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  1. Hey All, I know we are all interested in the Batman stories which have seen reprint, but I am actually doing some research involving the the "Bruce Nelson" back up story by Tom Hickey. It continues from Detective Comics # 27 into # 28 "The New Orleans Mardi Gras Murder part two" I'm curious if these back up stories have ever been re-printed or scans available online? Thanks for any info. Joshua
  2. Hi All, Many years ago I came across an image online depicting an updated Captain America #1 featuring Captain America punching out Osama Bin Laden. The artwork was done by Joe Simon and watercolored by him circa 2002. I was wondering if anyone has pic of it to share? Also, does anyone know if this was ever released as a convention print? Thanks for your help. Regards, Joshua
  3. Hi All, I recently purchased a small collection of low grade Golden Age books. A number of them are completely detached, some have detached centerfolds only, and others have spine splits and large tears. Since I've already determined that many of these would grade very low, I'm interested more in restoring or conserving some of these. For detached covers, I'm planning to use a PVA and simply glue the cover on. I'm sure the proper way is to do leaf casting, which I haven't a clue how to do. 1) However for Spine Splits and large tears, I wanted to try a tear seal with Japanese rice paper and wheat paste. Does anyone here have experience with this and advise on what type of Japanese Rice paper to use? 2) What should be done about detached centerfolds when a comic is Mid-low grade? I appreciate your help. regards, Joshua
  4. Any Idea what the value is on the beat up Funny Animals # 1 and the Land Of the Lost?
  5. Help | Funny Animal Books and Original Artwork Hi All, I enjoy reading the board discussions here but have never had reason to post. I really only collect Super hero comics, and not much golden age except for Captain Marvel and DC/Marvel if I can find them in my price range. A friend of mine came across a small collection of Funny Animal books and a piece of Original artwork by Saul Kessler who worked for Max Fleischer and DC. The condition is rough on some of these but there are a couple that look pretty good, and i just have no idea what the value could be at these conditions or on the Original comic artwork because I'm not as familiar with this area. Here's the list as best as I can tell, I have attached pics. I would love to hear more experienced thoughts/opinions. You can also email me directly Original Artwork Signed by Saul Kessler- Can't find what comic its from Land of the Lost #1 by EC, looks to be Fine- condition Funny Animals # 1 beat to hell, but have not idea of value in this condition Funny Funnies # 1 Jo Jo Comics #6 Rib Tickler #8 All Top Comics # 7 Punch and Judy #11 New Funnies # 73 Funny Folks # 6 Funny Stuff # 6 Funny Stuff # 9 Funny Stuff # 10 Funny Stuff # 12 Funny Stuff # 13 Funny Stuff # 15 Funny Stuff # 16 Funny Stuff # 18 Thanks For the help!