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  1. GCD says Kane pencilled and inked the cover (apart from the Green Goblin's face by Romita) from a layout by Marie Severin.
  2. I don't think Jimmy Olsen was DC's lowest seller. It says in American Comic Book Chronicles: the 70s that it had monthly sales of 333,000, and that Kirby took it because it was reportedly the only DC title that had no regular creative team. link
  3. Flippa Dippa was said to be based on a character named Foxtrot, played by Cleavon Little in a 1967 off-Broadway play called Scuba Duba.
  4. Kirby did 15 issues of Jimmy Olsen: #133-139 & 141-148.
  5. That story, in Avengers Wast Coast #61, was written by Roy and Dann Thomas. Byrne had fallen out with Tom DeFalco and quit after AWC #57. link
  6. Miller also drew Doc in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14, which was nicely inked by Tom Palmer.
  7. Grell's wife at the time, Sharon Wright, ghosted the scripting of most or all issues from #53 to 71.
  8. Ronin #1-6 by Frank Miler Breathtaker #1-4 by Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel Foolkiller #1-10 by Steve Gerber and JJ Birch The Nazz #1-4 by Tom Veitch and Bryan Talbot Enigma #1-8 by Peter Milligan and Duncan fegredo
  9. Your drawing is by Syd Shores and Frank Giacoia from Daredevil #102. Shores sadly passed away a couple of months after this was published.
  10. Agree with you about both of those, Another underrated Len Wein single issue is Incredible Hulk #189, "None Are So Blind."
  11. First Star-Lord was Marvel Preview #4.
  12. Sal Buscema's DD cover dates from 1971, which would make it Bronze Age.
  13. I was shocked to discover this character wasn't created by Garth Ennis.
  14. So someone whose name contained a mnemonic for the colours of the rainbow went on to become the Rainbow Raider - what are the chances of that?
  15. According to GCD, the cover to Iron Fist #14 was based on a design by Dave Cockrum (coincidentally also the designer of the Black Cat's costume), which may explain why it looks better than most of Al Milgrom's work.