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  1. Joosh

    When to settle....

    9.6. I made that decision buying an ASM300. $650 9.6 vs $2100 9.8. No regrets with the 9.6
  2. I prefer newsstand. This book brings a modest premium in newsstand, most prevalent in 9.8’s. I own a 9.8 newsstand with very slight misrap but no bottom tear. I’m happy with it. Another consideration with ASM361: The 2nd print (silver background, direct only.) These are scarce relative to the first prints and much cheaper to purchase. It’s not that the later printing happened months or years later either; they share same month of publication. This book was obviously rejected by the speculators when new. 1st print has just over 10,000 on census. 2nd print has just over 600, yet already holds 50% of 1st print’s FMV.
  3. Joosh

    RIP Spongebob

    RIP Steve. ive always liked the lighthearted mindless entertainment that is Spongebob. For those who may not know, Spongebob has had a comic going since 2011.
  4. Looks like a small bindery tear, considered a manufacturing defect, and typically not a problem for a 9.8 from what I’ve seen.
  5. Joosh

    Show us your personal artwork

    Just finished up this one. It’s entirely experimental at this point, using layers of metals over a steel sheet.
  6. Joosh

    Having a hard time believing this is a 9.8

    I've got a CGC Spectacular Spider-man 1 9.6W that looks nicer than the ASM300 9.8 with lint in it. There's definitely some inconsistency. Heres my thread on it:
  7. Joosh

    Infinity Wars 2018 #5 Issue

    Mine has the same problem. 😐
  8. Joosh

    Decisions, Decisions...

    Idea A. But they both look really good
  9. It was about 4 yrs ago I stumbled upon MCS’s excellent website and made a rash decision to buy some comics for the first time in 15 years (Spectacular Spider-Man 1-5.) I’ve increased my collection in a big way since then and have had the best overall buying experiences with this company. I now plan to trust them with my first consignments after much research. Did I mention how great the website is? It’s the Gold Standard.
  10. This particular eBay listing is advertised as maximum carnage, whereas the book is actually maximum clonage. The seller apparently misread the cover, couldn’t find any others, and assumed it was rare. Its a typical 90’s gimmick cover with plenty of copies available in high grade.
  11. Joosh

    batman catwoman marriage

    I dunno, probably. Batman comics were a lot sillier 40 yrs ago.
  12. Joosh

    batman catwoman marriage

    Batman and Catwoman will get married. Then Selina will get killed. New teen will take on the Catwoman gig.
  13. Joosh

    PGM Batman 9

    Looks really good under the glue; I hope someone can get it off without damaging the book. A potential diamond in the rough here.
  14. Joosh

    PGM ASM300

    I’m thinking 9.2 after clean/press.