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  1. Sorry, and even sorrier that the rates are so high! I live in Massachusetts, USA
  2. How high would the grades need to be on the Hulks? Have 330-346, minus 340, in pretty high grade. Could send pics. That is, if you're looking to dive in right away!
  3. For some reason, have never seen this comic! Beautiful!
  4. Do not know, but I'm sure someone does, and will say I should know,but are these posters in every ICON 1? I have no idea where the card came from. I think the comic is very nice! Sorry for the quality of the photos!
  5. I hate you-especially I hate that you have 97 twice!
  6. Nice comics! I happen to only have two Godzillas, and they are the bottom ones.
  7. Have this if you're interested. Not perfect, but cheap.
  8. Just some goodness on a hot, hot day with nothing to do! And all the wrinkles are in bags that are going to be replaced reeeeeeeeal soon!
  9. Bravo! Silver age, cooler covers, modern age, better reads.
  10. Count me in! I have one of these, which I know is the last one!, cause I ain't giving it up!