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  1. Me too. I am not stocked at Thor 339 levels, but I have a lot of 1 and 2.
  2. Thanks for letting us know. Trying to sell you back your own book is a pretty nifty move though. Cajones.
  3. I like his crazed space art now. When I was 4 I thought it was lame. And my dad bought 2 copies of it for me shortly after it came out.
  4. So girls in the early 70s were being told it was ok to be assaulted if you were caught running away from an abusive man? Not to mention, his spanking technique is totally wrong. He should be using the other hand.
  5. Wow, 5,000 posts in less than 11 months, that's a lot of posts per day. Took me 15 years to get to 20,000. Still too many posts.
  6. Even if 95% of the copies disappeared it is still like what, the 7th appearance of turok in the valiant universe? (I have no idea what it is) and like 157th if you include dell/gold key? 46 and 47 seem like better bets.
  7. X-o!!! I have a bunch of 1s. Yes!
  8. Nobody read Eternals. They got 6 or 8 pages into it. They bought the rest out of respect for Kirby.
  9. There are housing developments made out of bundles of turok 1s stuck together.
  10. I'm curious what the marvel brass had to say about it. I have read the reluctance re: wolverine was his lethality. I assume frank caused the same issues. I will be honest, I liked him as a spidey baddy and I liked the Netflix show, but I was never into him solo comics and never watched the movies. I guess I was over the vigilante murder phase.
  11. With that said, I can see the problem for marvel scripting the series. Is just going to kill some new gangsters each month? By the late 80s they said "sure, monthly killings!".. In 1982 probably not ready for that
  12. Marvel not understanding they had a character worth pushing doesn't mean kids and angry teens didn't like the character. Marvel pushed all sorts of terrible characters and titles that failed. Wolverine had a very popular mini and was obviously very popular and how many years did it take before he got a title? I think the vigilante nature of the character(s) scared marvel off.. They probably didn't want parents groups or the CCA dumping on them (and we were in Reagan's America..), which is odd because vigilante movies were popular, but rated R, etc... But they probably wanted to be safe with all ages comics. Anyway, my fondness for the character and my brother's and friends' is anecdotal, of course. We were all victims of street crime and wished someone was out there murdering criminals (coincidentally, the Deatbwish apartment was only a few blocks from where I grew up). Maybe kids in Kansas couldn't identify.
  13. Maybe it was growing up in New York City in the 70s I was eager to admire a vigilante type. We needed a few.
  14. I agree. To imply punisher was obscure for a decade after he first Appeared is silly. I feel like he was probably a notch above black cat as spidey's greatest frienemy. That marvel was too dumb to realize how popular he was among spidey fans seems to miss the point. Had he gotten a mini in 1982 or 1983 like many other characters it would have exploded. I would have bought 3 copies of every issue. I was out of comics by 1986 though. Sports, girls, and various forms of inebriation were more interesting.