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  1. Received 12/03/2019 Grading/Quality Control 01/14/2020 Went to Finalized/Imaged/Shipped on 01/15/2020. All three SS coming back 9.8s, thanks to expert handling by @Par2ch.
  2. Missed a day of checking status, and they're now sitting at GRADING/QUALITY CONTROL.
  3. Hope your recovery is quick and pain can be managed with meds. Once you're healed, you'll probably kick yourself for not doing it sooner. All my best.
  4. Three (3) Modern Signature Series (not Fast Track) RECEIVED 12/3/2019 - still no movement, not even a hyperlinked invoice number. I know the Todd signing has them busy, but I'd like to get the ball rolling on these.
  5. If you put an item on Watch List, the seller has the option to send you an offer for lower than posted Buy It Now (or opening bid if running as a true auction). I use it all the time, but I usually wait a few days before sending an offer. Sometimes I put items on Watch that I own and have no intention of buying, using it more like a price tracker. That said, if the "discount" is 5%-8%, the seller isn't trying very hard. That might cover sales tax.
  6. Sorry to hear about the water damage. Hoping you had collectibles insurance. Welcome to the boards.
  7. Newest batch of three (3) Signature Series (Fast Track, no press) listed as RECEIVED on 12/03/2019. Crossing fingers I'll have them back before Christmas.
  8. Welcome to the CGC boards! There is a terrific resource available from fellow collectors in the following thread: Be sure to click to the last page(s) since that data is the most current. We've all had our battles with patience when it comes to our comics, but this thread will tell you whether your expectations are reasonable for stated versus actual turnaround times. There are lots of factors that play into it, especially if you chose to have your book pressed which usually adds considerable time.
  9. Three (3) Signature Series (Fast Track Modern, with press) received back at CGC from CCS on 11/20 now Finalized/Imaged/Shipped 11/25. All three came back 9.8. Can't wait to see them in hand.
  10. Later in the day, changed back to Grading/Quality Control. Crossing fingers I'll get the shipment sent out this week.
  11. Weird. They just changed status from Grading/Quality Control to Scheduled for Grading on the three SS books.
  12. Three (3) Signature Series Received on 11/20/2019 moved to Grading/Quality Control 11/22/2019. Missed the SFG in between.
  13. The batch from 09/25/2019 has now been updated with a new Received date of 11/20/2019. Must have just got them back from CCS. It's almost too much good news in two days' time.
  14. Okay, this was the fastest moving I've ever had. Updated 11/19/2019 to Scheduled for Grading, then Grading/Quality Control same day. Got on just now and listed as Finalized/Imaged/Shipped. (Fast Track Modern SS, no press). Many thanks to @Rich_Henn for his facilitation of this group of comics from Rhode Island Comic Con. Still no movement on that other batch of 3 from 09/25/2019 (Fast Track Modern SS, press)