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  1. Doesn't this one belong in the Golden Age section?
  2. Secret Hearts #127 by Jay Scott Pike Pussycat #1 by Bill Everett Summer Love #48 by Ernesto R. Garcia Anthro #6 by Howie Post and Wally Wood Girls' Romances #144 by Nick Cardy My Love #2 by John Romita
  3. GCD suggests Kurt Schaffenberger and John Celardo as possible cover artists.
  4. The newer version of this thread puts Andru's Amazing Spider-Man pages in the $10-20k tier, and pages from Superman vs ASM had the benefit of larger pages, better inking and uncredited input from Neal Adams.
  5. Are you sure about this? Bates normally just writes. His only art credit on GCD is designing the cover of World's Finest #151 for Curt Swan to draw.
  6. In the interview I linked to, Michelinie said, "To me, Eddie Brock and the symbiote–that‘s VENOM. Take John Doe and the symbiote, that‘s someone else."
  7. For me, Amazing Spider-Man #238-250 were anything but crappy - they were an Indian summer of excellence after several years of mediocrity. The issues by DeFalco and Frenz seemed very clunky by comparison.
  8. The covers were by Steve Lightle (#35-42) and John Byrne (#43).