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  1. From post #1 in this thread (from me...) : "Ok, it could be a quarter box or even a $2 box...get into the $3 or 3 for $10 box and that's too rich for my blood... (just kidding..maybe) " ... so he falls (just barely) into the criteria...
  2. steranko didn't do that many covers. it's nice for that, but it is a book that probably needs to hit 9.6 or 9.8 to have a chance to recoup fees. Or maybe I have no idea.
  3. Yeah, I just haven't been all that into comics the last few months
  4. A 6.0 or so looking mark jeweler 90 just sold for $3.25, but yes, the 91 does well in all grades. I guess 8.0 up these really start to pop.
  5. Ok, to each their own. I am surprised I have so "few" posts in my eons here, but I do take posting vacations for work, family, health...
  6. If you like comics you can use the money spent on slabbing books that aren't worth slabbing to buy more comics! Or are you just interested in what you own and having some in slabs. Case in point, chances are your micronauts 1 is not a 9.8 or even 9.6. If it is a 9.2 or 9.0 you have taken a $15 raw book and made it a $20-30 slab (I'd have to actually look, these numbers are estimates), effectively vaporizing $5-10 or so. That $ could actually buy something interesting. That's what we're getting at. Not trying to be mean. So, yes, slabbing at $20-50 a pop is a ROI analysis because those books will look just as pretty in a much cheaper Mylar.
  7. 6300 posts in a bit more than a year. "a mind is a terrible thing to waste" pops into my head.
  8. Possession is 9/10ths of the Law! (Sorry if already said)... If cousins never saw what was in the bag, who knows? Jimmy's family needs to shut their respective pie holes.
  9. They really have to be sharp. Yeah, I think a few of the dark cover picture frame books may be quadruple digits in 9.8 (or good money raw with 9.6-9.8 hopes), but not so much if they have defects that knock then down under 9.2. But yeah, I'd buy those all day at $3 even in lower grades. I never see them that cheap.
  10. If the DD 8 comes back under a 6.0 it may be worth less than the cgc fees, for example.
  11. Ok, maybe you have a really good idea of grades, but ebay is littered with mid grade books not worth the cgc fees that I assume folks sent in because they thought they were 9.8s. What have you sent in?
  12. I would buy some slabs to get a better sense of what grades your books are before spending a lot on submissions
  13. You. But CGC seemingly does not. So most others have followed suit. Obviously if you have your choice and they have the same # on the slab, go for the vibrant colors. I still get excited when I see a 50+ year old comic with great colors.
  14. "BRIGHT".... as CGC seemingly does not care about cover gloss or color depth, everyone else stopped caring. Old books that had great colors and a lot of gloss, but a couple of defects, were still sought after.
  15. If you are a sporadic seller a couple of negs can really mess you up