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  1. THAT gets to the crux of the matter. "...the straight edge and sharp corners have been restored." Quite right. The definition of restoration is NOT having something added, even though the TPGs try to pass that off. The real definition of restoration is "the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition." (bold italics mine to make a point).
  2. I have seen this analogy since I joined these boards in 2002 and it is as incorrect now is it was then. Comparing paper/ink to metal/paint has absolutely no basis in reality. The way a car reacts to washing and the way a comic book reacts to cleaning/pressing is the same? Absolutely not. A car does not have fibers that can get raised when moistened. A car does not have sizing that can be dissolved or rubbed away. The finish of a car does not react remotely the way the finish/surface and structure of a comic book reacts. Are you advocating we all wax our comics to get that "Mint Gloss"?
  3. Hey Shad! Honestly, CGC has allowed so many anti-CBCS posts to linger here in spite of their years old stating that any mention of CBCS would be wiped. So why not go to Mickey D to see what's good at Jack? If CGC allows mention of CBCS in a negative light as often as they do, they should danged well allow any talk about them...or stick to their word and do a thorough housecleaning of all CBCS related posts.
  4. For lobby cards I use a 14x18 color metal (Nielsen type) frame with a matching color matte board cut for an 11x14 image (it will be slightly less than 11x14 to let it hold the pic, so to speak.) For larger pieces like one-shhets (27x41), half sheets (22x28), inserts (14x36) etc. I use a color frame that is cut for that size, so it is flush mounted. For any piece I look at it and use a frame color that complements the piece. Sorry for the crappy phone photos but I think they convery the idea. BTW - that Son of Frankenstein in the red grouping is a CGC graded still in the mylar. PS -
  5. I made that list only including horror rather than sci-fi, which is why WSF is not in the list. I was responding to the suggestion of chopping the 1955 listings from my list.
  6. Sorry to be so late but an understandable misconception. Please do NOT cut of anything post 1955 from my list! Those are just the publication dates in the indicia. Such comic book dates are notoriously inaccurate, which is why we love arrival stamps so much to help clear up some debates on which book came first. Notice nothing is after March 1955. If you look at an image of every 1955 title in the list you will see that indeed none of them bear the code stamp and, even though dated 1955, are indeed pre-code books!! Sincerely Povertyrow
  7. There have been many instances of a book being graded by CGC Universal, resubmitted to CGC for a Sig, and coming back a lower grade. General speculation being it happened from the cracking out of the slab, the signing, shipping or a combination of those. I don't see CBCS as a culprit here. It could have and HAS happened with only CGC involved.
  8. Not to mention the extra handling that would result. I don't collect silver age Marvels but I like reading them. So runs like Collectors Item Classics are a great way to inexpensively read the SA stores. An added bonus is these inexpensive, multi-story books, were printed in the 60s so they are real SA books in their own right.
  9. Wow this reminds me of being back on the boards in 2002 where we had Coins (we comic folk called them "Coinees") and the Sports Card Forums that, while small, always seemed to be high on controversy among the members. I'm sure some of the other oldsters remember that. The sports cards were SGC standing for Sportscards Guaranty LLC. This were really great times. It was all new and fresh and amazing! As you can see, those scales of justice were happening back then!
  10. Watched the first episode. Certainly potential IF it does not stray any further into the CM Teen thang. Felt like a right mix of several sci-fi/horror films/shows which is good because it can go in any direction at this point (remember only saw the first ep). And that ep put me in mind a bit of the TV shows BUFFY, WITCHBLADE and GRIMM S01E02 (Bears Will Be Bears). Also THE DaVINCI CODE and a itch of Jodie Foster's NELL. It does have potential so will be watching over the next week. Hope it pans out!