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  1. Last Buy For 2017

    Picked this one up just now from World Wide Comics. A nice pedigree copy and also an OAK, as this is the only 9.4 slabbed copy. Another lightweight fantasy cover for this title, which was so prevalent with DC at the time. Still, a guilty pleasure nonetheless. This was absolutely my best year for acquisitions. 39 CGC books in all. The breakdown - 19 DC, 16 Marvel, 2 Warren and 2 Amryl. Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy.
  2. Captain Marvel 17

    Picked this one up on ebay today. The start of the Mar-Vell/Rick Jones body transferral between Earth and the Negative Zone, by way of the nega-bands. This new situation would eventually lead to the Thanos saga a couple of years later. Now if only I could afford a high grade copy of Marvel Super-Heroes 13, the first appearance of Carol Danvers. Enjoy.
  3. Frazetta Greatness IV

    Just won this gem on ebay. An interesting take on the Kong story. Seven of them actually, in this issue. Frazetta at his best, as is usual with his Warren covers. Like my recently purchased Eerie 7, this is another super tough one to find. Enjoy.
  4. Avengers 93

    Picked this up from Comic Connect yesterday. The beginning of the alien war saga courtesy of Roy Thomas and Neal Adams. The most valuable Marvel book featuring Neal's artwork. Would have preferred a higher grade, but one buys what one can afford. Eight more Adams books to go. Enjoy.
  5. Horror From Neal

    Just won this in the Comic Link auction. A very nice cover by Adams with interior work by him and Berni Wrightson. Amazingly, a 9.6 in the same auction went for $1,300. More than a grand than I paid for this one. This is an upgrade from the 9.0 I have. Also looking to do the same with my 178 and 179. One of the very few with Neal's work interior-wise on this title, I think there was four or five in all. Enjoy.
  6. Frazetta Greatness III

    A nice pickup here from ebay. One of my favorites of Frank Frazetta's many Warren covers. Tough to find in the higher grades slabbed and when one does turn up, the price is usually quite steep. Fortunately, my best offer to the seller on ebay was accepted and I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg. Enjoy.
  7. -Question about the Massachusetts Pedigree-

    Does anyone know who owns the 9.2 Mass. pedigree copy of House Of Mystery 190? It was listed on Comic Link's for sale section for some time at $400 before being pulled off along with several other DC Mass. horror books in April of this year. I'm desperate to buy this book.
  8. One More Purchase

    Whew!!! Time to take a break from comic buying before I bankrupt myself. No more books until 2018. All in all, I had one of my best years ever for acquisitions. Maybe the best. I raised my total registry points from 64,000 to 77,000. Speaking of points, this one is worth an impressive 850. Fourth appearance of the new X-Men. I'll get back to the journals next year. Enjoy.
  9. Flash 204

    Won this in the recent Heritage auction. A cool Neal Adams cover with Iris Allen ratting out her husband's secret identity. Also a pedigree, which is always nice to acquire. Enjoy.
  10. Action Packed Neal

    Picked this one up today at the Toronto Fan Expo. A backup story by Neal on something called the Human Target. I like the cover by Nick Cardy, depicting an "everyday life" scene. Nine more Adams books to go. Enjoy.
  11. X=Men 116

    Picked this one up today from a LCS. Another nice dollar/point ratio here, the book being worth twice as much in points compared to the amount I paid. Enjoy.
  12. What Happened?

    I just put in my latest journal about Superboy 151 and despite going into my pictures file and adding the cover scan, it did not show up. Bummer! What gives?
  13. Superboy 151

    A pickup from Heritage auctions the other day. A rather dramatic one by Neal Adams, probably the best of his Superboy covers. Of course, you know what's on the cover does not happen in the story. Unless it's one of DC's "imaginary tales". Oh well, whatever it takes to make the sale. Enjoy.
  14. Back To Adams

    Picked this one up recently from World Wide Comics. One of the better covers by Neal Adams on this title. Not included in my Adams countdown though, since this is cover artwork only. Sightless Superman and a beached Aquaman. The Earth in peril! Enjoy.
  15. Conan 11

    Just won this in the Comic Link auction. A tough one to find in the higher grades slabbed. A surprise also, since my winning bid was under $250. Barry Windsor-Smith at his best! Marvel high grade acquisitions are easy to secure, so it seems. Enjoy.