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  1. id just ignore it but I have had dumb enough buyers to counter offer my price with a higher price which I obviously accepted and they paid. ive also had several occasions where they send a best offer higher than the buy it now price. I don't understand their logic but the extra money is nice.
  2. just curious how sales were and what attendance was like. I normally go but I along with a lot of other people I know are all going to keystone this weekend so skipped out.
  3. im watching and think this season is pretty lousy. I really thought the show was great and hit a stride when they did the big re-cast but has since slowly died back down. this latest episode I thought may have been the worst episode of the entire franchise. was extremely boring. it felt like more of a recap for people who have never seen the show before. and can we get over this whole leave a box thing, we get it, it doesn't need to drag out and be the entire premise of the show. you can leave boxes while doing a bigger story line to keep continuity but to keep it as a main focus is just dull.
  4. I just won a captain marvel 18 last week the same way, so I guess it does happen quite often. I will say as a seller I have also been seeing more and more slow payments.
  5. ill buy a low grade book as a placeholder. if I never get a chance to buy a better copy or the book sky rockets in price at least I have a copy for the run. this has happened a few times where a book skyrocketed and I became ecstatic to have bought the lower grade as at the time I wouldn't have even been able to afford that if I waited. then if you do get a nicer copy you simply sell the lesser one and recoup some of the cost. bottom line is either way you at least have the book.
  6. for the same reasons one cover A book that is printed at 20,000 copies goes to $50 and another cover A book printed at the same amount is found in dollar bins.
  7. I just ran out at lunch and confirmed the exact quantities that were listed above. I picked up the 3 black cats and a thanos. I like when they have totally different covers and not just the changed logo color but decided on the thanos anyways.
  8. I would never buy a book off a dealer if they made me pay tax on a cash purchase. id tell them to take a hike. now for a credit card transaction im shocked if they DONT add tax and that is fine. whether you have a tax ID or not doesn't mean you actually report the tax. like someone else said like waiters, dealers don't report 90% of their income since theres no way to track how many books were actually sold at a show. they report enough to make it look worth while and to pay for the booth but the rest just goes right in the pocket. all credit card transactions must be reported because there is a trace. this goes for anything in life. if you never asked a maintenance guy or laborer doing work on your house for a cash discount you are wasting a lot of money because they almost always give deals knowing they are making the money under the table and don't have to report the tax from a cashed check or card which can be traced. you can pull this for any small family business as well like landscapers, photographers, electricians, etc.
  9. def a very awkward cover. is this a retailer exclusive or just a late cover add through previews?
  10. ill chime in. im a big fan of the series and even a big fan of fear. but this past season has been total trash. ive never been more bored. the stories are dull and not cohesive at all. only thing redeeming right now is Negan which we get so little of. why keep watching it? well I have a lot of time invested with the property so even if its garbage I still want to know where it goes. how much worse can it get, will it turn around, don't know unless you watch. I also hate the argument of if you don't like something you cant comment. if only the people who liked it watched the show than every comment would be positive. that goes for everything. to make an informed statement about anything good or bad you need to watch it to make said comment or else you have no merit. so let people speak their mind. I will say while the show is bad its still probably the best thing on sundays at 9pm. again that's not saying much or mean its good, just better than award shows and baking championships that are on every channel. but once sunday night football starts back up TWD get demoted to Monday dvr watching at 6pm.
  11. I might drop in. last show was one of the better ones, got a lot of great deals and pulled some killer books out of the dollar bins. but at the same time I have a ton going on so playing it by ear. what type of stuff are you bringing?
  12. im a big figure collector and these would go down as the same price as loose figures. easy to sell but not for the high price packaged figures, even damaged but complete card figures would demand
  13. ive been through his stuff a few times at Lehigh valley comic con and just never found anything remotely worth while. I did see maybe a book or two that would have been good but like you said the condition took it back down to being worthless. I have had much better luck with the people who run the show in their 50 cent boxes. I have pulled plenty of $50 to $100 books out of there and can walk away with a stack of $20 books every time. so for my time vested id rather just give them a look rather than try to pull a single book from the old guy. I also checked his stuff at the last gap con and didn't find anything. now I don't bother looking at his stuff. he also does a flea market I visit and I just don't bother. im sure its good for run fillers on newer stuff but I already have all that stuff I need. maybe ill give it one more chance based on your experience.
  14. this is probably the worst convention you could ever go to. I went twice, first time was a mess but I never give up on something after one experience as things can always change. well second time I went it was even worse so will never return ever. they don't have more than a handful of dealers and its the same people every time. the older couple selling junk 50 cent books are just that, 50 cent junk books. sorry don't need those for my collection, that's the junk I just want to get rid of. and the guy who sells the older hodge podge books he pulls from his basement show after show and never sorts is soooooo over priced. the grades of his books are terrible and he sells them at VF to NM prices. complete waste. im sure your stuff was better, not like that would be hard, but I don't see how its even profitable to go there cause both times I was there I don't know if 50 people total walked through the door. with that said anyone hitting up the Allentown comic con next weekend. wont be the best but will def be better than this.
  15. I would never even think to use string so baffles me how someone actually thinks its a good idea. like it wouldn't even be on my radar when thinking of the worst ways to package something.