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  1. Saw the Excalibur 5, and just stared at it for 10 minutes. How do I get one?....... Never mind, I found one!
  2. I don't know of any comic book cover virgin variants, but I offer up these, from Marvel Poster Book Vol. 1 #1, 1991. Book shown. These are just a few. The first is my fav. If you could tell me how to PM, I will send you scans for all 32! The visible lines are the folds.
  3. Makes sense, thanks, and good luck. As a collector,if I owned the comic, I would LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE!
  4. I don't understand. If you've used a presser before, and you value their opinion, why ask about CCS. Use your guy.
  5. How bad is this Production Defect going to affect my grade?
  6. I just looked, and it's all yours. I'm now looking at the six.
  7. That Batwoman Detective comics is BEAUTIFUL! Going to try to find one! In the meantime, what I got his week:
  8. They're not that pretty, but they're mine!
  9. Grading would be nice, but I'm really trying to identify this comic. anyone else ever seen it? None on census. Thanx.
  10. 'Nam 1, for example: how do I determine a 2nd print?
  11. Being very serious, this looks like a scam e-mail. To find out if your password was compromised, go to your comiclink account directly, do not click on any link in the e-mail, and ask comiclink.
  12. Not quite on the subject, but does anyone know if there were EVER any McFarlane Spidey virgin variants?