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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend Hope the book gives good memories!
  2. Fantastic books !!!!! (pun intended) I wish I had won the powerball because I would be the new owner of these 2! GLWTS!
  3. Well, due to the sloth like USPS this year, I just received my gifts from @toro today! Avengers 4 is one of my all time favorite covers! The artist did a fantastic job on the recreation! The gifts were worth the wait! Thank you!
  4. These books had a great day of sun tanning at the beach!
  5. @SpideyFein Wow! That is incredible! Would you let me do a payment plan over the next 42 years? GLWTS!
  6. I Scream ,U Scream, we all Scream for Woodgod!
  7. Woodgod is the next big MCU character to explode
  8. Yes, They are 1st appearances of characters who are here to stay. Deadpool is very popular and Harley Quinn has really achieved a huge popularity status , I would say almost as big as Wonder Woman.
  9. yes BA 12 is not worth Showcase 4, but there are some 90s books that are still worth $$$$$ compared to Drek like this:
  10. Don't tell Bits that ASM 361 is not a grail! There are no real grails in the 90s but those books along with the ones you mentioned are still worth some $$
  11. You forgot ASM 361 And Batman adventures 12
  12. Hulk is watching you He better watch yourself!
  13. He isn't the greatest but I thought his style worked well for the Hulk. Here are some good examples of his style working for the Hulk and the Villians/Monsters he fights