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  1. My Rules: Payment by PayPal only. I will only ship to North America for free, outside US will pay rate TBD. Shipping is included in the price(US only). First is the winner despite any ongoing negotiations. No probies, HOSers. No returns on slabs, raw book can be returned within 7 days of receipt of the book as long as they are in same condition. Please let me know if you wish to return the book before doing so. Offers are always welcome (and encouraged). If you have any questions send me a PM! References if needed. Books to be listed with prices: Eternals #1 CGC 9.0 White Pages 30 Cent Variant: $825, 9.2 last three sales $1,450/$1,125/$1,225 Amazing Spiderman #14 4.0 OW/W Signed by Stan Lee: $1675, GPA is $1775
  2. You wake up as a kid, it's the Spring of 1940 and you are eager to read the new Batman #1 just released. You run to your local newspaper stand that has a couple and you buy it with all the money you've saved up from your parents allowance. After reading through an amazing story, you flip the book over to signify completing the read. You then see, "CUT OUT AND FRAME" and think....what an idea! I will 1940 CGC this back picture of my two favorite super hero's to save this moment in time. Who wants to cut out and frame this comic's back cover for all to see in 2019?
  3. Thank you! Closing in the AM if no more takes. All prices are firm.
  4. Last price drops before moving to other avenues. Updated price is in 1st post.
  5. New Mutant 98 9.8 WP (I know modern but didn't want to make another thread for one book, will move if told) $675
  6. Eternals #1 CGC 9.0 White Pages 30 Cent Variant: $925 9.2 last three sales $1,450/$1,125/$1,225