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  1. Nice grail. Still undervalue in my opinion so many first appearances of major key characters in one book!
  2. Hey man 9.6 W GSX1 is no slouch most definitely and I do think selling now probably leaving some dollars on the table since most likely the book will move up more when an X-Men MCU movie is formally announced with a trailer.
  3. Are you talking about a 9.6 GSX1 or X-Men1???
  4. It seems all X-Men keys are heating up, an X-Men#1 9.2 was just recently sold at all time high (for it's grade) at ComicConnect's auction.
  5. So I guess that this book at 9.6 and above will not be coming down anytime soon but only up from now on cuz this price is a HUGE jump from the $7k-ish that a 9.6 was last sold just two months prior this auction.
  6. But another way to think about this is that the outcome of this auction is actually a positive event for that guy because he gets the much needed funds to pay the medical bills. Also by looking at the results of the auction, it seems like many of his X-Men books have sold at new record prices relative to their grades so hopefully he receives more than his exceptions.
  7. Results of the latest ComicConnect X-Men auction, looks like X1 is steadily moving up in price due to future movie or...?
  8. So by paying this premium markup, are these crazy bidders getting ripped off or just basically setting the new "floor" price point for 9.8's of this book for the future?
  9. Well it is a rare book and important pop culture after all so maybe there that?
  10. Once Marvel's phase 5 comes out, this amount will be a bargain and a super deal. Just need to hold the book for a few years.
  11. IH181 being near the top spot is definitely not random or coincidental, Hulk 181 is up there because of it's importance and it happens that the actual value of the book coincides with how important the book is.
  12. X-Men 94 definitely should stay on the list and still relevant imo. I mean you got the first regular X-Men issue with the new team and this is where Chris Claremont's begins his X-Men run which most of all the X-men movies shown are based off.
  13. Just out of curiosity, if say this book goes around 38k to mid 40k range, would this be a better book to own vs a very similar priced IH181 white pages...which one book to own and hold for say 10+years?
  14. Seems a lotta love for GSX1 so I'm going to give some love for X-men94 it's starting to feel left out...
  15. Just curious, since x1 5.5 is around the same asking $$ to a GSX1 at 9.8 w......which is preferred?