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  1. Brewcrewfan77

    Zombie Tramp?!? Prices

    I'm thinking for the time being I'm going to keep it. Very few of these made and I think there's room for growth.
  2. Brewcrewfan77

    Zombie Tramp?!? Prices

    I'm still debating on selling it but if I do, I'll let you know first.
  3. Brewcrewfan77

    Zombie Tramp?!? Prices

    Sorry to bring up an old topic but my question is pretty much the same. To hold on to my SR Graphics Z.T. #1 or to sell it. Found it at a HPB for a $1.00 (or $1.50, can't remember but full disclosure). My wife says hang on to it but it's not like it's a Golden or Silver Age grail. Rather newish and I haven't heard of any movie or TV show attached to it. I'd say mine is about a 8.5 or so with a small ding to the corner and a non color breaking crease on the back that could be pressed out. Opinions?
  4. I have to agree. The Walmart's lately have been terrible. Been looking for the Walmart exclusive Harley Quinn but all I find is nearly 10 month old Marvel Legends and some new-ish Transformers. Targets have been a bit better but still hard to come by. Walgreens used to be good but even they dried up in the past few months.
  5. Well, just as I say the big stuff is gone, I find a Zombie Tramp #1 SR Distro for $1. So, it seems like they know the major keys but you might be able to find some variants for a good price.
  6. Funny thing is that it was just in with the rest of the non boxed books.
  7. Brewcrewfan77

    Earn 8%eBay bucks on app, 6% onsite

    I swear they know when I spend big on books and give the deal the day after. Darn Government and eBay spying on me
  8. It looks like it. In Greenfield WI. The one in Brookfield is much more reasonably priced on some key type issues.
  9. I've never scored a major victory but has found DC Universe UPC's for $1 and a few $15-$20 books from anywhere from $1-$2.50. It does seem like they do have a comic book person to get price the really good ones. But he can be way off. One of the HPB's by me had a first Guy Gardner in a G/G+ for $300 and what they said was a high grade GL 76 for $3000! It was a 6.0/6.5 at best. I was pretty much appalled. But, I do get good deals on TPBs.
  10. Was at a bargain outlet that’s right next door to one of my LCS’s and picked up a DC Best of ‘94 Pack with 8 DC Universe Variants for $8. I’ll take it.
  11. Bought this today at a bargain store. Somewhat “sealed” but all DC Universe variants. I’ll take it for $7.
  12. Brewcrewfan77

    This week in your collection?

    Picked up a few DC's that I've had my eyes on for a while and a trying to expand into some "older" indies" as well.
  13. Brewcrewfan77

    Future of Detective 880

    So, I am at a quandary. Looking to grab either a Detective 880 or a Batman 251 both great Joker covers. Seeing as how a high grade Detective 880 seems to be increasing would it be better to grab one of those now vs. getting a low mid grade Bats 251? Either would be for my personal collection, I'm just asking if the Jock cover will continue to increase to get out of reach vs. seeing that a low mid grade Batman 251 seems to holding steady where I should be able to get a hold of one for the same price a bit down the line. Hope that makes sense. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  14. Brewcrewfan77

    This week in your collection?

    A pretty good week for me. Grabbed a few goodies and some Joker covers. I'm really like focusing on something specific for a change.