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  1. So the seller advertises NM or better, the book arrives at a 9.0-9.4 which equates to VF/NM to NM. And you are upset? Refund and apology why? What am I missing?
  2. I’m not familiar with grading low grades but I have been practicing. My thoughts were 2.5, 3.0 with press. Excellent candidate for a trim, probably get into the 4.0 territory 🤪 (Yes I’m kidding)
  3. My older brother won the grand prize raffle, a copy of ASM 129! He wouldn't give it to me for some reason. At least he let me hold it for a photo. I had a great time! It was fun meeting Matt and Nick, you guys both have some very nice books, thanks for the deals! I bought way too much overall. The sheer amount of $0.50, 1, 3, and 5 boxes was amazing. I literally ended up with almost a longbox of books. I got sigs from Moore, Larsen, Messner-Loebs, Medina, and Zahler. These guys are all super cool and fun to talk with. I didn't even get to Steranko, and Friday night he didn't even have a line. The only book I have I want him to sign is my 9.6 copy of Nick Fury and His Agents of SHIELD (1973), but I couldn't bring myself to crack it open. Pictured is one of the signs set behind Jim Larson's booth, signed and sketched. My younger brother won this in the raffle, then got it signed and sketched, then gave it to me! The other pictures show an original sketch by Angel Medina of my favorite villian Carnage.
  4. I’ll be the there to buy stuff! I went last year as my first con and got some great deals. I’m the guy in my avatar and I’ll have a fantastic handlebar mustache
  5. Variants make me puke!

    I don’t feel strongly either way. Personally I do not typically care about cover variants; more specifically any limited incentive marketing ploys that create variations of the same product. Engineered collectibles are no fun to me. Reminds me of beanie babies. I simply move on. The whole comic book collecting thing is too much fun to get worked up over certain books. If there is an Uber limited variant cover that I really want for the art I can probably get a print of the art cheaper than buying the book, so no hard feelings 😎
  6. The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    Kirk, I’m one those 3 or 4 people who appreciate and understand what you did and why. I’m currently hunting down all the last marvel newsstands. If you have any 2011-2013 marvel newsstands I’m buying. 😜 your runs are definitely second to none and something to take pride in. I mentioned before I think such a complete and high grade run as you’ve amassed has the makings of a pedigree in the future as these books age.
  7. But, it's just an ugly barcode, right?

    Late to the party, but I finally found some Image newsstand books in a dollar box, had to share. Not much for high grade, a few are NM-, most are F/VF
  8. The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    Kirk, Once again, great info, Thanks! If there any "last" books you don't have photo confirmation of that I have in my list, let me know and I'll post photos of them.
  9. Laugh Out Loud Modern Series List

    I thought the last Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror was funny; made me laugh. Regular series is hit or miss. I don’t have much Deadpool but a few stories have cracked me up.
  10. The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    I see the failure of new newsstand sales as a separate topic from the collection of back-issue newsstands. Sellers will manipulate all they can in every market; no surprise there. The publishers have been doing that with variant covers in a successful manner. The market will decide value overall regardless of the craftiness of salesmen. I like that newsstand books were never intended to be collectibles by their makers. The failure of the newsstand comic books may actually speed up the interest in them (value to a lesser extent;) now that they are a relic of our culture. I'm of course biased as I personally find the saga of newsstand comics fascinating, and therefore have purchased many examples. I doubt I will ever see a windfall profit from selling any of my books, my kids might, lol.
  11. The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    Ditto Here DC. It was becoming a B&N weekly ritual. Every other week I would drive twice as far to get to the nearest BAM. If I was out of town I would check out the nearest B&N for what they might have (brought my own bags/boards of course.) Some locations stocked very little. One store I visited only had 2 copies of Nightwing so I bought them. My home store had everything but Nightwing. Newsstand interest/awareness seems to be slowly growing. I'll be interested in them regardless but I would love to see more interest as a whole. I collected Marvel/DC newsstand books as an adolescent/teen in the 90's unknowingly by getting all my new books at the grocery store. I only realized years later why some of my books looked different than the others. ( I was ticked off when I thought someone had ripped off the hologram from my Sensational Spiderman #0 before I bought it) Maybe it's a nostalgia thing for me.
  12. Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    Kirk, Thank you for amassing and documenting your Pedigree level collection of DC Newsstands. This is something I could see myself falling into. But since you already did it, I don't have to! Are you expanding into more DC titles, Marvel, Image perhaps?
  13. I'll 4th that sentiment. I posted similar question in PGM section for my Spectacular Spiderman 1. It's the opposite issue as the OP as the book looks like a 9.8 but was graded 9.6. FYI, it was graded in 2007. I looked at photos of the same issue in 9.8 slabs on eBay right now and some actually look worse than my 9.6, with color breaking spine tics. I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing this. All the more reason to look very closely before buying slabbed books. I'm not cheerleading for any other companies either, the worst looking slabbed SpecSpidey 1 9.8 i found on eBay, with multiple color breaking spine tics, was a cbcs slab. And pgx is well known to overgrade.
  14. Update: I found 3 other CGC 9.8's on eBay, with the same lower left spot of black ink missing at corner. It didn't bring those down to a 9.6. I'll hold off the wall of pictures to show them unless someone wants to see. I added a better closeup of the upper right corner. It is kind of draped over the inner pages, not folded. I will digress. Thank you all once again.
  15. Thanks for all the replies! If that bottom left corner is all it takes to go from 9.8 to 9.6 then that’s inconsistent with the vast majority of other CGC books I’ve inspected. It’s actually just missing a spot of ink, there’s no fold/crease. Appears to be made that way; no visible cause of damage. Someone mentioned the upper right corner; that’s not folded; it’s the Mylar pulling it down slightly because it overhangs the interior pages. I’m not going to get it regraded; I’ll be content believing I have the best 9.6 book out there. 🙃 better than at least one of the 9.8’s anyways. If this book for some reason shoots up in value I’ll be seriously tempted to push my luck.