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  1. Just finished watching Jay... good friends, good stories and good art! The trifecta that makes the hobby great and so much fun! Your Scott Williams X-Men cover is outstanding... now if only we could get him on the title as the regular PENCILER!
  2. Nice I’ll have to tune into this one!
  3. My second positive post goes to one of the OGs of the hobby... Scott Dunbier. This is for two reasons. First, for being a dealer that put a lot of prime artwork in the hands of collectors, among his highlights was bringing a bunch of Watchmen pages over to the US market, back when it was new art. I wonder how many key pages on CAF were at one time sold by Scott, I’m guessing it would be a pretty high number. Anyone who helped puts these Bronze Age beauties in our collections I raise my glass to! I saved the best for last, without Scott we wouldn’t have IDW’s Artist Editions! He was man wh
  4. My goal - stick in the kiddie pool and watch the big kids do Triple Lindies for Mavel Bronze Age covers.
  5. Shout out from THE APE whoop whoop!
  6. Cool artwork! Who’s the artist and what comic is it from?
  7. With a grim 2020 behind us. I thought I would kick the new year off with the THREAD OF POSITIVITY!!! Someone helped you on a deal, bought you a adult beverage at a con, or did a dealer hook you up with a sweet cornerstone piece... give em a shout out! I won’t take all the good ones, but I’ll get the ball rolling with my first positive nugget. How cool is it that we have our own pro that is willing to sit in and add to our conversations about the greatest hobby in the world... collecting original art... SCOTT WILLIAMS THANK YOU! Your great tastes in original art is only ri
  8. Protecting your market sometimes comes into play for particular artists’ runs. Not at all saying it happens here, but they are collectors with deep specific collecting focus that place bids to make sure the floor doesn’t go low, and thus keeping up the perception of strong demand for a run. Sometimes that is what is at play on these high results. in this case it’s BYRNE/AUSTIN!!!!! What more needs to be said. In my eyes it’s their last stand, where their styles still remind us of their X-Men days, after this issue their subsequent art team ups drift a bit too far away from those days. Still go
  9. And we should add Tradd Moore Silver Surfer Black pages are they valued at 5K or 6K or more?
  10. It's about time to work on an update.. where to start? Where would you say values are for A-Level Byrne X-Men or Bolland Killing Joke pages?
  11. Congrats on adding the new page and congrats on having the best page in the book (in my opinion), the one with Colossus vs Proteus. WOW that page is a showstopper!
  12. Well my world domination will have to wait for another auction...
  13. I started think of how much Stan Lee was the face of not only Marvel but the comic book industry in general. He brought a lot of goodwill towards the art form with his warm and welcoming personality. With his passing who steps into the void? Right now I feel like it may be Jim Lee. What do you guys think?
  14. John the fact that you know this is important because ... Knowing is half the battle ... I guess bidding is the other half ; )