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  1. Joosh

    Batman who Laughs

    It seems DC is going to keep pushing this character and as a result Titans 12 will stay strong. It's already selling way higher than I thought it ever would. I'm even considering submitting my 9.2 copy. Grim Knight is a character Id like to see more of, in his own universe. I got the cover B only; not a variant buyer myself.
  2. I use Libra Office because it's free. It is like Excel with a shuffled toolbar and can saved and opened as an excel sheet. After all the effort it took to get the initial collection into a spreadsheet, I do not want to do it again. Color coding sounds nice, I may work on that with some rules.
  3. Joosh

    The Frozen Comic Appreciation Thread

    Am I reading this correctly that there is value in these Frozen comics? I bought the #5 shown new from Barnes & Noble for my daughter and yes it’s a newsstand edition. She and I have read it together repeatedly so it’s more of a Fine. Still any value?
  4. Joosh

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    But you don’t have these ones??? No Carnage treasure chest is complete without these.
  5. Option 1: get a qualified (green label) grade. People seem to pay almost as much as witnessed for those. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Option 2: Accept/Sell it as probably legit. This whole slabbing/AW thing is relatively new; it’s commonplace to have and sell unauthorized sigs. It just takes a little more homework to avoid a scam. Option 3: Check out the other grading company who offers what you are looking for (red label VSP) and is not named pgx.
  6. Joosh

    The most affordable key comic book?

    Spawn 1 1st appearance of a popular character and supporting cast, yet still capped at $100 for a 9.8. There’s just too many of them. Very affordable key book.
  7. When owning the comic is more important than having a new car, taking a vacation, etc. it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice at all; it’s a preference. I’ll gladly forego one luxury for another; in my case I like comics, so that’s what I get. When I think sacrifice I consider it as giving something up or denying myself something I desire for someone else’s benefit; sacrifice goes beyond selfish preference. my comics can become the sacrifice if the need arises, but never the other way around. For instance, if it were just myself to consider I would pass on vacations to buy comics and be content with that; I don’t value vacations in the traditional sense like most seem to. However, I have a wife and kids who do like vacations, so my “sacrifice” is leaving my future copy of FF1 in someone else’s hands whilst I spend freely on my family. I would never sacrifice my family for comics, comics aren’t important enough nor should they be.
  8. Considering Cletus Carnage’s mission upon being resurrected in Web of Venom: Carnage Born, Carnage will be visiting the Osborn’s at some point.
  9. Joosh

    Comics I Can Buy for $1 and Flip for $$$$$

    I’d say definitely. Aquaman: so hot right now. I feel like there should be an Aquaham too...
  10. I use Gocollect and have been pretty happy with it. The site gets updated regularly from what I’ve seen. Customizable data tracking is nice too.
  11. ASM 360, 1st Carnage in cameo. and obviously the best bet is NFL SuperPro#1.
  12. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Super Pro #1!
  13. I’ve got a modern with the same spine tick. It’s a 9.8. I can post a photo later
  14. Joosh

    To Slab or not to Slab 2 -Electric Boogaloo

    It needs some color touch and a light trim. Then it's ultra mint.
  15. Joosh

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    @lou_fine : I just realized I answered a bunch of bitcoin's questions as a response under the one quote from you. My apologies. Anecdote: Last year I changed out bags/boards on my early Spawn books; they looked yellow and rippled and boards were yellowed. The books themselves still looked like the day I got them in mid-late 90's. I'd say unless you want to look at the books or sell them, the old bags are fine in my experience.