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  1. yes, i drag it out every few weeks. can't win them all.
  2. It is a tricky one, but they'll figure it out. GOTG 7 or something.
  3. 155, like conan 275, has a cover that catches attention. Would not surprise me if there were fewer newsstand returns. Not sure if shops were ordering extras of last issues of dead titles thougg. This wasn't new mutants 100 with a reboot coming
  4. I have to sell a lot of thundercats to make up for that
  5. If he can turn them into $1-3 each it is a nice project for him. He has a better camera phone than I do.
  6. No, Quasar will come around. He had a series that lasted 5 years. Longer than Darkhawk! Then again, Ravage 2099 lasted 33 issues. How is that possible? Somehow 9.8 newsies have sold for both $21.50 and $152 all within a week of eachother
  7. My advice... spend 30 years acting like a vacuum cleaner around cheap books and buy way too much krap, spend almost a million dollars on a house so that you can get crushed under the weight of a mortgage and home repairs, but have half a floor to house those comics... wait until a pandemic and all of a sudden stuff that wasn't worth selling is now worth big bucks! hope the hysteria lasts long enough for you to list all those issues of spawn and GI joe you need to unload....
  8. Not gonna read this whole thing, but NFL Superpro comes to mind if nobody else has said it. Not saying I haven't hedged just in case. I feel like U.S. 1 and Dakota North and any number of New Universe titles have a chance. U.S. 1 is gonna be tough because it is spawned by the whole trucker craze that was popular with Smokey and the Bandit and BJ and the Bear (Marvel came 2 years late, of course, but whatever), but it actually has some interesting art and spawned a few characters that appeared in Marvel continuity, although poor Barn von Blimp never escaped to the rest of Marvel.
  9. It has gone up about 80% since January, which always worries me, but then again, what hasn't?
  10. It's funny, my 15 year old wants to learn about investing, although he has very little interest in actually working to make some money in order to invest, which is nuts because minimum wage is $15 here right now. If you can get a job, a great time to be a teen! Apparently he has gotten his fundamentals from tick tock videos on investing, I told him I would give him 1000-2000 low end comics and he can try and make money from them. Has he taken me up on my offer? Of course not! Lazy mo-fo.
  11. I sold copies of NYX 3 for $7.99 and $49.99, respectively. The $49.99 I cry less about, of course. The only reason I still own a copy is I was going through bags where I had stuffed 5 or 6 random moderns and there another copy of NYX 3 was, right in middle.
  12. I don't like whatever she is doing with her eye make up, but everything else works...
  13. Please do not bring that book up. I sold my 3 copies for $10 each. It gives me nightmares.
  14. Good luck. I won't give advice. Every time I have cheaped out on buying a good book it has cost me money. But some of these prices are wild. I am seriously tempted to spend $600 on a BA key that was $400 in January because something similar has tripled since January? If i'm getting delusional, the cheapest mofo you will ever meet, then who knows?
  15. Nuts. I have a few #6ses, but the second app is always ignored in comparison unless it is the first cover appearance and comes with adamantium claws or throws exploding playing cards