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  1. OK I knew I was doing something wrong these are under the misc category and they are not yet searchable:|0&Ne=1058&N=52+792+4294943616+1070&ic4=Refine-ComicCategory-102615
  2. Odd, I don't see any of those pieces in the Nov auction (Adams' Batman, Kirby's Silver Surfer, Bolland's Killing Joke) I checked via my computer and mobile.... Could someone post a link?
  3. It's been a while, anything stand out on the list that needs adjusting (upward or downward)?
  4. I agree, when a obvious fake is brought to the group, we should report it, but only if YOU believe it’s a fake.... I just reported it. If eBay won’t police its products, then its on us to protect this hobby.
  5. Robert Dennis did a great job removing watercolor from a slash (not mine) BUT he said in the description that it was VERY labor intensive! Here’s the page:
  6. Gotta love podcast drop day! Listened to it twice already, another great one. From these podcasts, it seems that there are a lot of good guys in the hobby, thanks to Felix for introducing us to them. On that note, this weekend I went down to Fan Expo in Dallas to see my art hero John Byrne. While there I had to the opportunity to chat for quite a while with Albert Moy and to a lesser extent Scott Williams (because of his long lines), both were supper nice and they shared a few fun stories. Add them to Gene Park and Dan Pottick (brief conversations at Comic Art Con NJ 2 years back, brief because of there was SO much art to see) and I have to say all were a treat to talk with and wouldn't have met any of them if it wasn't for Felix... thanks!
  7. That's what I was looking for... THANKS!
  8. Slight drift here... can someone point me to the comic art values thread, where pecking order of art values are roughly stated. I tried to search for it and couldn't find it.
  9. You know, seeing your Kirby Thor page inked by Everett makes me want to see more art from that team, what a nice pairing!
  10. Mike, thanks for sharing your killer collection with the Society of Illustrators, I really enjoyed the youtube video as well. I couldn't get to see the exhibition during my last trip to NYC... you must talk them into extending their hours ; )
  11. Nice one! I've jotted down their favorite artists to collect, now I'm off to the ol' Google search to see what all the fuss is about!
  12. Wasn't the rumor at the time that the X-Men 137 DPS was purchased for a possible Stan Lee Museum? There are 16, mostly vintage, Byrne pieces on the block. That is the most prime pieces that I can remember being offered in one auction... I wonder if most of these originate from one collection?
  13. With this new tax greatly impacting the way people upgrade through trades... would fewer trades mean that there will be more competition for straight cash sells, driving up prices OR will it take the wind out of collectors sails, and the loss of the trading aspect of hobby slow down enthusiasm and drive prices down OR are the future prices unaffected by the trading tax all together?
  14. It's aways good to hear from Gene.. good insight as always! Thanks Felix!!