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  1. CCS just charged my credit card on 10/17/2019 for the press. Still no updates otherwise.
  2. Well, I wish you the best of luck in your new position. Hopefully the team they've hired is being trained by you prior to your departure. I've seen too many times where all the accumulated knowledge, shortcuts and other secrets don't get passed along and the new ones are left to flounder until they figure things out. I'm going to be a bit selfish now and ask for a couple additions to the Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers set: Star Wars #64 Wonderworld Comics Edition - Cert. # 2504360001 (the regular action figure variant for #64 is already in the set; this is a second cover with same issue number) Star Wars: Age of Republic - Count Dooku #1 - Cert. 2495460064 Star Wars: TIE Fighter #1 - Cert. # 1429636004 Thank you!
  3. Two guests, two knock-'em-out-of-the-park announcements. This is already shaping up to be great.
  4. I'll definitely stop by. I had the weirdest convention (for me) there last year. I only did about 2 hours' worth of comic shopping the entire weekend, so please forgive me. I spent most of my time getting commissions, talking (and talking and talking) to creators and having them sign my books, a couple panels. There were long lines for many of them because they took their time and really talked to their fans. Those interactions are priceless to me. The only celebs I saw close up were two voice actors from Red Dead Redemption, and that's only because my nephew's buddy wanted their signatures but didn't want to brave the long lines, so they hit up "good ol' uncle" with the Fast Pass. Last year's con is also the first time I've ever been even the slightest bit embarrassed. I was talking with Jim Starlin for a few minutes as he signed some of my stuff, and when I was done, his female assistant motioned for me to lean in and she whispered, "Your fly is down." Oooops! The embarrassment was probably worse for Jim, being at eye level and all.
  5. Tickets went on sale today (10/8/2019). First guest announced: John Cleese http://planetcomicon.com/
  6. I can only imagine a $50 cheap motel will have the words "Movies! Mirrors!" on the sign and have rooms you can rent by the hour.
  7. Three (3) modern Signature Series (Fast Track w/ press) submitted after this past weekend's Cincinnati Comic Expo: Received 09/25/2019 (super fast thanks to @Par2ch hand delivering them )
  8. Went for some Justice League Dark with a Swamp Thing / Zatanna commission from Ashley Witter at last weekend's Cincinnati Comic Expo .
  9. BUMP and a thank you to the eBay seller offering the 9.8 Signature Series Nien Nunb signed by Mike Quinn. Wish he'd make more US appearances.
  10. A little out of character for my normal collection, but this will be a Christmas present for a nephew who loves these guys. Great price. Couldn't pass this one up.
  11. They've updated the Shipped date now to 09/17/2019, but all the grades are there. 6 out of 6 came back 9.8 from the London Film and Comic Con, so big thanks to @Kevlar for another outstanding facilitation.
  12. BUMP and a thank you to the eBay seller (anybody on these boards?) offering the 9.8 Signature Series Squid Head signed by Gerald Home that is finding its way to me as I type.
  13. Don't know if you're a statue collector, but there's one of this cover coming out: https://www.dynamite.com/htmlfiles/viewProduct.html?CAT=DF-Vampirella_Statues Missed the post by @wombat who had you covered with the images, so I apologize for being late to the game here. I almost wish there were two covers, the original and one pulled back slightly to match the statue, which I think is killer.
  14. 6x Signature Series Moderns (with pressing) Received: 08/14/2019 Scheduled for Grading: 09/10/2019 Grading/Quality Control: 09/13/2019 Finalized/Imaged/Shipped: 09/13/2019 (no posted grades yet, though - still sitting at zeros) - this was only about an hour between Grading/QC and Finalized, so I hope that bodes well