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  1. Congo Bill 7 - $25 But I'm sure that is the wrong price. So feel free to reprice it..
  2. I only met Murphy Anderson and his wife at one of the old shows in Boston. They were only doing the show as they were in the area to visit their daughter. He was the only guest at that show and yet no one was going up to him and they had nothing extra to sell. He was just there to sign a book if anyone wanted his signature. He talked about his time in the service and how it influenced some of his work. What I did admire about both of them is that they were both dressed like they were going to Sunday church service. He was just a real gentleman.
  3. I got the grades of my other order. Of the 2 CBCS books, one went done a half grade and the other one stayed the same. On the PGX this is the worst I have ever done with them. The Good 3 went up 8 stayed the same The Bad and Ugly 6 went down The Good,the Bad and the Ugly 1 up, but qualified (there was nothing wrong when I sent it in)
  4. Here is my former PGX 8.5 with a quick press.
  5. Actually I don't mind buying PGX books if they have a good picture of the book. They don't command a high premium that comes with a CGC book. So to me it is like buying an Ebay raw NM. You don't know what you are getting until you open it up.
  6. I did a bunch of PGX to CGC last year without a press. Pretty much all stayed the same one went from 9.0 to a 9.4. One did go down. In retrospect I should have added the pressing on them. I have 18 more PGX and 2 CBCS ready to be graded now. I know one is a low grade golden, so I just wanted it in a CGC holder, just like I wanted the PGX FF #4 to go into a CGC case. It has slight restoration, but I feel better having it in a CGC case. The other CBCS is a silver age book. I will let you know how the CBCS come out.
  7. 3/19/20 20 CROSSOVER VALUE Scheduled for Grading Still waiting on these that I dropped off at the RI Comic Con on 11/1/19 all PGX and a couple of CBCS But I just saw the grade on a PGX Green Lantern 77 that I had signed by Neal Adams that same day. Originally it was a PGX 8.5 Now after a quick press it is a CGC SS 9.6 I was hoping for a 9.2.
  8. Thank you, and another big thank you to BlowUpTheMoon for graciously putting up 2 more books for us. Just glad they weren't moderns.
  9. Darn it! I wanted to nail them, but I didn't think you would have two of the same grade. Still I second and third guessed them.
  10. I will pick: Prize #1 $50 Paypal Donated by Comicdonna