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  1. If it is cheap enough, sure. But yes, I don't like it.
  2. Some of the MSH 18 folks at least show up in GOTG 2.
  3. Well, the comic was gone for 15 or whatever years. I am assuming the folks who enjoyed reading it are mostly still alive. I think if you regularly read a comic there is a decent shot you would check out the show, even 15 years later. But at the end of the day those 15-35,000 people really don't matter much for ratings. As for whether we had a thread here, there is one with 475 posts, but folks seem to have lost interest by mid-2018, so comic nerds clearly weren't the force behind a season 4 getting ordered.
  4. Weren't the print runs around 50-75K for most of the preacher books? I figured 1/3 - 1/2 actually read them. I know my older brother read that title voraciously and then gave me all his copies, which, of course, I sold immediately upon the news of the show coming.
  5. Is it just me, or does this seem like a pretty extra common book for its era? Koch had badjillions of them, which makes me think warehouse finds. it was an easy $5-$10 books on ebay for a long time, not in 9.8, but nice copies. I could not get 1/3 of guide for years for 9.0 - 9.4 copies. I know, things change. I can't believe how many of these I unloaded for 1/4 - 1/3 or less of guide.
  6. all the time. I have a book I am mini hoarding at the right price. I watch and forget. easy come easy go though.
  7. She will be teaming up with Jessica Jones as PIs. They will be drunk 90% of each episode. I think we need an alcoholic gal PI show. Hoda and Cathy Lee just don't cut it.
  8. Yet it got renewed for a 4th season. Go figure. I will admit, I did not read the comic. It is a show my wife is cool with, so we watch it. I don't think the 25,000 or so fans of the comic make or break the ratings, but yeah, they do inspire 9.8 prices
  9. Capable, yes, but not gonna do it.
  10. Yes. Seriously, the center on my high school basketball team was 6' 7". He had trouble benching 80 pounds.
  11. That I doubt (you carried the 9 too far). There are a lot of skinny wimpy 6' 5" dudes and there have got to be some tough as nails 5' 2" martial arts masters and boxing ladies out there.
  12. Is Thanos's reign of terror limited to our galaxy? (Wasn't his finger snapping the universe?) Meaning if CM has been off hiding Skrulls a few galaxies away, is it possible that she didn't have dealings with Thanos?
  13. Someone's opinion. They don't know all the beings? With that said, we have no idea how long Binary can be Binary. Is she "god like" for a 5 minute burst? 2 minutes? 1 minute? And if she has to cool down for a bit, is she vulnerable then? (It seems so) re-Reading X-Men 166 (and not really remembering much about her from other comics) it seems she can get messed up having a whole fleet blasting away at her ..she needed to Starjammers to rescue her.
  14. Was she wearing the funky costume before her transformation? I'll buy the spawning of new powers, but not a costume magically appearing.
  15. I am just curious what you think is the defect that will get pressed out in that SF #1?