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  1. Received 4/9... Value... Scheduled for grading
  2. Desert Wind will be on hand to receive submissions and witness signatures.
  3. About 6 weeks away from the biggest Comic Show ever in New Mexico! Comic dealers!! We want you! Recently added artists include: Adam Kubert Kerry Gammill Keith Wilson Steve Erwin David Harrigan Plus Media guests: Elijah Wood Hayley Atwell Felicia Day Sean Gunn Steven Ogg Cooper Andrews Ross Marquand
  4. More big names being announced on April 27th along with Jason Momoa, Jason Issacs and Jewel Staite! Also recently added: Chris Bachalo Scott Williams Timothy Zahn Aaron Campbell Andy Kuhn Jason Metcalf Stay tuned!
  5. BRAND NEW SHOW! BRAND NEW PROMOTER! SHAPING UP TO BE A MONSTER SHOW! Confirmed so far...... Kevin Eastman Chris Claremont Bob Mcleod Roy Thomas Tony Isabella Ken Lashley Mike Zeck John Beatty Don McGregor Norm Rapmund Sam De La Rosa Ale Garza Ben Bishop Bob Wiacek Ron Wilson Franchesco! Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel from The Walking Dead) Khary Payton (Ezekiel from The Walking Dead) and last but not least, Jason Momoa! (Aquaman)
  6. Check out Age Of Comics, they have some crazy major keys there! Focus is mostly on comic books, no gaming there.