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  1. I'm excited to receive mine for sure. I went with the option for the filter and the wire on both of mine. If you're going to do it, do it right. Thanks for the link, and be proud of your daughter's initiative, creativity and talent.
  2. Nabbed two of the Star Wars masks shown in bottom image. Thanks!
  3. I wish there were a blush emoji on here. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. I have all the raw comics collected. I've also got a registry set of graded ones from this collection, some with signatures of the actor/puppeteer/prop builder portrayed. Working on finishing those up. Trying to find 9.8 quality to submit for grading in some of the later run books is tough as many of them suffered from color rub. It's sure been fun to build. I've found quite a few pieces for my collection from other boardies, had others help facilitate celebrity signatures, so I'm more than thankful for the community here.
  5. What an accomplishment! Congratulations. Is this going to be graded or is your collection all raw books? This set has grabbed me from the beginning. Just got my Han Solo Stormtrooper Disguise in the mail from JTC's preorder awhile back. I hope he keeps it up, but I'm glad the pace is slowing down a little.
  6. I love the forethought that went into having Anthony Daniels sign in gold and Kenny Baker sign in silver to match their respective representations on that Droids cover. The other two are amazing as well.
  7. Many thanks to @Kir Kanos and random eBay sellers for knocking nine (!) more of these off my list, including SW #69, SW #70, SW #71, SW #72, SW #73, SW #74, SW #75, SW: Empire Ascendent #1 and SW: Rise of Kylo Ren #1. The list for the main topic has been updated to reflect current needs.
  8. If I remember correctly, this was from @Rich_Henn. Splinter of the Mind's Eye was one of my favorite SW novelizations.
  9. I bought this from @Par2ch. I love the way he matched the blue ink to the color of the carded background. It really pops.
  10. I don't have the Luke Skywalker X-Wing pilot action figure signed by Hamill yet for my collection. That's a beauty. Love the magazines too.
  11. Quotes and character names! Those are special for sure. Awesome share.
  12. That gold Hamill sig sure shows up nicely. Beautiful books.
  13. I should have been more precise with my wording. I meant live action. Yes, thoroughly grateful to Rebels for making him canon.
  14. Here's a book I couldn't have completed without the help of @radicalmichael, @Rich_Henn and @Triston Pence. I'm a little scared to crack it out again to add Tim Rose and Mike Quinn (puppeteers), but I'll probably do it one of these days. (I just realized the back cover scan is from a second copy, but it looks identical. Don't know where I put the correct scan. You get the idea though.)