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  1. john ivic

    Another Purple Lois Cover

    Thank you.
  2. john ivic

    Another Purple Lois Cover

    Picked this one up from Pedigree Comics. A cool cover by Neal Adams on this tough to find book. Enjoy.
  3. john ivic

    How Did This Book Become So Hot?

    I've always liked the cover of this particular issue of Sub-Mariner. So when it turned up for auction on ebay a week ago, I decide to go for it. I put in a bid earlier today for $265, the auction ending at 9:30pm est. I figured the book was worth no more than that amount, my bid being the 23rd. Well, when it was all over, there had been 36 bids and the winning amount was...……$676.66!?!?! It happens to be a pedigree copy, but still. Is Tiger Shark going to appear in a movie or something? The last 9.2 CGC copy sold in a Comic Link auction a little over a year ago for $132.
  4. john ivic

    Back To Buying

    Well, here's the first purchase for 2019. Just got this on ebay, where my best offer was accepted. One of the more difficult WWs to find in high grade. Happy New Year!
  5. john ivic

    Sad day on Jan 4th 2019 ...

    I agree that comic stores are becoming a thing of the past. Which is too bad. Here in Toronto, many stores have disappeared over the last 20 years or so. I myself buy 99 per cent of my books online. Such is life during the internet age.
  6. john ivic

    Year End Comments

    Looks like I'm done with purchases for this year. Acquired 17 books for 2018, much less than the previous year, when I bought 38 altogether. But this year it was a matter of quality over quantity, as I picked up many key books. And nothing under 9.2. So, I'll return here next year. Happy Holidays everyone!
  7. john ivic

    Hulk 168

    Good question.
  8. john ivic

    HOM 178

  9. john ivic

    HOM 178

    Just won this in an auction. An upgrade from the 9.0 I currently have. One of the few House Of Mystery issues with interior art by Neal Adams. And it's always nice to land a pedigree copy. Enjoy.
  10. john ivic

    Hip Diana Prince

    Picked this up from World Wide Comics. A few of these books featuring the mortal, powerless Wonder Woman have nice covers that appeal to me, and this is one of them. Missed out on an awesome 9.2 issue 178 two weeks ago in the Comic Link auction, having been outbid at the last second. Also trying to find a high grade copy of 185. Enjoy.
  11. john ivic

    Hulk 168

    Here's the scan.
  12. john ivic

    Hulk 168

    Won this on ebay today. Nice cover that I've always admired by the late, great Herb Trimpe. Enjoy.
  13. john ivic

    Lois Lane 83

    Just picked this one up on ebay, my best offer being accepted. Don't pick up many books nowadays with this original CGC label. And there are very few copies of this one on the census. Enjoy.
  14. john ivic

    Teen Titans 22

    Okay, here is the scan.
  15. john ivic

    Teen Titans 22

    Just won this in the Comic Link auction. My first 9.6 DC acquisition in quite some time. Neal Adams sharing artwork duties with Nick Cardy. Five more Adams books to go.