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  1. I remember buying a 10 cent Marvel, so it may have been FF #2. I still have my original Avengers #4, no cover and beat to heck.
  2. (CNN)"Zombie" deer roam 24 states in the US, sickened by a neurodegenerative disease that reduces them to stumbling, drooling creatures. So far, Nevada has evaded the infection this hunting season. State wildlife officials plan to keep it that way. The Nevada Department of Wildlife is urging hunters to visit their mobile sampling stations and check their carcasses for chronic wasting disease, a fatal illness that affects the brain and spinal cord of deer, elk and moose. The department set up stations at truck stops near state lines to keep the infection out. The sampling takes about five minutes and doesn't affect the deer's meat or antlers, the department said. It's the latest measure to protect the state's wildlife. In May, Gov. Steve Sisolak passed legislation banning hunters from bringing deer, elk or moose carcasses into the state to prevent disease transmission. Chronic wasting disease The symptoms of chronic wasting disease reduce infected animals to zombie-like creatures: Stumbling, drooling, drastic weight loss. They can become more aggressive and less afraid of humans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It's thought to spread through direct contact with body fluids or by drinking contaminated water, the CDC said. The disease is always fatal. As of August, the CDC reported infected deer, elk and moose in 227 counties across 24 states, primarily clustered in Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas. There's a low risk of transmission to humans, but the CDC warned hunters that the species barrier may not fully protect them from contracting the animal disease. Chronic wasting disease can incubate for more than a year before animals present symptoms, so the CDC recommends hunters test meat before consuming it and avoid eating the meat of infected venison. Wearing proper equipment while field dressing deer carcasses and minimizing time spent handling their brain and spinal tissue, where the disease originates, can also prevent infection.
  3. Andy, who did the cover recreation of the OFF behind your head in the video?
  4. Ha, I still can't grade a HOS 92. I said 5.0, but at least I got the FF right.
  5. Do you have any Spawn 300s? Just kidding! Wow, what books.
  6. Azkaban, Azkaban,,,,Snap out of it. You are still in this man. It is hard to go back to back, but you are still in this. No one has crossed that goal line yet, anything can happen.
  7. My Prize offer: An item that is totally priceless and is one of a kind. I would say it was inspired by our own Flee-Marquette, but that is wrong. It is totally his own design that that he was kind enough to give me his consent to have it built. It is the one and only real life Funko of the Greggy9000. Be the only kid on your block in the world to own this treasured item. Currently I only have the box, the Funko itself is still in production will arrive somewhere between mid to late October. Please know there is no mini Strawberry Shortcake comic with this Funko. You will have to provide that on your own. Shipping to US and Canada only.
  8. This is the kind of junk Andy and Shin have to put up with from me. My explanation on why I went high on the Aquaman #1 " So, I had a range on the Aquaman, but I started to look at low graded copies of this and I found copies like 4.5s and 4.0s that look worse than this. No way am I going that high. So I probably knocked myself out of the top 10 with this grade, which I had a range .5 to 1.0 lower. " And I sent in 3.5, but originally thought around 2.5, but after seeing the other books bumped it. What a maroon I am.
  9. March Madness is unforgiving. One slip and you are out.
  10. What I found was that there are GA books out there with the same problems(brittle pages and multiple pages detached) not looking half as nice as that book getting Blue Universal 5.5s and 6.0s. Yet there are some also getting 1.0 and 3.0. Anyways, good too know for any future contests. Oh, wait,,,this is the last one.
  11. Me trying to grade this book, trying to look at it from all angles.
  12. Awesome Kav This is from 3 years ago, Al is still going, but Mad isn't.
  13. I should get in on the whining. Guess I need to check out more moderns as that Batman Adventures 12 is no way a 9.2. There, I feel better now.