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  1. Joosh

    batman catwoman marriage

    I dunno, probably. Batman comics were a lot sillier 40 yrs ago.
  2. Joosh

    batman catwoman marriage

    Batman and Catwoman will get married. Then Selina will get killed. New teen will take on the Catwoman gig.
  3. Joosh

    PGM Batman 9

    Looks really good under the glue; I hope someone can get it off without damaging the book. A potential diamond in the rough here.
  4. Joosh

    PGM ASM300

    I’m thinking 9.2 after clean/press.
  5. I just did a real quick count and found 47 1st print books on eBay for Batman rebirth 24. I added rebirth to search to eliminate a lot of other things, which might have missed a few legitimate books. I can make and save a more efficient search. i counted both covers but no limited variants, and only 1st print. 42 direct 5 newsstand 12% newsstand. adding in 2nd-4th printings would certainly lower the newsstand representation, as none were available as newsstand. What are your thoughts on including later printings? Also, some may not know you can omit words by doing this in your eBay search: -(new) -(52)
  6. I suggest selecting a dc book from their last year of newsstand distribution. Batman 24 (proposal issue) has a large selection on eBay at any given moment and is mid 2017.
  7. Joosh

    PGM Silver Surfer 17

    I’m still learning, but I had 6.5 in my head before seeing others’ grades.
  8. I’ve been tempted to bid on this guy’s “near perfect” books, a Silver Surfer 1; good thing I zoomed in on the pics; not even close to perfect. Maybe a perfect 7.
  9. Joosh

    Came home to this/post your worst postage fails

    The worst i actually got was a piece of the box placed in a new box along with a bent pair of reading glasses (by USPS) that weren’t mine. I had purchased a set of X-Force 1-50, got a piece of cardboard from the correct box and bent reading glasses and an apology letter from USPS. The absolute worst was a lot of about 10 high grade early 80’s ASM’s that completely disappeared in transit and USPS didn’t do anything about it. Both of these happened this year. The latest is a CGC 9.8 ASM 700 Newsstand I purchased that got damaged due to the box being crushed by USPS. The book is certainly no longer a 9.8, and the case is cracked. Currently waiting on seller to refund through insurance.
  10. Joosh

    Show us your personal artwork

    Continuing my New Venom kick with Knull... I busted out the actual drawing pencils to give a little more depth.
  11. Joosh

    How often do you buy from Mile High Comics?

    I bought my first book from mile high a month back. Morbius (2013) #2 newsstand. Needed it to help finish my complete run of 1-9 and it was discounted from the normal mile high price. Advertised as NM, actual book more like a VF-. I see it as a relatively cheap lesson.
  12. Joosh

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I was really surprised the 2nd print was priced so low considering how hard it was to find. I should’ve took both NM copies MCS’s a solid 9.8 contender. I just wish I could have finished my complete run before the announcement. I’m missing the 1:50 variants for #1 and #3, and the #6 variant. I imagine they will become even harder to find decently priced now.
  13. Joosh

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I think I found a qualifier for modern heating up on eBay. Morbius (2013) #1 2nd print. Sold listings: 7/2 $1.70 (searched back to 4/22) 7/4 $3.30, $2.65 7/5-7/6 $16, $18, $20. Asking prices up to $50. All over a little movie announcement
  14. That gives me an idea. This comic was probably a result of multiple printing and binding errors. It’s actually really valuable! All kidding aside side I got it in a package deal so I consider it as about $1 invested. It makes a good reader and doesn’t stink at all so in the end I own 1st app Juggernaut 👍🏽