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  1. Just won this in the latest Heritage auction. A tough to find book with cover artwork by Neal Adams. I'm now concentrating on books with Adams covers during the period from 1967-71. Surprised to have won this book for under $250. Enjoy.
  2. john ivic

    Hulk vs. Glob

    Won this in the recent Comic Link auction. The Glob was a character you could call a precursor to the Swamp and Man-Things, I suppose. Don't see this book turn up on the market very often. Had this issue when I was a youngster along with several other Herb Trimpe Hulks from that era. Enjoy.
  3. john ivic

    Frazetta Greatness V

    Won this in the Heritage auction last night. The last of the Warren magazines with Frank Frazetta cover work that I wanted. Probably one of the toughest to find in high grade too. And it also features interior artwork by Neal Adams. Enjoy.
  4. john ivic

    Wonder Woman 178

    After going the whole summer abstaining from purchasing, I'm back to collecting comics again. Just won this in he current Comic Link auction. The first of the "mod" Diana Prince issues and very much sought after. Don't usually see this book on the market in grades above 9.0. Enjoy.
  5. john ivic

    Green Lantern 81

    Won this in the Comic Link auction last night. The greatest of the Neal Adams runs was GL/GA, and I could not pass up the opportunity to acquire one of these in 9.6. My winning bid was not too high, either. Enjoy.
  6. So, this book is back on my want list. The consignor who listed it at Pedigree Comics must have resubmitted it, without removing it from the website. This I found out because when I tried to add it to my registry set, CGC informed me that the certification number was not in their database. Well, these things happen, but the consignor needs to get his act together. Pedigree Comics tried to get a hold of this person to find out the status of the book, but to no avail. Got my refund, so I can stop sweating.
  7. I neglected to mention that this book is also an OAK, being the single signature 9.2.
  8. john ivic

    Detective 395

    Quite right as far as underrated goes. Should rank up there with books like Batman 232 and 251. And to this day there are still no slabbed 9.8s of this issue.
  9. Too many images of this book in my pictures file. Here's the right one.
  10. john ivic

    Detective 395

    Picked this one up from Pedigree Comics just now. A landmark issue in that it features the first pairing of writer Denny O' Neil with artist Neal Adams. The two would go on to greatness, of course, with the GL/GA run a few months after this. This issue also takes Batman into a more gothic area, which would continue for years throughout the seventies. Definitely one of the holy grails of my collection. And my first signature acquisition since 2016. Four more Adams books to go. Enjoy.
  11. Yes, thank the heavens for CGC. Over the years I've bought several raw books by mail from dealers, and believe me, I've been burned. Guys who don't know how to grade or simply lie about the grade. CGC has made buying safe and taken away the apprehension. Those who turn their backs on third party grading are living in denial.
  12. Thanks for the compliment Brandon! And right you are about the stimulating Skywald covers. Mind you, the Warren mags were just as guilty in that regard.
  13. Won this in the recent Pedigree Comics auction. These mags were around for the first half of the 1970s. At the time, many thought of them as the poor man's Warren mags. But since then a cult following has developed for these books, more or less. A bunch of them were up for auction here, which was a surprise, since you rarely see slabbed copies of these turn up on the market. Along with Nightmare, there was also Scream and Psycho. I like the provocative cover on this one. Enjoy.
  14. john ivic

    Subby 36

    Picked up this one today from my LCS. Continuing with my acquisition of Marvel books. Nice cover on this one with a story that features the wedding of Namor and Dorma....apparently. Wrightson is credited with artwork here, I believe he did the inking job. Enjoy.