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  1. Celebrity Signed Books

    Got my Gal Gadot signed Wondy! Considering it more of a placeholder until I can grab a photo variant, but it still looks good.!
  2. WTB Gal Gadot Signed WW/JL

    Thanks for all the leads everyone. I was able to grab a placeholder right now until I can get that signed photo variant.
  3. WTB Gal Gadot Signed WW/JL

    Missed out on the Henn signing, so bumpity, bump, bump.
  4. WTB Gal Gadot Signed WW/JL

    I know. May have to suck it up and get it though eBay.
  5. WTB Gal Gadot Signed WW/JL

    Thanks for the heads up. Now to sell something to get the last $150 I need for the Wonder Woman photo cover. Way better than the $850 plus I see on eBay. Hopefully, it'll last a few days.
  6. Morning all! In addition to looking for a low grad IH 181 I'm also looking for a Gal Gadot signed Wonder Woman or Justice League issue. Have a Cavill signed Sups and am looking to get started on one from each of the 6. Let me know if you have something or are aware if one is out there. Thanks!
  7. WTB Low Grade IH 181

  8. GL 76 club

    Not the greatest condition but was my first major key
  9. WWBN 32 CLUB

  10. WTB Low Grade IH 181

    Looking to buy/trade for a low grade IH 181 in the 1.8-2.5 range. Know it's a long shot looking to spend about $350 plus trade of ASM 300 raw in 6-7 as pictured. Would like decent cover appeal but show what you got and see if we can make something work
  11. What age has the best covers????

    Bronze age, just beautiful covers. It's what got me back into the hobby. Followed by late Silver Age.
  12. Other Passions Besides Comics?

    I collect Autographed photos, cards, signed balls, old auction catalogs, bobble heads, game used bats. And my prized posessions a game used BJ Surhoff glove and a Milwaukee County Stadium wooden seat. I also collect old gas station signs and oil cans. And as a music lover I grab all the Rockabilly I can on vinyl. Love the look my 5 year old nephew gives me when he asks to go downstairs and play records. He fascinated by it.
  13. Other Passions Besides Comics?

    Thems fighting words! Don't worry the Crew will blow it on their own. They'll probably take Arrieta from you and turn him into the next Jeff Suppan, Kyle Losche, Matt Garza... In other words, they're grab a pitcher after his prime for big bucks and be stuck with them as they decline for the next 4 years or so.
  14. Other Passions Besides Comics?

    That's awesome. I try to collect some baseball wax as well. I have at least one wax pack from Topps from 68-80. Then a few or there. Sometimes, I want to open them but I just appreciate the art on the pack and tell myself why do away with the mystery?
  15. Other Passions Besides Comics?

    Hello All, Just a friendly question to get to know what some of our other passions are and where they rank. For example besides comics my big passion is collecting Baseball memorabilia. Have a great passion for America's past time and love to read about it, watch it, collect it. Have a room in my house that's dedicated to it with autograph pics and cards and the like. In contrast, my comic display is in a corner of the finished basement. But, collecting comics is overtaking my baseball collecting even though my love for the game hasn't waived (Opening Day is considered a religious holiday with me)> Have to say it's funny though as I now enjoy collecting comics more than baseball stuff. Used to love card collecting but got turned off by buying pack after pack and getting doubles, commons and nothing really worth while. I could spend $100 on a box of cards and get nothing special while that same $100 could buy me a good amount of comics both new and back issues. At least with the new issues you know what your getting. A good read and if you collect variants you know what your getting instead of the chase of finding the 25/100 card that you could spend God knows how much. I feel like my money goes farther with comics than cards/ Anyone else feel the same way?