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  1. good question, I don't know But what I do know is that not many were ordered of YOTVHA 1 & 2 & sales were dismal so orders of 3 were way down! I wonder what DC's thought was on this? Choose such a random book for a !st appearance? They should have given retailers a heads up....
  2. Well YOTVHA 3 is selling for about $40 to $50 so yeah make a quick profit & move on!
  3. @thirdgreenham Good to see you back! Any hope of your reviving the Green Eggs Grading Contest?
  4. @Point Five Thanks for doing this! It was fun! Congrats to @Azkaban & everyone who played!
  5. @Wolverinex Sure you did ! I'm gonna say when I come in last place that I viewed the photos on a Motorola Razr from 1996! Excuses, excuses!
  6. You should be passionate about it, I think all of us here would be! However, if you ask the random man on the street about comics, he will say "They still make those?" If you ask the same man about Batman or the Avengers. He will know instantly who they are. because of the movies For a long time now, Comics weren't needed to sell Batman cartoons, toys, bedsheets, coffee mugs etc. That's what the DC executive is going to say!
  7. I understand what you are saying.I can completely see both companies shutting down in the near future or going all digital. DC & Marvel probably do not care about the LCS.or the hard copy long term collector either.
  8. This. Most of the new books out right now are Drek. They should trim the lines down , get the best talent & characters, put out quality books!
  9. Agreed. I do think a shift to all digital would come before shutting DC down completely. However, What does that do to all the LCS & as you said, the purists would not be happy to have a digital copy only. But I think digital is the future, streaming is taking over the way we watch TV. It will be interesting to see what happens...