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  1. toro

    Who do you love?

    kav, kav, kav!!!! or skypinkblu
  2. Thanks, I always loved that cover.
  3. Looking for a CGC 9.0 or higher. Would consider raw, but prefer a graded copy.
  4. The next time Chuck is in Boston for a show he should take a fast ferry over to P-Town(Provincetown). There are so many types of genders there that I think if he would feel very comfortable going into any shop buying whatever he wants. Unless it was comics, I don't believe the Cape has many comic stores. I think there are places in Orleans, Falmouth and Barnstable.
  5. Sharon I am in total agreement on the Seinfeld line. He is not hurting anyone, live and let live. I just think the dress that he has on doesn't really go with the earthy, crunchy, live off the land persona that he usually has.
  6. May we present Bettie Pages! Seriously though even though I always thought he was a weird/quirky guy, it is pride month and I' m actually happy for him coming out about being a drag queen. Now if he would lower his prices I'd be even more happy for him. (Just kidding)
  7. Now I am waiting to see what this puppy goes for. It is currently at $102,000
  8. It closed at the $31,000.
  9. Sad thing is I have all of the Albedos except for #2.
  10. Maybe I missed something, but riddle me this: why is this book so high in value? I know it is a 9.8, but there is another 7 copies in 9.8. Is there going to be a film? Even if there is, it is still just Usagi Yojimbo.
  11. My store makes sure all of his regular customers gets their pick of any and all of the books that he orders for that day. Then he will let the "visitors" get to pick a few. Another store near me orders almost all of the Free (well not free for the store) books. I'll go by there, but they limit it to two from one box, one from another box and one left over from previous years.
  12. Today I still buy PGX books if they are decently priced and look nice in the picture. I look at them mostly like ebay raw books, but I would never pay GPA price for any of them. I was shocked that the PGX FF48 came back the same grade. If that book was in a grading contest I would have said it was in 4.5 maybe 5.0, I never saw that coming back as a 6.0.
  13. So my last group just finished grading this morning. Not as successful with this group. One book stayed the same. Two went up marginally and 3 dropped marginally. So for my 3 PGX submissions 12 went up, 13 stayed the same and 3 dropped. Not bad, was hoping for better. Next time I'll have them pressed. Although one of the books had a note about an "odor". Since I purchased them online already in a PGX holder I didn't know the book stunk, just thought it was only the company. 001 Tales of the Unexpected 97 10-11/66 D.C. Comics Universal 9.0 WHITE PGX GRADE 9.0 002 Fantastic Four 70 1/68 Marvel Comics Universal 9.0 WHITE PGX GRADE 8.5 003 Thor 154 7/68 Marvel Comics Universal 8.0 WHITE PGX GRADE 8.5 004 Captain America 109 1/69 Marvel Comics Universal 8.5 WHITE PGX GRADE 9.0 005 Thor 146 11/67 Marvel Comics Universal 8.5 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE PGX GRADE 9.0 006 Batman 199 2/68 D.C. Comics Universal 9.0 OFF-WHITE PGX GRADE 8.5