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  1. Last drop before I remove. I dropped the prices even lower and now offer FREE SHIPPING. Serious deals.
  2. Updated rates, won't find them cheaper anywhere else!
  3. The rules: First via PM or post in the thread will take it and will trump any ongoing negotiations. No HOSers or folks on the probation list. No Returns on CGC books. Payment via PayPal only. Shipping within the US is $15 FREE, no international please. Please PM with any questions. Price are pretty firm but I will listen to offers. All books come shipped in a Medium Flat Rate USPS box are are heavily secured. These are the cheapest you will find anywhere. Daredevil #1 6.5 Off-White Pages - New Case 90 Day GPA: $3,635 Board Price: $3,450 $3375 $3300 Amazing Spiderman #129 OW/W Pages - New Case Great eye appeal, amazing centering and should have been a 9.0 I feel. 90 Day GPA: $1518 Board Price: $1400 1350 $1300
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  5. YouFoundDonon


    I have a 6.5 if you are interested. New case OW pages willing to make a deal to move quick.
  6. YouFoundDonon

    ASM #9, ASM #129, DD #1 and FF #13

    The books pictures are fresh off the press -- so they do look a little glossy with the light shining. They are not like that now and are not taking away from the natural aesthetic. I can see how it looks like that through the pictures posted.
  7. YouFoundDonon

    ASM #9, ASM #129, DD #1 and FF #13

    I will take all of the above!
  8. I have three books coming back from being graded this week(hopefully). All three are in graded status and hopefully will be shipped by Friday -- so got a quick turnaround on what the CGC boardies think. The 4th, FF13, won't be done until some time(1-2 weeks more). Posting four comics, let me know what you think for each! I promise to update with each grade when they come in. Most are accompanied by the before an after a press/clean. Amazing Spiderman #129 Daredevil #1 Fantastic Four #13 Amazing Spider Man #9
  9. YouFoundDonon

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Submitted 3 books Express, 5 day turnaround apparently. Invoice/verified October 23rd... Still sitting in Verified..... 9 business days later. $300 for 5 day grading and no movement yet.
  10. I'd like to get a response from CGC on this as well. I submitted what I feel is a clear 9.8 for an Uncanny Xmen 266. I even submitted this for a press just to ensure the comic was without any creases or bends after extensive analyzing every inch of the book in light. The comic came back today at a 9.6 White Pages with no grader notes(SHIPPED). I understand, the smallest things can remove it from being a 9.8, but without grader notes I am rather upset. I called and spoke with a Customer Service rep who told me they are not guaranteed, and there is nothing I can do but resubmit the comic. I'd like some clarification on how my comic was a 9.6, and not a 9.8. I've submitted hundreds of books to CGC, my friends have and my clients and I have never been more confident in a book being primed for a 9.8. Customer Service stated they are going to look for the book before it ships and will call me(I am not holding my breath). I just do not agree with any books, when submitted for grading with a membership, not returning with small notes being so close to a 9.8.
  11. YouFoundDonon

    X-MEN #1 club

    Just picked up. I’ve been seriously collecting for about 4 years and this is one I’ve always wanted. So glad to have this and will be keeping this in the PC unless an upgrade comes along. Got this baby for a steal from a long time collector for $3,000.