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  1. I bought a low grade copy of tales to astonish #44 and was wondering if it looks like a clean and press would help it out any. I’ve never had any done before so I don’t really know if this comic would even be worth getting it done to. I’d appreciate any opinions on it, thanks.
  2. Got my Hulk 181 back, It came back a 8.0 restored. I was very disappointed that it came back restored. I'm sending it back for restoration removal, pressing, and regrading.
  3. Restoration includes: small amount of color touch on cover, small amount of glue on spine of cover. Grader notes: Color touch (Non-archival material small areas) Spine C-1Glue/adhesive (Non-archival material small amount) Top Staple C-1
  4. I recently sent in a hulk 181 to be graded and it has come back as a restored 8.0. What is the value of a 8.0 hulk 181 that's got a restored label?
  5. Ok, thanks. I added a pic of the back of hulk 181 and the pages from batman 181. I'd upload a back pic of batman 181 but I've already sent them off to be graded and don't have a back pic of it.
  6. Any guesses on what these two comics I recently purchased will grade. I always try to guess them but never have much luck. Hulk 181 Batman 181