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  1. My little collection. Not the highest grades but I got these years ago. Maybe I’ll upgrade some of the issues later on to higher grades but I’m pretty happy with the set currently.
  2. I was just getting ready to submit my stash of Transformers 1 and I noticed one of them have a much more pronounced blue tone to the background. It’s not sun faded at all, and all of them are 1st prints. Notice the pics I’ve attached below. Anyone else notice this? I wonder if this is a similar “variant like the Rai 0 “Glossy” variant??
  3. I want to get my ASM 194 signed by Milgrom and Pollard and submitted for CGC Signature series would I go about doing this? Will there be any vendors going to this show who are authorized by CGC for to submit books for the Signature series that I can send my ASM 194 to get it signed at this show? Thanks for any tips go about getting my book signed by these legends.
  4. Got a couple of 194’s but this is my favorite. Got it personally signed by Wolfman and Lee myself. Need to get it pressed and resubmitted...looks much higher than a 9.0 to me.
  5. Prelim movie reviews for Venom don't look good. I wonder how much of a hit ASM 300 will take if these reviews are accurate.
  6. That's just sick! I would be looking hard at those older labels to see if any of them would benefit from a press and resubmit...
  7. I say save your money and get one that's complete/universal grade.
  8. High grade CGC Universal available on Ebay are starting to dwindle down: CGC 9.0: 2 CGC 9.2: 1 CGC 9.4: 1 CGC 9.6: 2 CGC 9.8: 1 I say get them while you can before they are gone for awhile locked up in personal collections.
  9. I think there are certain events that will trigger a plateau or downward trend: Character no longer prominent or interesting anymore. Horrible movie or media exposure. Prices are so high that people can’t afford it and issues that are for sale start to accumulate due to not anyone buying them anymore. In regards to Wolverine and Hulk 181, I don’t think this is the case yet. In fact, now that Disney has countered Comcasts offer and essentially made it very clear they want Fox and determined to get back the rights to the X-men, wolverine, etc and ge
  10. I believe Cindy Moon's first appearance is in ASM 1. Cindy Moon as Silk first appearance is ASM 4. Now the question is which variant is going to be the most valuable. I believe the Campbell Negative Variant is the rarest...
  11. Yeah, the numbering on this whole series is hard to figure out.
  12. One of the best pieces of advice I've gotten in terms of building wealth is having income property...I'm working and saving towards that one day. The biggest downside is of course the hundreds of thousands dollars it takes to actually get a decent income property. In that context, high quality, in demand comics of key characters that will always be remembered and desired for years to come are much "cheaper".
  13. IRA's, 529's, and stocks are good investments...I got all three already. But comics are less volatile and at times appreciate much more than stocks. Diversification is key, but holding onto some key comics, such as Hulk 181, that will never be reproduced and only keep going up in demand is even smarter.