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  1. Prelude came 1st then the FFI #2.i was hitting all the BC covers hard at that time and paid a premium for that FFI #2 too.some things are worth throwing $ down a drain to own and Joe Mad's stuff are one of those?
  2. Frank Frazetta Illustrated #2 Joe Mad BattleChasers variant cover not an easy find in NM condition in the wild too.it together with the prelude from AOU serves as the 1st app of BC since they came out around the same time and the prelude is a mail in offer only.
  3. Emailed CGC customer service about this,waiting for reply.This is the 1st time i had a comic slanted outside the inner well,which to me is a manufacturing defect on their part since the package must had bounced hard enough to cause it,but the outside surface of the slab is pristine.It was perfectly centred on the sale picture of the seller,i bought it from the marketplace here in the forum. Will wait for CGC's reply and update on any options on this issue thanks for the advises guys.
  4. Man this is the 1st time I received a slab with a slanted comic inside that after gently tapping on the comic to centre it back to the inner well i see a dreaded dent on the back cover....what should I do now? ?
  5. Congrats on being among the less than 6 9.8 owners of this cover.Despite the naysayers'doubts this cover was already bring made aware by many over 2 years ago and high grade copies are still on the low side on the market,resulting in the premium it commands currently.the colors really pops out on this one!
  6. this book has been slowly climbing back up the 200 bracket.there were some BINs sold at 300-400++ and 9.8 on Ebay are really low on the supply side.People just ain't in a hurry to sell theirs and there are plenty of newer fans coming aboard the AH train.HOLD for me.