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  1. How's the museum build coming? Is there a target date for it's opening?
  2. Search Comicartlive on YouTube to check out our Bill Cox’s latest interviews they’re pretty good! Good job Bill!!! now let’s do the crossover to end all crossovers Bill Cox interviews Felix Lu.... when podcasts collide!
  3. Will, Glen and Mike, watch out Bill is churning out great content SANS YOU! Wake up and get on board... the Bill Cox ship waits for no man!
  4. A pretty fair fight - the shirtless hairy guy looks to have a slight edge in the strength department, HOWEVER the other combatant‘s fancy attire seems to suggest he’s done well for himself so he must be cunning and quite intelligent. It’s a classic battle of brains vs brawn. I will go against popular opinion and place my bet on the hairy guy solely because of the classic Obi-Wan “I have the high ground” advantage.
  5. OK now we going to step it up a notch This or That... PEREZ OR BYRNE?!? How’s a collector to choose, it’s like choosing your favorite child, sure you know but you dare not say ; )
  6. Hey guys great job on the art postings there are some really strong pieces!
  7. Who knows maybe I am Eddie Murphy... “Pokey where’s my DARN CIGAR, find it or I’m sending you to the glue factory!”
  8. Nice page! When I think of this period of X-Men, Mohawk Storm is what comes to mind, JR Jr really did a nice job on this page, very attractive drawing of Storm... way to keep the ball rolling. Congrats!!! Just curious when you put these in the portfolio how do you arrange the pages?
  9. G Ape bring plenty of bananas... comic art ain’t cheap!