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  1. celluloidbuff

    Very Sad News regarding Stormsurge (Rich)

    I didn't have the privilege of meeting him, but forty-seven is just way too young. I lost my dad at a young age (he was 51), so I offer sincerest condolences to his grieving family.
  2. We never really asked our parents for anything. They were just privy to our brotherly talks during play sessions, knew what shows we watched, gauged reactions to certain commercials and based everything on that. We were always happy with everything we got (a lot of the same things you have already listed here that are fondly remembered from childhood), but we knew mom did 99% of the shopping and decision making. Her gifts were always the most fun, but we treasured our "dad gift" every year more than anything because we knew he hand-picked it. He worked two jobs almost our entire life (mom stayed at home - he was very traditional that way), so his time meant more to us than anything, and by extension that time he spent to pick out individual gifts for the three of us brothers was prized.
  3. So many Star Wars people! Dan, expect a PM after the holidays.
  4. celluloidbuff

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I'm old enough where there weren't any computers in my high school except two Apple II+ systems set aside for TAG projects. Both my younger brothers, though, took advantage of computer lab (just two years after I graduated, to show how fast things were moving) by duplicating scads of C64 games on school equipment and selling them for $5 each. They knew it was piracy but didn't really care because it paid better than their part-time jobs at the time. The class was so rudimentary they completed everything at their own pace in the first week, leaving them lots of spare time. Montezuma's Revenge, if I remember right, was their top seller.
  5. celluloidbuff

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I can still remember my dad bringing home 8" floppies in his briefcase from work in the early 70s. I used 5 1/4" on an old Apple II and cassette tape drives on a couple others. We've come a long way.
  6. My nephew is 19 now, but he's been collecting since he was 11 or so. He's got a small pull list at our LCS, limited only by his income, not his interests. He spends too much of his disposable income on comics and figures right now, and his girlfriend is trying to reign him in.
  7. celluloidbuff

    CGC Submissions Gone?

    I just have to delay my daily "Welp! Maybe tomorrow" exclamation. (For the uninitiated, "welp" is Midwestern for "well.")
  8. celluloidbuff


    Also, can you add the action figure variants for the Star Wars (2015) set for books in the high 40s? It has it for issue 50, but not the few prior to it. Can we also expand it to current numbering (issue 55)?
  9. celluloidbuff


    I keep getting two SS books rejected from the Doctor Aphra set, the main covers for issue 19 and issue 20. Also, could you expand the set to current numbering (issue 26) and add Annual #2 (regular and variant)?
  10. celluloidbuff

    Stan Lee RIP

    This is what my son and nephews will miss most of all. I'm thankful I took them all to meet him in person and get stuff signed. Now I kind of regret not doing a photo too.
  11. celluloidbuff


    Ridiculously good. I sent pics to a very jealous nephew that collects Spawn.
  12. celluloidbuff

    dork buzz

    Did you try a PM on these boards instead of Facebook? Like Antyreal said above, Bradd just finished up with Alamo City subs. Mine were just received at CGC yesterday.
  13. celluloidbuff

    Dork Buzz Kudos Thread

    Can't speak highly enough of my experience with Bradd and crew at the Alamo City Comic Con for witnessing my sketch comic and Schwarzenegger signatures. They were patient and easy-going, and even willing to help a "big guy" get off his feet for awhile filling out the forms by sharing a chair.
  14. celluloidbuff

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Had this poster as a teenager. Bought from his site after seeing the remark. When I think Punisher, this is the image that comes to mind.