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  1. Hey man if anyone is to make a profit off a piece of art I would want it to be the artist, so if Felix prices the pieces somewhat above market value, I'm good with that. There was one piece that fit my budget and had a bit of action in it I swear i jumped on it and hit submit in about 8 seconds... I guess that wasn't fast enough. That said I'm so very happy for Tradd, to be able to reap the rewards from his awesome talents is what it's all about. I want him in this game for decades to come, results like this may help us keep him. Way to go Felix!
  2. For the love of art.. can't we all just get along! Just kidding of course, they can run their show(s) however they want, I'll just pick one and book a flight. As an art fan/collector are these shows a better option than New York Comic Con?
  3. OK collector peers, it's a one day con -Saturday, would anyone plan hang out on Saturday night? I went to a Sunday show and afterwards there were just a few of us left to exchange stories etc... perhaps with the show being Saturday, it might be different. Maybe some deals might even happen after a round or two ; )
  4. Does anyone know when the next NYC or NJ Comic Art Con/Expo is going to be? Hopefully, they can be spaced out a little better this year... I’m itching to look through some portfolios.
  5. What an outstanding auction... it seems like there is 2 auction's worth of material in this one. This one along with HA's Signature auction will test how much PRIME material can be absorbed by our hobby...WOW!
  6. I think if Neal Adams, at his peak, arrived today new on the scene, he wouldn't generate much of a buzz. Artists have been building on the foundation that Neal had laid, he brought an illustrator's eye and skill to the comic book medium and he influenced everyone at the time... John Byrne, Bill Sienkiewicz etc... they expanded out on his style and they influenced others, the newer artists have leveled up on top of that. It seems like the most of the newer generation of collectors might appreciate Neal's work but for the money it cost to buy an Adam's page or a cover they can get many many prime examples from their guys. I appreciate and I am inspired by Neal's art, but I don't think a lot of the younger collectors feel it the way we do, his art wasn't the breath of fresh air to them, as it was to us when we picked up Batman or Ali vs Superman off of the spinner rack. The times they are a changing.
  7. IF this is considered by the high end Neal Adams collectors as his most important Batman cover and Neal Adams is on many collector’s Mount Rushmore of comic book artists.... could this be the one that hits the 1M mark? If not, would any of his covers reach that level? If you mark him off as being able to hit 1M with a cover, would any LIVING comic book artist be able to hit that mark? Miller- DD 181? Byrne- X-Men 137? Byrne- X-Men 141?
  8. Contact the Kirby Museum and Research Center... seems like they would be glad to help with such a project, they have lots of high res scans:
  9. Those are the perfect covers to buy for those of us who are the panel page collectors. We don't want to blow our street cred by buying a big image cover ; )
  10. Pretty simple post your favorite image from your favorite artist. There can be no ties.. there is ONLY ONE favorite image, so just post ONE image. My favorite artist is John Byrne, of all his art, this Wolverine vs Sauron image is my favorite.
  11. That's an added feature that Anthony paid for, not a bug ; )