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  1. If they all had control of all elements, why did their planet go bye bye? +1 for the molecule man !
  2. not familiar with EL. I guess he is like the Molecule Man ? Molecule Man is pretty frickin powerful....
  3. but the Kryptonian has to stand still long enough for him to eat his matter! Supes will just hover above his chompers & blast him with heat vision!
  4. What happened to this winner? Did he pass out from breathing internet gas?
  5. How is this a practical power? How long is it gonna take him to eat this fence? What a turd....
  6. @kavThat's DC again! This is a Marvel only thread , dang it! @ADAMANTIUM This is a sentence!
  7. All Torchie & Toro need to do is blast her eyeballs! She has no mask! Also, how are her lungs doing ?
  8. yes! he is such a loser he couldn't get a live person to be a henchman!
  9. Turner D Century Spider-woman villain Fights the good guys with his own blow up doll!