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  1. He said I had no clue, that means he thinks I'm clueless, plus he put me on ignore. I didn't see you do that. I take that as a sign of hostility. Ignore for 1 comment? I wasn't even talking to anyone except for my friend @Hollywood1892 that was addressed only to him. Listen you had had some luck getting 9.6's to 9.8's or higher but that is the exception to the rule for the most part. Are you asking me to give you the benefit of the doubt? Ok I'm good with that. I am glad that you have a keen eye & you have had success but Holly is a newcomer & he most likely will not get a 9.6 to 9.8 or above. We are grown men here, I don't want anyone acting childish, snobbish,or disrespectful to me. Whether I have submitted 1000 books or 1 book we all deserve to be treated with respect here, as you & I are doing here. If you say I am 100 % wrong, that's cool with me it's your opinion & experience. As long as you say it to me like you have been that is what education & correspondence is all about & I welcome it. I learn things all the time here & I'm sure I can learn more than a thing or to from you! Perhaps you can even learn something from me!
  2. Don't crack anything 9.6 & above if you don't have a clue as to what you're doing. This is the exact quote Chucky said! Why would he begin the start off our first conversation with an insult? Telling me I'm clueless is no way to start a respectful dialogue, don't you agree? That is the epitome of bad faith actors to me. I judge people by their actions, not what others say about them. I am not here to start problems with anyone, I am here to talk about comics & have fun! I appreciate you having a cool dialogue with me,
  3. @RockMyAmadeus If you are being sincere & actually trying to give me advice & your experience, I appreciate it. I do not claim to know everything there is to know about Grading, slabbing etc. What I do not appreciate is someone else insulting me without knowing anything about me & talking to me in a condescending way. I am not closed minded, but I will not be disrespected here.
  4. Actually, do me one little favor: Make a song about this on youtube for me buddy!
  5. What are the odds of a 9.6 going up to a 9.8 or higher? Do you have actually stats to back up? Because I'm sure it's pretty slim Do me a favor: Don't "FIX' anything for me now or in the future. Advice not needed or asked for.
  6. Whoa! This thread just took a totally different turn!
  7. You just better watch yourself! Just kidding!
  8. That trade sounds pretty good, What grade would you saw the IH 181 was?
  9. You don't submit, so how would you even know what a 9.6 is! How dare you talk about comics in a fun way on a free message board! We must all have the same opinions & the same topics!!! You must only give comic book knowledge !
  10. Don't crack anything 9.6 & above