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  1. Binged S4 and really loved it. Certainly darker than previous seasons but extremely well done. Wonder if an S5 is in the offing, but if not they did leave things resolved in a sense. But hoping for an S5.
  2. Yeah. I love the direction Netflix has been taking.
  3. I've been watching odd eps this week to get back into things and reclaim the mood. Waiting for the weekend to binge S4. Also really looking forward to DESIGNATED SURVIVOR Season 3 coming to Netflix first week in June..
  4. I definitely am watching. I dropped Flash and Arrow this past year and I have the last 6 eps of Supergirl dvrd but unwatched. Legends has evolved into one of the best written, most entertaining shows around.
  5. I picked up an excellent movie lobby card (Mr. Moto In Danger Island) from 1939. Half of two borders were coated with a thick black mold. Part of my removal process was the use of hydrogen peroxide applied with a cotton swap. It does kill spores and also provides a mild bleaching. What I like about hydrogen peroxide if it leaves no residue, just evaporates into water and oxygen, Just adding a bit to the conversation but I would not recommend someone without real experience to attempt addressing that stain. It indeed looks pretty nasty and should be left to a pro. OH - I should have mentioned I took safety measures: proper ventilation, covering the work surface, wearing gloves, using a breather etc. You don't want to mess around with mold unless you really know what your doing.
  6. I missed all youse guys too. Had a family problem and just couldn't make it. Next show for sure (hopefully).
  7. I'll second that. Good luck on the recovery, Harley.
  8. My continued presence elevates this thread to hitherto unseen heights.
  9. Late to the action here but I shall be dropping in, thereby elevating the show to even greater heights.
  10. I had taken a break for a,long while from any more superhero films and most tv shows so IJust watched it for the first time (on Netflix).. I could not believe they could integrate so many characters so successfully and tell a great story. The sequel will get me back into the theater!