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  1. Hi Mollie, Could you please add a set for Dead Rabbit from Image Comics? There's only 2 issues plus variants. Thank you so much!!!!
  2. Hi Mollie, Can you please add the following To the Natali Sanders Covers set * Aphrodite V #1 (Convention Edition) *Vampirella Vol. 4 #11 (KRS Comics Edition and KRS Comics "Virgin" Edition) *J. Scott Campbell's Danger Girl Gallery Edition #nn (Sanders Variant Cover) *Batman 50 (Comic Market Street Editions A, B, C, and D) *Vampirella Dejah Thoris #1(Natali Sanders cover) Thank you so much for everything you do!!!
  3. Hi Mollie!!! I'd like these to be added when you get the chance. Thank you so much!!!! Set name: Natali Sanders Cover Set Issue: Vampirella v4 #11 Regular and Virgin editions from KRS Comics
  4. Hi Mollie, would it be possible to add the following to the Natali Sanders cover art set... *Kick-A** #1 (2018) Unknown Comics exclusive cover (Regular and Virgin Variants) *G.I. Joe #249 Comic Market Street exclusive cover(Regular and Virgin Variants) Thank you so much for all your help!!!
  5. Hi Molly! Could you please add the Witchblade (2017) Natali Sanders Unknown Comics variant to the the "Natali Sanders Covers" set? Thank you in advance!
  6. Could the following please be added with all possible variants... All New Guardians of the Galaxy Super Sons Redneck Edge of Venomverse American Gods Natali Sanders Cover Set (THIS I WANT MOST) Harley Quinn One-Shots (Specifically for Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special and it's variants as well as other Harley singles) Thank you so very much!!!!!!!
  7. Very pleased with everything! A++++ on item description, price, and packaging was perfect. Would DEFINITELY buy from again! Thanks for the wonderful experience