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  1. Isn't artgerm digital? I guess the end result is what should matter, but I am less excited by a digital rendition for some reason. Or is all this stuff digital nowadays?
  2. I get it. It is not "entertaining" per se. There isn't much "action." I get it. It is a tense psychological movie.
  3. Not sure why you thought the movie was trash. Want to see how someone who has been krapped on since birth devolves into complete madness? This is it. Want to see how urban society gets close to unraveling... I was a kid during the nyc blackout and riots and looting and arson and we just sat there that night praying it didn't come to us, a mile or two away ... This is it. Want to see some corny joker from the 60s tv show? Not so much. This is a Scorsese movie from the 70s. It is taxi driver in clown makeup. And frankly, it wasn't dated. F-ing super rats. My childhood terror.
  4. And I kept on telling my son... That is the frigging NYC I grew up in. Yes, a gang of kids would steal a going out of business sign from a street clown just to lure him into an alley to kick the crapp out of him for fun.
  5. It was an intense movie for sure. Not sure how this joker can become a criminal mastermind, but maybe Dr. Quinn can get him straightened out. Love how Thomas Wayne is An absolute POS.
  6. the rule of thumb should be 15X FMV of the regular edition, at least until I have no more newsies left. except for thor 339. the direct version of that is very rare, and should be at least $150 raw. shill over.
  7. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you break even. Depending on the shop there can be deals like when asm 129 was selling for well over guide on eBay I bought multiple copies at shops for under guide after some haggling and buying other stuff. Tripled my money.
  8. So you are citing it as a $330 purchase to show how much cheaper ebay is yet say you will sell it for $1200 easy. If it's an easy sale at $1200 why is it an easy buy at $330? Are you saying it is easy to find $900 flips on eBay? If so I might quit my day job.
  9. I don't think she is any worse than most of the other cw actresses. I think the actress playing killer frost is a pretty decent actress and Lena luthor is played by someone, but much beyond that...
  10. Wow, Meow Mix closed down 15 years ago. Didn't know. You'd be surprised how many women I know who met their wives there.
  11. They do need to work on a supporting cast. That security guard dude is not cutting it. And her step sister...I dunno. Now that Legends is ovr maybe they can resurrect white canary, although I think they want to stay away from a permanent love interest. They probably need every patron of Meow Mix to watch this 7 times a week. Worked for Xena.
  12. I kind of liked the first episode. I'm not really sure what qualifies her to be a super hero though. While she seems to be able to beat the krap out of henchmen she had trouble with a seemingly untrained villainess, but who knows, maybe alice went to r'as al ghul's bad girl summer camp or something. I do find ruby rose really hot though, but not in a sexual way, hard to explain, kind of like Melissa benoist too, adorable and compelling to look at. I usually don't find skinny and tats hot, but for whatever reason, it works for her and she does have a lovely face.