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  1. My favorite of the 3 and every bit as good throughout as the first half of the original MIB. Griff is one of the cooler characters to appear in a SF fillm!
  2. Wonder Woman Suicide Squad Sin City Deadpool Flash Gordon (1980 w/music by Queen) Pete Holmes' Badman (Complete Series - College Humor) The Dark Knight Hellboy (2004) Men In Black 3 Serenity Underworld (2003) Underworld Rise of the Lycans Jason X Bloodrayne (2005) Lair of the White Worm and a host of others
  3. The Avengers (2012) Captain Marvel GOTG Antman Thor Most others as well.
  4. This old saw again. It is a true half truth. The reason that "Voldie" came into being was SOLELY because back in 2014 CGC posted an announcement that any talk about them or other TPGs was forbidden. It is from this and ONLY from this that we here embraced the Voldemort nickname. It had absolutely nothing to do with going over the to "the dark side." Problem with the internet is if you repeat the same lie enough it becomes a perceived truth. And kudos for the "Borock isn't "held in low regard".'
  5. Actually I started around 1986. I was at the Outer Limits in Waltham and had been buying SA superhero books and talking with the owner, Steve Higgins. I forget how we got on the topic of horror but he pointed to a couple of long boxes under the tables holding his usual back issues. They were all pre-code horror, I eventually amassed a rather large pre-code horror collection which I sold many years later..
  6. Leaving through an older HG book these little rascals separating for the first time is a thrilling sound.
  7. I was fearing this but it gives more time to sock away spending moolah! And to further research the individual books I should add to my list. I am really enjoying the new direction of collecting and the Berkeley Con is really responsible for redirecting and reinvigorating my collecting Yee Ha.
  8. I agree. It is tantamount to the variations in grade from CGC depending on various factors we have all joked about here such as "Must be a Friday grade" or "Might be a Morning After grade". That kind of thing. There is no robotic consistency with CGC or CBCS. Just that some people here just act like there is which is
  9. As would I. And I get tired of seeing posts like "have very little doubt it will come back a 4.0 maybe 4.5." Just sub the book and let us know how it came back. And do supply front/back pics in the original CBCS slab, out of the slab (if you remove it before resubbing) and then in the CGC slab. This would eliminate potential downgrading for mishandling to/at/from CGC.
  10. That was POWERFUL! So heroic! "My PC is better than your Mac"
  11. Excellent. Steve will definitely do the right thing!
  12. So when's the next one! Had such a good time I cannot wait!