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  1. Outstanding job Scott, what else would you expect tho. You’re inking all the way up to 11!
  2. Very nice KEY addition to your quest. Lots of good story and art on this page, Lee/Williams are hard to beat, CONGRATS!!!
  3. This location seems quite a bit further out from NYC than the previous location... bummer. I don’t get up there often enough so adding more difficulty to getting into the NYC for an walkabout would definitely be a minus for me.
  4. You know with Wolverine’s claws out premium, if I were the artist, I would bribe the writer to have Wolverine inflicted with the dreaded claws out virus. They would be impossible to retract. This would last through the entirety of my run, resolving on the last panel. Where Wolverine claws retract, “Looks like I’m over the claws out virus.. first round is on me, bub.”
  5. Dunno .. I think that may be the Cabal starring down the barrel of the gun at us ; )
  6. True! Isha welcome to the board... I too have been known to be saved by spell check : ) Please don't take offense to our kidding around it is what we do, that and talk about prices soaring, bubbles bursting and oh yeah shilling we always talk about shilling.
  7. Good one Bill, if you ever decide to sell it pm me, I’ll pay you double FMV!!! That Sterinko doesn’t Stinko!
  8. Whew! These days when you see a name in the title of a thread it usually comes with some grim news. LONG LIVE ALBERT!!!
  9. Everyone knows when you’re a babe controlling a flying fanged shad you MUST contort your hands in such a way that you mind meld with the majestic beast. As an added bonus, this contortion just so happens to flex your oily biceps for an out of this world photo op!
  10. Back to the original question... about 4-5 years ago I could see the ship pulling away from the dock on grabbing up a top tier nostalgic piece from the Bronze age. So took a long run across the dock and leapt like Leaping Lanny Poffo ... landed on the ship and grabbed my coveted page. That was my last Bronze age art purchase. So THAT was precisely when the laughter stopped... but thanks to Felix Lu, I do get an occasional snicker : )
  11. Oh yes.. I remember his nursery rhymes quite well...his and Eddie Murphy’s videos were the most quoted entertainment at my high school!
  12. Oh so the joke is on me ; ) I’ll give it a listen... with NSFW headphones on!
  13. Dunno if that is the best title for one’s comedy album!
  14. IDK the I Girls had some good tunes! They’re no Beatles but “Galileo head was on the block” gots a good beat I can dance to... let’s bring back Lilith Fair. Yes I had to google how to spell Galileo. Some folks read comics as kids, I just looked at the purdy pictures.... still paying the price!