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  1. Stephen, thanks very much for expanding on the dichotomous second choice. Most insightful!
  2. We all know variations of this have been asked and answered many times here on the boards, but never this specific issue. I think that, while the first option reflects a more measured approach, the third option may well be the way to go, despite its unrestrained appearance. There IS a dichotomy between the second and the first instances, however, that does remove the second from contention. (I hope we can all agree on that!)
  3. Well I'm pretty much done. You started by saying the book has a 2" bend/crease but a bend is very different from a crease. You continue to offer conjecture and speculation as fact. Just no use in continuing. Best of luck to you as well.
  4. One example and you damn Voldie. You admit to multiple oversights by CGC but it is a "pretty small percentage." So let's take a very very small percentage: say 1/10 of 1 percent. At that rate there would be about 5,000 oversights by CGC. Is that number acceptable to your criteria? I am curious if you checked the grader notes of that Voldie book before you sent it for resub to CGC. You CAN get the notes at no charge just by entering the books serial number..You don't even need to log in. It is possible - maybe a pretty small percent possible but possible - that the book was incorrectly pressed, looked fine when it was submitted, but reverted back over time. This has certainly been a documented phenomena. I am just seeing opinion and conjecture in this argument. I know how passionate collectors can be but passion doe not make fact. Nor does conjecture and opinion. For every one fact on one side there is easily one fact on the other side. Oh and for the record I have many more CGC books than I do Voldie books.
  5. Seriously? Do you have any idea how often something like that has been recounted here about CGC books over the years?
  6. CBCS being referred to as Voldermort or Voldie goes back to 2014. It has absolutely nothing to do with quality. In 2014, when the company was founded, posts began cropping up here on the CGC boards. CGC announced that talking about them was not allowed. Thus Voldie, or Voldermort, aka "he who will not be named" was used to try to bypass the new CGC rule. Some like them. Some don't. But no need to imply things that simply are not true. .
  7. I agree. PLAN 9 does not deserve the bad reputation created by the Medved Brothers. It is actually an average low budget SciFi movie of its time but with the extra spice and vigor only Ed Wood can bring! One problem is it was actually shot for the 1.85:1 aspect ratio but the entire full screen is what all the dvds and even Blu Ray are in, meaning things like overhead mics and various bits and pieces never intended to be in the film are visible. I definitely agree about MANOS. It is actually painful to watch. I would also offer up THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS. Even Tor Johson cannot save this one!
  8. Yes that is micro-chamber paper. Its purpose is to help neutralize acids. I use a sheet with my books which are in 2 mil Mylite with fullbacks.
  9. Sorry Brainiac. Was looking forward to seeing you. Maybe we can get together before the next con.
  10. I regret I have to pass once again. Next one in November? Hopefully that will work for me!
  11. With most comics gloss is not something that was ever applied. It is an inherent part of the paper making process. A hard clay called kaolin is mixed with the paper slurry. As the paper sheets are formed they are passed through highly polished rollers which serves to "polish" the kaolin clay, This process is called "calendaring" the paper. The hard surface allow inks to sit on top of the paper with minimal bleed, even on cheap comic book cover stock, producing a better quality image. But reglossing is a misconception as gloss was never applied in the first place.
  12. Along the same vein, my favorite: "It feels like this could have been fleshed out." "Well there's no time there's only a couple of episodes left." "You can have more episodes if you want." "I just don't see any way other than rushing it." "You could do it in more episodes." "Oh damn this short final season, aww!"