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  1. I'm looking for these issues of the series in 9.6+ condition (I have plenty that won't make the grade): 3 (Antarctic) 5, 11, 13, 15, 17, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 36 (Eternity) 70 Ashcan special subscription printing (any condition) 150 blank sketch cover 176 Kickstarter cover NHS Swimsuit Portfolio Asrial X Portfolio (ConFURence 2000) NHS Swimsuit Character Cards (A-Kon 1999) I'm also looking for anything else I don't have! If I didn't list it, I might not know about it! I have 10 different t-shirts, the button collection from SDCC
  2. (my emphasis added) I think this exactly corroborates Kav's original thesis of "Silver Age DC imaginary stories." This kind of Vision story would have been extremely unlikely in the Marvel Universe from 1961-1995, when everything could be found to fit into the overall continual narrative of the collective universe. Since the mid-90s, there has been an increase of "disposable" storytelling from Marvel, and the same thing has been happening at DC since the New52. I'd suggest that "Heroes Reborn" and "Heroes Return" really started this, but Spider-Man's Clone Saga paved the way. Writers c
  3. Yep, Canadian newsstand. They'll reholder and correct it for free (but you're out the shipping to get it to them). Something similar happened to one of mine and I waited to take it to a convention where they were doing on-site grading so the reholder was totally free.
  4. Suggest to block eBay userid: danielled3 This person bought a Darkhawk #2 CGC 9.6 from me for $20, paid on time, but upon receiving it wanted to return it with the usual amateur complaints: didn't agree the book was really a 9.6, the sides of the slab weren't sealed all the way, the label looked nothing like a CGC label, etc. I guess they think it would be worth the time to counterfeit a Darkhawk slab for $20... A quick check of danielled3's previous activity showed a lot of Disney collectibles and sports cards, but zero comics. Maybe this person was trying to angle for a partial refund,
  5. Any thought to I, Lusiphur by Drew Hayes for Mulehide Graphics? Poison Elves was pretty hot for a moment, and the larger magazine-size format of the original issues couldn't have helped keep them in high grade. Census has 40 copies of #1 graded, 6x 9.8, 8x 9.6, 6x 9.4, 2x 9.2, 2x 9.0 so not impossible but by no means common.
  6. I was thinking there was a form for the artist/writer to fill out, basically an affidavit that they did, in fact, sign the book in question...?
  7. I recently pulled three NB variants from the regular bins at my LCS, $2 each in maybe VG/FN. Marvel Feature 3, Marvel Feature 4, and Marvel Presents 1. They've all been added to GCD for posterity! The most interesting thing I noticed was how some pages would be reprinted from totally unrelated books to keep up the page count... Marvel Feature 3 has the letters page from X-Men 98, and Marvel Feature 4 has the letters page from Amazing Spider-Man 153 with an explanation of the original Clone Saga by Roger Slifer. Print registration is significantly better on the Marvel Presents than either Marve
  8. I'm not sure how high resolution you want things to be, but Grand Comics Database (comics.org) is crowd-editable like Wikipedia. If the scan in the database isn't good enough to tell what's going on, you can upload a new one. There is something of a vetting process to become a contributor, but I would think adding to a publicly accessible database would be preferable to doing all that work just for yourself.
  9. Personally, and for my own collection, I like to get signatures of creators who are a little unusual for a given book, like a pin-up artist or even if a fan letter is published from someone who's now a pro. I recognize this likely makes them less valuable on the resale market, but I think it expands the breadth of my collection. So, would you get a Todd signature on Spawn 1? I counted 68 Spawn #1 CGC SS by Todd on eBay. 68! So how could yours stand out? Another sig from someone *slightly* related, perhaps? I also saw several of the Rust issues with the Spawn ad signed by Todd, isn't this a
  10. I wouldn't think it would be different, but that's just supposition. If/when you get a definitive answer, please post it here! I, for one, have several books by less-prominent creators who don't often appear at shows with CGC facilitators, so if I could send them maybe five comics and some CGC paperwork it would be great, I just haven't looked into it fully.
  11. In order for a comic to have the Signature Series label, you have to have a CGC witness or facilitator watch the comic be signed and escort you back to the CGC table to turn it in. This is how they can guarantee the signature is real. Signature series books are done on a separate form from regular books with blanks to write in who signed it and the witness to sign. It sounds like you just turned all your books in at once, which means the signed book either got done in a blue label with the writing considered a defect or a green label with "writing on the cover" noted. Unfortunately if there
  12. The End of Victory Culture doesn't address the issue of PX bans specifically, but does say this about comics of the era: "Take Sgt Rock, that heroic World War II noncom of DC Comics' Our Army at War series. Each issue of his adventures now sported a new seal that proclaimed, "make WAR no more," while his resolutely World War II-bound adventures were being undermined by a new enemylike consciousness. The cover of a June 1971 issue, for instance, showed the intrepid but shaken sergeant stuttering, "B-but they were civilians!" and pointing at the bodies of five men, none in uniform, who seemed to
  13. @cncapks In summary, there is a subset of advertising inserts targeted specifically at servicemen from companies like National Diamond Sales, Mark Jewelers, Mennen personal grooming, Alka Seltzer, and Bose speakers that were included in some issues distributed through military newsstand channels. In most cases, the newsstand was located inside the PX but ran as a separate entity, so if you paid for your comics at the newsstand inside the PX they would use an ink stamp (usually blue/indigo, usually six-pointed, usually over the cover price) to prove that you had paid your 20 cents or whatever.
  14. Marvel comics were not broadly banned from all PXs, as demonstrated by the "Mark Jewelers" inserts and "star stamped" covers from throughout the 70s. If Marvel Comics were intentionally banned from Viet Nam for some political purpose, I suggest they would have also been banned more widely at all PXs around the world. Not conclusive, of course, just an assessment. If I had to speculate, I'd say it was more of a logistics problem where the freight into Viet Nam was limited and the guy making the decision on what got to go in was more familiar with Batman and Superman so green-lit DC. I'm no