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  1. I thought that (dx over cos squared x =tgx+c), not C. Boy was I wrong on that one!
  2. For your edification, Spawnfreak can't read.
  3. What numbers are you looking for? Have plenty of 9.8 candidates, IMHO.
  4. Joey looks like a winner. Who is he, and how do I do business with him?
  5. Love the topic. As an aside, is this comic really worth what people are paying for it raw? Anyone? Just seems to have come out of nowhere, or I've been sleeping.
  6. Thank you to you both. Guess I don't grade this one.
  7. Can I get an opinion about how much this comic will be dinged for this bubble? Circle is on comic bag, not comic.
  8. Please could I get an opinion on how much I will get dinged for this? Comic is otherwise mint as far as I can tell,imho. The circle is on comic bag in the scan.The other pic is handheld.
  9. I know it isn't silver, buuuuuut; Fantastic four 371
  10. Being a dummy, I will offer you $500.00, plus shipping for the whole lot.
  11. Sorry, didn't notice date! But in my defense, shouldn't the old threads be removed?
  12. Have 43,45,46, have more if you need them. Old pics in bags, can send scans, if you want.
  13. Never been, never will be a better cover. Angela RULES! Sorry for the bad pic.