than I. There is no doubt in my mind this is a special artistic milestone by a hyper talented artist. I think if he can continue to do major projects with this level of polish and creativity his prices will continue on the same upward trajectory... it was a good day to be Tradd Moore!
  3. “Hey I’m 29!” Well, I could had said the oh so many years ago when I bought my first page. When I just did the math, I was actually surprised I was that young when I entered the hobby.
  4. Shame someone got Steve Oliff to color the Hampton Dan Dare. I kid! I have zero exposure to Dan Dare outside of your posts, but every time I see one of these I feel like I need to find out more. The artwork is just stunning. I know John Byrne is a big fan of the book. Keep spreading the Dan Dare goodness!
  5. Hard to beat the Peanuts Sunday... it’s a good one, very funny! I really like the Byrne Black Panther cover, do you know who the inker was?
  6. Gary has a rock solid reputation, no worries when dealing with him.
  7. If he lands 5K for that page, he should just recreate the whole issue himself... just to make stacks of cash. When he finishes Dark Knight Returns his next project should be the Killing Joke recreation! He’s very talented and his work should sell for more, but 5K seems like a major stretch.
  8. “LF Fellow Younger Collectors To Connect With” to quote Ben Kenobi ”we aren’t the collectors you’re looking for” TikToc ... that reminds me I need to wind my pocket watch. What am I doing holding my watch... am I early or late. Hey where’s my meds. Honey there’s a young guy on the steps, says he’s looking for young collectors. Sorry friend, there hadn’t been young collectors since... well since... honey what was I talkin bout... Oh yeah... since we were young collectors
  9. Nice work guys, good for you for using your time wisely... go forth and create.
  10. For the sellers once you back out all the HA fees and pay Uncle Sam his cut of the seller’s profit. It really takes a massive bite out of these big auction numbers.
  11. This thread prompted me to buy the Dragons Lair game for the iPhone. Had a good time playing it. For the investor types on the board it produced a much better ROI, being that I spent $4.99 this time to finish the game. I’m sure it took more like $40 to finish it the first go around in ‘83 (at the Barrel of Fun).
  12. You know the saddest part of the cover alteration was that it was done with little or no artistic care or finesse. Looks like the previous owner used a fork to cut out the velum. I doubt he did a minute of research as to the what was best archival glue to use to attach his shreds of paper to the fine Kubert art. Let this be a cautionary tale.... RESPECT THE ART! I would say the previous owner is an investor/flipper no way could he be an art lover and do this : (
  13. Thanks! For that, I will step aside on any and all Phantom Stranger pages!
  14. Killer page, really enjoy seeing how great Paul Smith drew these characters expressing emotion...masterful! Paul is second to Byrne as my all time favorite X-Men artist. He brought a certain gracefulness to the character’s poses and also to his linework...WOW!
  15. PS I’m glad Burkey shifted his focus away from Wolverine... leaving a bit of Wolvie art for the rest of us... SNIKT!!!