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  1. Joosh

    Collecting Re-Prints

    I’ve been looking for those too. I found the best way to get high grade is to buy the action figures in package and surgically remove the books. I imagine most ppl opening those packages folded the books across the spine in doing so, based on the package design.
  2. Joosh

    Show us your personal artwork

    Just finished this up for my brother. SS 4 swipe with a little ASM 361 thrown in. 18”x12”
  3. The newer newsstand marvel books sometimes have the wrong title in the upc box. I wonder if the code would scan for the incorrect title in that instance. For instance, my Morbius #1 newsstand from 2013 has “Spider-Man Limited” in the upc box. Would it scan as a Spider-Man book?
  4. I’ve kept to simply asking about the actual item pictured when possible, trying to avoid tipping them off. I did have to specify newsstand on an item with multiple available, much like OP’s situation. In that case the seller just stated they were all exactly as the one pictured and so I bought all 10. Sure enough they were all newsstand. Only a few were actually NM+ but I was happy.
  5. I’ve had to return a few books for this very reason. Nowadays I make sure the seller says the item in picture is what I get, be it in description or in messages. Even then I’ve still had it happen. Returns work for making it right but the added time and annoyance is irreversible.
  6. Joosh

    Newsstand Versions

    Soooo.... yeah. That’s a thing. Let’s say copper age books may not apply to differentiation tactics, because someone at Marvel screwed up on Alpha Flight and Dr Strange in the 80’s. The 80’s were a strange time.
  7. Joosh

    Newsstand Versions

    CleverParasite, You are correct, your Gambit #2 is a direct edition and the other three books are newsstand. Another tell that helps: Notice the barcode is actually two separate barcodes. The smaller of the two barcodes is only 2 digits on newsstands. I’ve yet to see where this method fails. There is a lot more to it (like what those codes mean) but this basic knowledge is a great way to tell quickly.
  8. Joosh

    Newsstand Versions

    Agreed. We can only make an educated guess on relative rarity based on our interpretations of the evidence. I was merely sharing my experience and thoughts having personally searched these books out. I’m happy most sellers don’t know the difference as it allows me to collect what I like with very little competition.
  9. I feel nothing. he can set whatever price he wants, if people still line up for it, more power to him. I would charge for my sig if I could too.
  10. Joosh

    Newsstand Versions

    Are you referring to the Doc collection?
  11. Joosh

    Newsstand Versions

    Going with the logic that dealers have the biggest presence selling large quantities of direct edition back issues, it further proves the scarcity of the newsstand books. If you can’t find it on eBay where else shall you look? If individuals who purchased new are the majority owners of these and simply aren’t selling them in large quantities, I must conclude there is likely no large stack of them waiting to be put up for sale, and the survivors’ conditions are suspect. Speaking to marvels 2011-13: Regardless of whatever ratio of newsstand/direct there may be, (I think that ratio is different across different titles) in every case the direct editions are the proverbial haystack.
  12. Joosh

    Newsstand Versions

    I’m a huge newsstand junky myself, mostly out of nostalgia. My main focus for the last 1-2 years has been late Marvel newsstand books, 2011-13. In my experience I will see some pop up on eBay at a 1:50 news/direct ratio and others at a 1:100 or less. I don’t think the distribution was consistent. For instance, a hot seller, new avengers 8 9 10, 1st Black Order/1st Thane; I’ve watched hundreds if not a thousand of these roll through eBay and seen newsstands of: 3 #8’s (none better than 9.2) 4 #9’s, (at least 2 at 9.4) 0 #10’s None of these had newsstand specified in title or description. A few were VG/F at best. im still looking for a New Avengers (2013) #10 newsstand...
  13. I think we all need closure on this story now. We must see this book.
  14. Joosh

    Show us your personal artwork

    Another pen and sharpie that got sent out with a sold comic.
  15. Joosh

    Show us your personal artwork

    A pen and sharpie of Carnage on cardboard, I shipped this out with a comic I sold.