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  1. anybody else seen those Taschen "Little Book Of's"

    Their books from Sven Kirsten on Tiki are fantastic. There are 4 Volumes right now and each is just amazing. So many wonder pic of old Tiki culture. Can't get enough of that stuff.

    Amazing Spider-Man 300 the first Venom! Usual rules apply. 1st is the . Price is $275.00 plus $8 shipping No probation or HOS's Payment by PayPal Returns 7 days if not as described.
  3. Selling my Werewolf By Night 32 first appearance of Moon Knight. Had a sale go though on me and now it's your turn to grab a great book! First the Rules: 1) First is the 2) No Probation/HOS 3) Payment by Paypal 4) Returns accepted w/in 7 days if book not as described 5) Shipping is $10 anywhere in the USA Book is in the FN-/FN range. Looks greats, very small tear (right by the "Were" portion) on top not really noticeable. No restorations have been done. Tight binding, no loose pages. Looking for $420.00
  4. PGM WWBN 32

    Thanks; wasn't sure with the small <1/8" on the cover.
  5. PGM WWBN 32

    Just seeing what everyone thinks. I'm thinking about a 4.5 or so.
  6. This week in your collection?

    Seriously envious of those who have an Ollie's nearby. There are tons of books I'd like a crack at. The closest one to us here in WI is in Michigan, not an easy feat in the middle of February. Especially with a 7" snow storm on the way. Stupid winter.
  7. This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    It's a rough copy but it's a personal grail and was able to grab it at a good price.
  8. First Appearance of Mon-El and a nice AC dedicated to Supergirl that will display nicely next to my statue.
  9. This week in your collection?

    Some lower grade goodness. May not look the best but they're beautiful to me. And the SS4 is a personal grail I thought I'd never own.
  10. My OCD tendencies -issue needed to be displayed

    Thanks, looks like a good candidate.
  11. Just bought my first Deflof and am now setting it up. Now due to my OCD tendencies and when I get an idea I have to go with it I have a (1st world) problem. I like to have a book displayed next to each statue of that character. Such as my Gal Gadot signed WW next to her statue, and my Doc Strange next to his etc. I have a Supergirl statue that needs a mate. I'd like to display it with an older book preferably Bronze age or earlier. AC 252 is definitely out unless I can find a 0.5 or similar. What are some other solid SG books to display? I was thinking AC 276 or 285. Any other suggestions? Know it's a weird issue but hey what's a comic fan to do when we all get these ideas in our heads?
  12. I'm looking for a super low grade AC 252. I mean 1.0-2.0 even a 0.5 as long as the cover presents decently with no huge chunks missing, I'm interested.
  13. Benoist Signed Supergirl

  14. What was the first comic you ever "hoarded"

    The great hype of 1993...The Death of Superman. Had 5 of the newsstand; 10 of they poly-bagged. Went in hard. But, it was the event that really got me into collecting so I hold no grudges.
  15. Hello, I'm looking for a lower grade 2.0-4.0 EC Weird Science #13 (2nd version). Must present nice, no chunks missing from the cover (small pieces OK, but want the overall cover to be complete). Raw or slabbed OK. Looking to spend around $150-$250.