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  1. @Spider-Ham I would recommend selling them to me under market value!
  2. He didn't have to be told to Stay Conic!
  3. I can imagine! Yeah that breaks my hear to think of all the books that were sent back for a 10c refund that are worth Thousands today! It's cool that you kept those books that remind you of your father! I think that's the type of nostalgia that keeps most of us interested here....
  4. Sadly, I wonder what kind of gems that were thrown out when they closed the comic shop!
  5. @Spider-Ham Welcome to the boards! Those are some great books you have!
  6. It still looks better than most of Liefeld's art!
  7. You know I am just busting your chops! I liked the Barbarsol shaving cream can! & the yellow egg on the chair!
  8. Keep up the good work! WC are tough to work with! If you paint everyday it will look better!
  9. @ADAMANTIUM I would like to know what Hallucinogenics you were on when you drew this & can you mail me some?