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  1. Ok, I'll start: Any comic that has Humberto Ramos as the cover artist!
  2. It's not even Thursday let alone Friday.....
  3. Spaceman from Pluto would not have been a hit movie franchise!
  4. Oh, I thought you bought it a few months ago,,,,.
  5. I'm just joshing with you! Nothing wrong with it ! It is the first appearance of Darkseid..... It's just that the "stars" of the book are some of the lamer Kirby characters is all....
  6. Wow, you didn't like Endgame? I thought it was really good, I have heard people say they liked Infinity War better, but haven't heard anyone say they felt like watching Endgame was a waste of a few hours they wouldn't get back!!!!!
  7. @01TheDude I am glad you are doing better! Will pray for more continued success for you!