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  1. Phone pics, photobucket, too much hassle to show one good book and 2 semi goods.
  2. Yez, it is not at its height but still seems to get $20-25 plus. Anyway, you can't find this stuff without looking.
  3. Sometimes they jump out and look. Sometimes stay in car. After 10 stops they were whining to go home. If I had seen something awesome for them I might buy. I found the comics on the first stop. I wasted an hour on the next 19. This all took place in a 7 block radius. If I had a clue about collectible records I might have made a killing today.
  4. Ok, I know, I should have pics, but... With just the kids I was able to stop where I wanted today and hit 20 yard sales (there is a neighborhood one going on in an adjacent hood). one seller had comics. By 1ish only half a long box remained. 4 for $1... Spent $3.. Of that I netted (1) a nice peter panzerfaust 1 1st print, a (2) hard rock comics 5 (kiss) newsstand edition (I see none for sale or sold on ebay, mime high or cms, so perhaps not easy to find), (3) slapstick 1 (90s series). Some other stuff I'd be cool paying $1 for like morning glories ton vol 1, 2099 a.d. 1, etc. Soooooo.. Now I wonder what was in the already sold half of the long box? But if they were ebay pickers they would have grabbed the PP 1, right?
  5. the blob

    Seling Comics - Business Potential?

    He might scrape the bottom with his dingaling, but Ron Jeremy is like 5 feet tall.
  6. There was a neighborhood yard sale by me I assumed did not set up due to rain, but then again, by 10 it had stopped rAining. Supposed to be 2 days, so I will check it out tomorrow I guess.
  7. There are a few comic/coffee shops around the country. Selling coffee and pastries is pretty easy and probably doesn't involve a lot of hassle from local licensing and heath folks.
  8. Exactly. 5000 back issues can be housed in a 3 level cabinet that is about as deep as a mag box, maybe 8-10 feet long. New issues can all be housed on racks that have a 4 inch depth and can have doors to cover them. A decent selection of trades can be put on a bookshelf. A comic shop's inventory can actually be tucked away pretty easily. It would be easy to have it all on wheels and go in the corner when the gym is open. Converting it into a bar at night is trickier. The cabinet needs to be able to have a bar top on it, etc. You'd need very limited beer on tap and mostly sell bottles, cans, and cocktails. Bar food would be tricky. All these ideas are spinning around in my head!
  9. In my area (Brooklyn) I just don't see a new shop surviving with these rents (with that said a couple of places have opened). The problem is paying rent for dead time. As I have mentioned, in my area we have a bar with a boutique flower shop in the front and another bar that has an instrument repair shop. A comic shop in a residential area really only needs to be open 2:30-6:30 with some hours on the weekend. If all the fixtures are on wheels and merch can be tucked into cabinets, I wonder if a shop could coexist with a Pilates/yoga/gym studio that does morning and evening classes? And then at 10 it can convert into a bar and be open until 2 or 3! Sounds like a great husband/wife business!
  10. It is a hard call. Buying too many may set off alarm bells and shut the whole purchase down if they decide to check the book out. But things are gone quick. 2 weeks ago I ran to the lcs to buy the deathsteoke and wonder woman variants. Only 1 ww variant was left. 10 of the deadpools.this was like 1:30. When I ran back at 3:30 after learning the deadpool cover was hot they were all gone. Moral of the story.. If you don't grab them someone else will.
  11. the blob

    Books you just cant find in the Wild

    I used to shop at bergen street comics. They had something to do with Copra. At least a dozen 1s on the rack, I passed because they put the price sticker on the back of the cover. I did buy his first book (deathzone or something like that) because the print run was even lower. Sold it here for around $200 with the price sticker on back. Did I sell to you?
  12. If it has been opened you know it is not a sketch cover or whatever it is you are hoping for. If it is so obvious they have been opened, where is the fraud? Now, if you ask and they deny...
  13. the blob

    DC 100 Page Giants Walmart exclusive

    Walmart website? I understand they might just be taking a cut on the order and it is fulfilled by another company, but that might be half the stuff they sell.
  14. I have seen comics in good will but they often have a price sticker slapped on the cover. On place had a VGish avengers 57 for $5, but I passed because it was 20 years ago and that's probably what it was worth.
  15. the blob

    Seling Comics - Business Potential?

    In my neck of the woods the dept of sanitation will send you a summons if the phone number can be linked to an address. I got one 21 years ago when I posted some flyers trying to rent my room in a share for the last 2 month's of the lease. Fascists.