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  1. Is anyone going there from San Francisco I can get a ride with to and from? Happy to pay for bridge toll/gas and abide by your time schedule. My old hockey knee is bothering me and the walk is a bit long from the Bart to the con. Am in the Pac Heights area of SF. Thanks! UPDATE! A most excellent fellow has offered and I have the ride. My great thanks!
  2. If she made you feel that way she succeeded in conveying the character. She was not made to be liked and I was quite gratified at her final situation. A nicely extreme dimension of Lucy.
  3. Loved it all. Dolly Wells as Agatha Van Helsing stole every scene she was in. Talk about a fast mind and wit! Tremendous delivery. The writer(s) really nailed her and vice versa. The best Van Helsing since Edward Van Sloan's 1931 Abraham Van Helsing. Claes Bang's Count was written with absolutely no sympathetic qualities, and remarkably cruel. I would say sadistic but I think he lacks the emotions needed to BE sadistic. John Heffernan played Harker beautifully. A sympathetic character to be sure but not overly so. Sometimes spine, sometimes not so much, but always nicely tempered. The one character I was a bit irritated at was Morfydd Clark's Mina. Just too sappy/supporting/loving/not-so-bright. One needs a really strong coffee to deal with that much sugar. As far as the ship scenario, they devoted considerable time aboard The Demeter and it was well worth it. Nice insights into Dracula's history that further revealed his own morals and mores that were apparently a constant throughout his "life". Now yes, ep 3 took some mind shifting to get into and to even to understand at the start, but Lydia West's Lucy really made it worthwhile. Definitely one of the top DRACULA adaptations.
  4. Not me. By God I want to see MORE women-as-heroes leads in these movies! And I stick by my assessment that CM was tons of fun, and far more watchable than many MCU entries.
  5. This is definitely on my To Watch list. Thanks Bos! I was not aware this was even in the works.
  6. Yes. As I had said: "Just the right amount of estrogen confuses many a testosteroner."
  7. Estrogen. Just the right amount of estrogen confuses many a testosteroner.
  8. Well I joined Disney Plus the day it came out. Have watched Captain Marvel there 4 times so far and will be watching it again and again. It is just what I needed to get myself back into MCU movies. The later ones sometimes took themselves too seriously. It brought me in mind of THE AVENGERS, which for me it was the best superhero movie to date, and much of that had to do with the humor and lightness. I felt the same with the humor and lightness in Captain Marvel. Can I see the "flaws"? Of course. But to me they are minor and far exceeded by the sheer enjoyment I get watching it. So THERE!
  9. Stephen, thanks very much for expanding on the dichotomous second choice. Most insightful!