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  1. The circled lot mentioned “assorted comics” in addition to the main lot of modern Captain America miniseries. I actually looked at all the pictures and spied a Maximum Carnage Acclaim video game promotional comic. I knew this was hard to find and jumped on the bin at $30. after press, graded at 9.4. Now these are becoming more desired with Carnage getting some exposure. $600 and climbing...can’t believe it. I also nabbed a second copy later on eBay in a similar situation; paid $88 and it’ll be about a 9.2. Haven’t sent it out for grading yet. It came with other decent Venom books, so all good. ive been looking for cheap copies of this book, I doubt I’ll see any more than my 2 now that it’s popularized.
  2. It could very well be accepted as the first published appearances and may be sought out by fans of those characters. I doubt it will ever be as desired as the 1st comic book appearances though. Wizard was essentially advertising these ahead of time. Advertising and previews aren’t usually a big deal to most collectors, more of niche to round out a personal collection.
  3. I was just about to start offering crypto for payment. I just finished setting up via coinbase, so there’s about 20 different currencies to pick from.
  4. I had 1 comic I won cheaply in a poorly made auction. The seller claimed they lost it or some other similar nonsense and refunded my money. it’s rare but it happens in my experience.
  5. I use legal size filing cabinets. The slabs sit sideways (staples down) within individual hanging file folders. They pack pretty tightly yet not pressing against or touching each other. They can also be slid fore and aft on the rails.
  6. I don’t have a pic of mine but I think the only book I’ve got in 2019 with potential is Venom 9. I’m curious to see what Marvel does With Dylan Brock.
  7. Ive sold a handful of graded books with them and have been happy. I also buy new and old books from them, far too many, but that’s my own problem. Overall my favorite online comic book store.
  8. Joosh

    CFP Comics

    It’s bittersweet, good to see him getting his due for a superior service, tough to actually pay up for it. Joey did some pressing for me about a year ago and I was surprised at how inexpensive it was considering his excellent reputation on CGC and CBCS boards. He revived my very low grade, twisted Iron Man 1 into a presentable copy.
  9. I didn’t know there was even a newsstand edition of that book. Well done.
  10. #18 is last Newsstand edition of this Deadpool Series. I’ve got the full newsstand run minus issue 2. Not that I can’t find one, just can’t find one at the price I want.
  11. I find that it is very accurate for books that sell often, but the default price multipliers for books sold rarely can show some unrealistic estimated values. As a paid subscriber you can customize your own own price multipliers for a given book.