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  1. The X-Men cards are the Wal-Mart subset.
  2. This actually makes the most sense. Send them, hibernate, don't listen to anyone else.
  3. They said you was hung!... They was right! One of the all-time two liners in movie history.... IMHO
  4. How do I PM you? May have valuable info for one of us!
  5. Sold a WW 9.4 on the bay, and searching for it, realized I had actually sold it months before. Made the buyer happy, sent my 9.6. Nice feedback.
  6. Can't match the graded ones (drat) but here...
  7. I hope everybody gets my point! Buzz is dead on. Either do something (stop submitting) or SHUT THE #$%^ UP!
  8. I have to assume, for your cards, submitted with a 20-30 dat TAT, it is still 20-30, but the newer subs have the higher TAT. I sent mine in, and decided to just hibernate. You know, that is the only thing I read in the last half-hour that even begins to make sense!