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  1. Perhaps We need some boxes designed for our short boxes to fit into to keep them from getting damaged. I kid... kind of.
  2. I own precisely 0 of these. As stated previously, this is a baseless marketing ploy. I’m just not interested. Action and Detective Comics actually made 999 preceding issues; worthy of a special issue #1000.
  3. TMNT1 all day. I don’t trust 10 grade, way too fragile.
  4. I’d go with: IH181 ASM300 (actually have one in 9.6) Spawn1 black ink error. (Makes a scarce key out of a common key)
  5. I found my ASM Big Time newsie. I have 2 copies actually. Cover is $7.99 on the newsstand edition vs $5.99 for direct; a full $2 over the direct edition!
  6. I argue that too, kind of. Well, I consider it his 1st unnamed appearance. First full appearance is Venom 3, which I also own in all 4 prints. I like my symbiote stuff.
  7. I thought I had this in newsstand, then remembered mine is a 1shot collection of 648-650 using 648 cover art. It’s a newsstand and also a price variant I think, but I’ll have to check when I can.
  8. The only non price variants I’ve seen called out by CGC have different cover design, different quality interior paper, and/or have the situation where an insert (card or poster) was not included with newsstand editions. I think they should all be broken out. CBCS was on the right track but screwed up big time (get it? Big Time) with the pre-2000 designation cutoff.
  9. The Thor: God of Thunder books are not price variants in newsstand. All the 2011-13 marvel books I’ve considered that were $3.99 in direct edition were also $3.99 in newsstand. However, when the direct edition was $2.99, the newsstand was always $3.99, making a price variant. Oversize issues typically show $1 higher price in newsstand.
  10. It’s hard for late modern newsies to heat up when you can’t find them. I own these Thors pictured but haven’t seen any others of these issues in any condition. CGC didn’t break them out in Census, so we just don’t know. in the case of Batman rebirth 24, CGC does break them out for the price variation, and it’s currently an overall 10 graded newsstand editions vs 466 direct. 6 9.8 newsstand editions vs 289 9.8 Direct editions. 1 of those 9.8’s is mine, I’m afraid these books may be too scarce to heat up. Food for thought: ASM700 seems to have a large supply of high grade newsies, makes sense considering it sold extremely well and was instantly popular.
  11. I very much appreciate the positive response on this book’s qualities. I qualified the nonexistence of the perceived flaws and still had people saying the book could be a 9.4. My biggest hesitation against regrading is that the book gets damaged in the process. I believe it’s every bit a 9.8.
  12. Joosh

    CFP Comics

    Sounds like Joey should raise his prices.
  13. I have not seen either titles in newsstand of any issue. I just checked mile High Comics and they’ve none listed as newsstand, in stock or not, so they haven’t seen them either. Thats not to say Mile High Comics has seen every newsstand; I’ve got plenty of marvel newsstand editions they haven’t ever listed.
  14. @RockMyAmadeus I’ve not seen much info on the last newsstand issues from image. I think it was however long the creator kept selling through that channel. Spawn went until 133 I think. EDIT: Spawn newsstand went until at least 134; just found one (terrible condition) on eBay.
  15. Thanks! I have a Union #3 newsstand. Does that mean there’s a #1 newsstand out there? I didn’t see it in your #1 collection.