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  1. Up top, one nice offer so far on the Black Knight that will be accepted by EOD if no better offers come my way. This is a low census, mega key with an insane number of 1st appearances. Only reason I am selling is to fund the purchase of a better graded BLK #1. 1st appearance of Black Knight (Sir Percy). ancestor of Dane Whitman 1st appearance of the Ebony Blade 1st appearance of Modred, Morgan Le Fey and Hawkes (Golden Age) 1st appearance of Excalibur
  2. Good morning -- Black Knight is reduced to $3,400. The sun is shining in CT and I have 18 holes of golf planned for tomorrow as it is hitting the mid 50's.. I am feeling generous today. Take advantage of this and make me an offer I can't refuse! (Don't low ball )
  3. Black Knight is a tough one to grade with only 61 universal on the census. A 6.0 sold on the boards for $8,000 and a 5.0 sold for $5,160 and a 2.5 at $3,000. My price is $3,400 which is what I consider a steal on a book I believe to have growth in the coming months.
  4. My Rules: Payment by PayPal only. I will only ship to North America for free, outside US will pay rate TBD. (Canada is typically $50) Shipping is included in the price(US only). First is the winner despite any ongoing negotiations. No probies, HOSers. No returns on slabs, raw book can be returned within 7 days of receipt of the book as long as they are in same condition. Please let me know if you wish to return the book before doing so. Offers are always welcome (and encourag
  5. I feel the value increases only if it's a writer/artist who has something to do with that comic. The value, personally speaking, increases by only the cost of getting that comic graded if the person is alive. Once they pass away I would pay a premium for their signature, but nothing crazy.
  6. I submitted books for their large private signing. I won't even expect to see those books back until next year. My comic wall will be bare for quite some time until these get back.
  7. Trying to submit for the Signature Series event and when I get to the page where you select labels, it states "Loading Labels", and then nothing pops up. Near the check out it, it shows "View Custom Labels". but when I click it nothing happens. User error or someone else experiencing this?
  8. There is nothing better than the story of Merlin and King Arthur, it's a classic. That is an untapped movie market, Merlin... Ebony Blade, Camelot... Would be huge if done right.
  9. Someone just had a 6.5 listed on the boards for 8k but accepted an offer via PM.. had to think it was at most a 1k haircut. Book is on fire.