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  1. Sorry everyone. I'm fairly new here and didn't know about the rules. I'm also in the middle of clearing out my house, so it's pretty chaotic around here. I would like $500 for this, but I'd consider other offers. Returns accepted. Do I need to supply more information? Here are some pictures. The page quality is very consistent throughout. Let me know if you'd like to see more pics. There is a tear on a page in the Captain America. There's a tear and some tape on the final page of The Angel story. Other than the few torn pages, the rest of the interior pages look pretty much like this one. There's some tearing around the staples on the first page of the Human Torch story.
  2. All Winners #1 Coverless Anyone interested in a coverless All Winners #1? Raw. Complete. Tear around staple on page 1. A taped up tear on the last page, otherwise in decent shape. Photos sent on request. I also have no idea what something like this is worth. Obviously to someone with a copy of the book that has missing or torn pages it would be worth a lot. I'll consider any offers over $400. Thanks, Michael
  3. Hi. Can you define for me exactly what mid grade is? Thanks.
  4. I've got Strange Strange Tales 146 and 148 raw and in NM or higher condition. Doctor Strange 169 and 175 raw in NM or higher condition. Doctor Strange 2 raw in NM or higher condition. That's my rough grading. If you're interested I can give them a closer look and send you some pics. Thanks, Michael
  5. I've got a raw JLA 1 which I've listed in my database as being in "fair" condition. It's in my safe deposit box, so I can't take a look at it right now, but if you're interested, I can bring it home and send you some pics. Thanks, Michael
  6. Flash 105 1.0 or 2.0 A rather beat up copy of Flash 105. Maybe a 1.5. Looks like some water damage on the front and back covers caused some wrinkling. Some flaking on the cover. A green stain near the logo on the spine. I can send more pictures if you like. I'd like $500, but I'd consider any offers. I'll pay the postage. Thanks, Michael
  7. 1960's Comic Fanzines For Sale Over the next few weeks I'll be selling off my collection of 1960's comic fanzines. If there's anything here that interests you, let me know and I'll post an image and a price. Thanks. Action Hero 7 some wear, tape, stains Alter Ego 10 Great Shape. Batmania 10 Very good shape. Captain George’s Comic World 27 Very good shape. Captain George Presents Series 3 #30 Captain America Cartoonist 1 NM Comic Fan 2 crease, some wear, tear on back page Comic Reader 46 Comic World 6 some wear and yellowing Countdown 2 crease, fading 3 some wear, crease, fading, missing page(s Eye 1 NM Fandom Speaks 2 Fantastic Fanzine 11 Steranko cover. Great shape Golden Age 2 Nice condition. Graphic Story World 5 Graphic Story Magazine 13 Very good shape Hero 1 crease, wear, small tear Heroes Illustrated 2 Very good shape. Illustrated Comic Collector’s Handbook 1 1966 Great shape 2 3 Marvelmania 2 NM 4 VG Masquerader 1 Decent shape. Crease down center. 2 4 6 Monsters And Heroes 7 NM Paragon 4 Phase 1 RBCC 43 72 73 Rocket’s Blast Annual Rocket’s Blast Special 6 Slam-bang 1 Very good shape. Star Studded 6 VG 7 VG 8 VG+ 9 VG+ 10 VG+ 11 VG+ 16 G Trident 1 crease, lots of staining Vanguard 1968 Witzend 6 Great shape.
  8. Hi. I've got a copy that's complete, but there's a triangular chunk cut off on the lower right corner of the cover. Do you want to see a scan?
  9. I'm not sure if you're interested in coverless copies. I've got Submariner #11. Complete. Badly applied masking tape all along spine. Title written in ink. Page 1 corner missing. A few frays throughout. I can send you a scan if you like.
  10. Hi. I'm not sure if you're interested in coverless books, but I've got Submariner #11 complete. Badly applied masking tape all along spine. Title written in ink. Page 1 corner missing. A few frays throughout. I can send you a scan if you'd like. Thanks.
  11. Hi. I've got a coverless Marvel Mystery #44, complete. There us a tear around one of the staples and a few other small tears on Page 1. Otherwise in decent shape. If you're interested, let me know and I can send you a scan.