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  1. Thank you for sharing Taylor, the comic art preservation thread is very interesting and I think I can develop an episode around it. I have a long list of videos to make so far so I need to make priorities on what content to come out sooner For the conservation thread you linked, I was going to take a deeper dive from my video about how to store comic art to a video focused on "How to Show Off Your Original Comic Art" specifically: 1. Online database comic art site: ComicArtFans 2. Posting on social media - Instagram has huge comic book fanbase 3. Custom Frame and mat pieces with
  2. Oh yes I know I was forgetting a few things in that video haha. I'll add that to my description and I'll make a comment and pin it to the top. I'll reach out to the community in the future if anyone wants one of their pieces used as an example! Thank you Rick! Many many thanks Nico!
  3. I'll try my best Bill. So far its mostly friends and co-workers, but you gotta start somewhere
  4. Hello all, my name is Steve and I wanted to make a formal introduction on the Comic Art forums here. I have been lurking in the background a little, but wanted to be more verbal and share my passion for original comic art with like minded folks. I have wanted to make a youtube channel and recently pulled the trigger. It is a channel dedicated to collecting, buying, storing, taking care of... the whole shebang of comic art related content! I do have a passion for the books themselves, and own much nicer books than original comic art so I have some videos about comic collections as well.
  5. Got this one from Chip Zdarsky a couple years ago at Wondercon.
  6. Sounds close to what I was thinking. Thanks guys!
  7. I have a nice copy of the 1st Kang the Conqueror, but am not sure if its worth submitting to get slabbed. My biggest concern is the small rip in the top center of the cover.
  8. Hello everyone! Long time listener, first time caller here. So I've had this Wolverine pinup and wanted to add it to my comicartfan gallery, but I can't remember the name of the artist I bought it from. He was in Artist Alley at San Diego Comic Con around 10 years ago. His table was located next to other established artists so I remember him having some published art as well. Hopefully someone here recognizes his signature because I have had no luck reverse image searching it.