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  1. classicaaron

    Some help for figure collectors, please.

    im a big figure collector and these would go down as the same price as loose figures. easy to sell but not for the high price packaged figures, even damaged but complete card figures would demand
  2. classicaaron

    Gap Con -- Mount Bethel, PA -- November 4, 2018

    ive been through his stuff a few times at Lehigh valley comic con and just never found anything remotely worth while. I did see maybe a book or two that would have been good but like you said the condition took it back down to being worthless. I have had much better luck with the people who run the show in their 50 cent boxes. I have pulled plenty of $50 to $100 books out of there and can walk away with a stack of $20 books every time. so for my time vested id rather just give them a look rather than try to pull a single book from the old guy. I also checked his stuff at the last gap con and didn't find anything. now I don't bother looking at his stuff. he also does a flea market I visit and I just don't bother. im sure its good for run fillers on newer stuff but I already have all that stuff I need. maybe ill give it one more chance based on your experience.
  3. classicaaron

    Gap Con -- Mount Bethel, PA -- November 4, 2018

    this is probably the worst convention you could ever go to. I went twice, first time was a mess but I never give up on something after one experience as things can always change. well second time I went it was even worse so will never return ever. they don't have more than a handful of dealers and its the same people every time. the older couple selling junk 50 cent books are just that, 50 cent junk books. sorry don't need those for my collection, that's the junk I just want to get rid of. and the guy who sells the older hodge podge books he pulls from his basement show after show and never sorts is soooooo over priced. the grades of his books are terrible and he sells them at VF to NM prices. complete waste. im sure your stuff was better, not like that would be hard, but I don't see how its even profitable to go there cause both times I was there I don't know if 50 people total walked through the door. with that said anyone hitting up the Allentown comic con next weekend. wont be the best but will def be better than this.
  4. classicaaron

    Why can't sellers get the comic packing thing right?

    I would never even think to use string so baffles me how someone actually thinks its a good idea. like it wouldn't even be on my radar when thinking of the worst ways to package something.
  5. classicaaron

    One week old. 1 in 100. Already $2k?

    this just proves theres a lot of dumb collectors out there. its a nice cover but nothing special, many DC B covers of the week are better than this. and like others said, many much better first appearance books can be had for less. sell now if you have one that's for sure.
  6. not that my podcast fits this requirement we do discuss all things pop culture and do a lot of movie reviews and have horror guests. but we cover comic books, toys, conventions, and all geek talk search for Dysfunctional Nerdcast on all podcast directories.
  7. classicaaron

    Seling Comics - Business Potential?

    wow, im not a dealer and I can tell your in way over your head and sound essentially clueless about comics. not trying to be rude but you need the truth and if your asking im going to give it. and really your asking about profit potential when you don't even know what you have. how would anyone even be able to answer that? we don't know if you have dollar books or hundred dollar books. and you cant get through a measly 2500 books. a main point of business is to know your inventory which you clearly don't. I sort through that many in an hour all the time, its rather easy. if it takes you longer you clearly don't know what your looking for. I also work a 8-5 and have family and all the other stuff people do but still find an hour to look through something especially if im considering it as an income. if you don't have time how are you going to have time to go through 10's of thousands of books. stick to being a hobbyist and making a dollar or two here and there because if you try this as a business you will just be selling it to a real comic dealer for pennies on the dollar a year from now.
  8. classicaaron

    Opinions on Viewing Comics From Dealers at Cons

    ive never experienced what you said. as long as you know the situation I cant imagine you would run into a problem. if the booth is packed with 10 people trying to buy don't bother the guy asking to open and inspect books. if its a small local show and hes sitting there by himself or maybe one other guy is going through boxes than ask away. I also don't ask on any book under $50. I guess I just don't imagine being "ripped" off for that cost. over that I really need to know what im getting. just always ask them to open it so any possible damage to the book would be on them and not you and they will respect that. also don't be that guy asking to open 10 books and then not buy a single one. I would be mad as a dealer in that same situation and thank you for wasting my time.
  9. classicaaron

    Keystone Comic Con Philly Sept. 16-18 2018

    I thought the show was great. very organized and a lot of comic dealers compared to a lot of other conventions I attend. is it as good as Baltimore, no. was it much better than wizard world philly, yes. I thought the dealers had books priced to move so I got some great books for really cheap. as others said the show was beyond dead. I felt like I was shopping during after hours or something. it made for a great experience as a shopper since there was so much space to look around and you didn't have to fight for box space and you had plenty of space to set your books as you looked. but for the promoter I have no idea how they would make money with such little attendance. I will def go back next year.
  10. classicaaron

    Need help from an ebay guru

    id also just cancel. like miraclemet said every buyer I had that either had a lot of questions upfront or had any minor issues prior to shipping always had major issues with the delivery even though nothing was ever wrong. they complain about the item or damage or delay but when asked for proof never offer it. basically a lot of people in this world will just complain over anything and everything and expect things for free. so instead of being stuck with return shipping or having to completely refund and never get your item back just cancel and sell to a reasonable person.
  11. classicaaron

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    the idea was to always display the stuff so I can enjoy it or else whats the point. I did have half of it boxed up prying to moving so made it a priority when I finished the basement to have enough room to display everything. just gives me a childhood feeling of walking through TRU as a kid and seeing just aisles of cool toys. so that feeling is priceless. that's what stinks about my comics, over 16,000 books and only have like 10 graded books out on display. I guess they are still at least accessible if need be. Also if anyone wants an actual walkthrough video to get a better feel for layout you can search "dysfunctional nerdcast" on youtube and it will come right up
  12. classicaaron

    Went to a con and didn't buy a comic book

    id be happy if the shows around here had those $20 books you don't want. I feel every show is dollar boxes or pure garbage or $100 and up wall books. I don't particularly want either of those types of books at shows. some mid and minor keys in that $20 - $50 range would be fantastic but are just not around. with that said ive never walked away from the show empty handed. I will force myself to buy at least one thing to justify my time.
  13. classicaaron

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    well I finished half my basement for just this purpose so it was all carefully planned out and built accordingly. and my OCD also helps with the organizing
  14. classicaaron

    what a week I’m having

    this is exactly why I don't have any animals. man I don't even know what I would do. such a loss.
  15. classicaaron

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    while not my comic book room as all my comics are just boxed and in a closet but I figured id show my toy collection on here. hey it at least has a lot of comic oriented stuff in it. anyone here you go. I have four aisles built. so this is about half of my stuff, ran out of room long ago. not sure what ill do with my comics either as those are starting to pile up as well.