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  1. This kinda thing must happen all the time @ LCS' especially with the covers they have today which are more scandalous then the old books
  2. That's a great cover! If my Mom had said that to me , I probably would have picked up Vampi every month! My parents were supportive enough & didn't throw anything out,but by no means were they interested in what I was doing & if I stopped(Which I did for about 15 years!) they would not have even asked me why!!! 900 Posts!!! Woo Hoo!
  3. Robin always follows Batman's orders but this time I feel he should not:
  4. I figured you like KC as you changed your avatar all those you named are great! I will add Secret Wars Crisis Wolverine Claremont/Miller
  5. Exactly it's no AF 15! Sell it now!!!! I wish I ordered some of those! What gave you the idea to idea all of those?
  6. you are sitting on thousands of $!!! sell those!!!!
  7. That would be awesome! & then they can get banned @ different times so we don't miss out on the comedy! Unless maybe Gabe has amnesia & IS SWARMI!!!!DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Swarmi would probably just tear covers off & then staple them on himself!!!