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  1. If you're buying purely for a flip, is the 50 cent/$1 box book that seems to be a good $5 seller worth it to you? I don't like messing around with $5 books on ebay, too time consuming, and nobody here wants to pay $5 for most $5 books, but that doesn't stop me from sometimes buying stuff like this. Today's $5 book has $10 potential.... With that said, when factoring in the cost of shipping, it is amazing to me how many folks seem to be willing to pay $9-12 total for what feels to me like $2 or less books, but I suppose folks in some places do not want to shlep around for stuff. I ask bec
  2. I honestly do not remember what was in those grab bags, which is good, because I probably did give something away that is worth something now. Ditto for the donations to goodwill. The problem with the ebay grab bags I sold is that I would provide a list of each book in the lot, the grade, and OPG value so that the buyer could see my thought process for the lot. So my mistakes are burned into my memories having written them down and scanned the lists! Anyway, the list with grades worked out pretty well in terms of buyer satisfaction.
  3. Someone did good on this lot: The buyer already has $100 in bids on two of the books in the lot. Not a bad pickup for $5 + $9 shipping.
  4. I donate to good will. Yeah, it isn't purely being nice, as i take $2 a piece tax deduction. I donated some nice books to a charity raffle for my son's middle school, got my LCS to write up an appraisal so that the lucky winner would have an idea of their winnings... it wound up being won by one of my son's friends... like $200 in mcfarlane spideys. and a while back I put together grab bags of comics I thought would hit a good 8 - 12 year old sweet spot for kids living in a shelter.. stuffed like 20 magazine bags with as many age appropriate comics as would fit.
  5. Is Herb Trimpe art supposed to command a premium? He was a nice guy, but never considered a star, a journeyman who worked on some big books, like Dave Cockrum. While I get why the book should be worth something as the first american comic appearance, it is like the one billionth overall comic appearance if you count japanese godzilla manga that has been published since the mid 50s. It's not like we don't consider the British comic version as Judge Dredd's first, Captain Britain's first, V for Vendetta...Or is Manga viewed a different species of sequential art?
  6. crazy, something that was probably thrown out and/or given away by a lot of shops once no longer current. my old LCS would often given them away or just eventually toss them. i would not even see them in the 3 for $2 box. I was always tempted to take them home, but figured they take up space...
  7. It makes sense to me to sell stuff that has jumped a lot, but there's plenty of stuff that has cooled off or is in waiting I wouldn't. There are deadpool books that were nice $10-$25 sellers that are $5 now. Thanos stuff is mehh ... as is a lot of cosmic stuff. A lot of my black panther stuff from the 70s doesn't seem to have much urgency to sell right now. There are DC books like these I assume... I don't think the hysteria has moved war or horror any outside a few wrightson or adam covers, the kirby new gods stuff is ho hum outside the keyest keys. And your sort of run filler SA and BA is st
  8. Folks have been saying this for the last 20 years. I'm not saying things won't cool off, or certain things will cool off, but we already had a recession, a little one i guess, diluted by a bunch of money printing. we're supposed to be in a recovery right now, remember?
  9. Yeah, but finding parking near most of them is a giant PITA!
  10. I am hoping for your health you are not a big fattie like me though.
  11. Larger city just means more competition scouring for books
  12. The $100K book is always going to sell. Maybe you need to consign it to the right auctioneer, but it is worth $100K because there's a genuine market for it. The same is true for the $1000 books, although some of the more obscure ones might have a less clearly defined market and price point. But your $1000 SA marvel key is going to wind up selling for $800-$1200 90%+ of the time. The $100 book is a lot trickier, Wider price variations.
  13. OK, we went over this a while ago in the thread, math teacher acknowledged he was looking at it the wrong way and fixed his calculations
  14. I kind of feel like I should hunt down Twin Peaks again and see if it holds up. I don't feel like I was that into it at the time, but I was in college and really not much for regular TV shows then. I feel like I missed something. I can' think of any TV shows i watched regularly in college. I do remember watching a midnight showing of Blue Velvet as a teenager and being impressed with how completely F-ed up it was. I wound up drinking my share of Pabst Blue Ribbon after that...
  15. certain star wars books have gone up 2000-4000% in like 3 weeks!